Prudent binary option brokers across the globe


Finding the right binary options broker is the most challenging part on the path to becoming a successful trader. Generating profits via trading by binary options is not an easy task. There is every chance for worse things to happen to an investor while making money, and then while trying to get out of it. Many binary options brokers are scam artists who promise investors into trading quick and easy money and disappear without a trace. Unreliable and un-regulated binary options brokers are rooting everywhere. A constantly-updated list of recommended binary options brokers which offers genuine security and reliable structure is given, in order to help in combating this growing dangerous trend. Check out Online wealth markets Review.

Comparing the brokers!
Currently in this business, there are almost 400 brokers or platforms available for binary options trading. The evolution of so many broker firms has given plenty of options to investors to trade as per their standard and requirement, keeping in mind the returns and bonuses too.

The foremost step while starting a binary option trade is to look out for a genuine and a reliable broker. There are websites which give updated information about best brokers and allows comparing them. The best broker can then be chosen keeping in mind the initial deposit amounts, percentage of bonus and maximum returns etc.

Best Binary Option brokers:

The world is now trending into the trading business and this has led to the formation of several trading firms across the globe. These firms and brokerages are controlled by regulatory affairs bodies within the particular geographical regions. The main task of these bodies is to monitor and regulate the binary options, Forex activities and to protect the traders from any possible fraud through the brokers.


Best Binary Option brokers in the US:

There are two regulatory bodies in the United States which control the activities of the binary options and the Forex brokers. These two bodies are the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA). Examples of few best brokers in the Unites States are Porter Finance, Tradorax, FINPARI, and CTOption.

Best Binary Option brokers in the UK:

The two main regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom are the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is advisable to trade and choose a broker from a firm who is legally licensed and regulated by the CySEC and FCA. The most popular brokers for binary options in UK are Banc de Binary,, BOSS capital, TRADERUSH, IQ option and many more.

Though almost all of the binary options trading platforms have a lot in common, they usually do differ in parameters like initial deposit, means of depositing, time of trade, maximum returns and payoffs, bonuses, terms and conditions for depositing and withdrawing money, customer service and so much more. Therefore, it is recommended to check all the information and genuine details about the trading platforms and brokers.


StockPair – A Plethora or a Glitch in the Trading Market!


StockPair is an established binary options broker, located in Cyprus. It is considered to be one of the finest trading options, offering an extensive choice for extras. Their website is a very user friendly one, with easy operations even for the common man. As compared to other Binary Options brokers, It offers a high profit, with an average of 82% return for most assets.

It has introduced recently a new way for binary option trading. It has eliminated the expiry date concept and has given enough reason for the customers to be drawn to it. It has introduced the KIKO options – Knock-In – Knock Out. It means that there will be two target prices will be offered to the investors – one above the current trending price and the other one below it. The investor has to put in his money and decide which price will be hit first. The probable payoffs on KIKO options are slightly lower compared to other binary options.

One of the most common shortfalls of the trading industry is “withdrawals” of funds and bonuses. It has taken its frontier to the top by solving this issue. It poses no restrictions upon withdrawals of funds and bonuses. Once the required trading volume is met, the StockPair bonus is credit into the customer’s account.

Unique Features

It new features include tools such as “Technical analysis charts and Trading Indicators”. The technical analysis charts use indicators like moving average, Bollinger bands, and RSI, which enhance the trade analysis for the investors without having to depend on a third-party for charting. The trading indicator is like a market forecast predictor, which by use of algorithms predicts the direction of the particular type of asset trade.


Is it a Scam?

It has been pioneers in the trading market for the past 5 years and there has not been a single complaint against the firm regarding customer services or anything related to reimbursement of funds or bonuses. It is regulated by CySEC and many other European regulators, including British FCA. It comes into view that they are very good customer caretakers and have been paying off the returns on-time.

Though the firm has been in the good books of the investors, it is highly possible that there might be issues to customers with respect to the individual brokers involved in their trade. So it is always advisable to consider regulated and legally appointed advisors for the trading advices.

One major issue is with the US clients. It follows EU regulations and therefore cannot accept US clients. This seems to have caused major frustration with the US-based traders.

Another shortfall with It is the high initial deposit requirements for the premium accounts. There have also been complaints regarding how high trading volumes to be met to claim the cash-back incentive.

To cater to the larger group of the world, StockPair has introduced its new mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, to make it easy for its valuable customers on the move. StockPair has been a forefront runner in the trading market and its flexible trading options allow anyone to start trading at ease.