Trading Strategies for Binary Options in 60-Seconds!


As you can guess from the title itself, this is a 60 second binary options trading strategy. This strategy will be more useful to novice traders as they can depend on one indicator rather on bunch of indicators that are more likely to muddle the charting solution.  Though all binary options are short term trading, the 60-second trading strategy is even more intense. Since they have very short expiration time periods, they require special trading strategies.

There are few options available to create an own 60-seconds binary options strategy. First choice is to look out for trending short time frames. Since it is short lived, the investor has to be quick while trading using these options. For more usefull information visit:

Another option is using candlesticks as technical indicators. The investor has to make sure that each candlestick represents a time-frame of at least 15 seconds; else the movements of the indicators will be too quick to monitor. In either of the options, it requires high skill set, experience and intuition to make apt decisions in such short time frames and fast paced environments.

The most important indicator required is the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) which measures the momentum that is associated with short-term trading trends. 60 second binary options strategy contracts are made in sets of three, which are referred as “series”. It is simple and helps in becoming a more profitable and successful trader of these contracts.


60-Second Binary Options Trading Strategy – to be used as part of trading strategy

  • Each “series” trade consists of three identical contracts, which have to be purchased 10-25 seconds apart.

  • Each contract in the series is purchased for the same price.

  • Volatility determines the traders purchase intervals. The spacing intervals should increase as volatility rises.

  • 10 seconds is the default time spacing and is used most often.

  • When the volatility of the customers chosen asset is high, then the time intervals should be raised in between 15-25 seconds.

  • The maximum time interval in between the subsequent contracts should never exceed 30 seconds, as this may lead to the expiration of the first contract even before purchasing the third contract.

How to Apply the 60 Seconds Strategy

The process is very simple and requires just two steps.  In the first step, it requires the blue MACD line to bypass the white MACD line. This is the signaling process for the trading. There is a candle that correlates with the blues line’s direction. So, if the blue MACD line crosses the white MACD line in an upward direction, it is a CALL trade if a bullish candle is found above it, and the opposite for the PUT trade.

 The recommended expiry times while using this type of trading strategy would be 30, 60 and 120 seconds. If carefully carried out, this trading style works great for all the expiry times.

The 60 Seconds binary option strategy has high risk of losing trades since it has to be done very quickly and will have less secure predictions compared to other options. Although, if a profit has been made, the 60 Seconds binary options strategy can help in making lot more profit in less time, since there are chances for to generate tradable signals every few minutes.