СВЕЖИЕ НОВОСТИ! ДЖАН ЯМАН – расписание актера на ближайшее время!

Today, the schedule of work of Jan Yaman for the coming time has become available. According to Turkish information sites Jan Yaman goes on a world tour. For all these events, Jan will not receive no fee, everything for the people. Schedule: September 22 – guest at TalkShow in Greece. After this event appears in the Hilton Hotel, where will be a guest of a party dedicated to him. October 11th – guest at TalkShow in Rome. October 15th – with producer Farouk Turgut in Cannes invited to an evening that will be specifically for Turkish an actor. November 1 – weekly tour of Spain, meeting with fans. December 2 – North tour and South America with fans of the TV series Full Moon and Early Bird. January 21, 2020 – graduate from paid military service, after which the shooting of the new series will begin. Here are such news about Jan Yaman on this with us all subscribe to the channel and see you soon.

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  1. Поехали продвигать Р.П. без ^ранней пташки-^ Демет Оздемир. Как так получилось? Странно и неприятно.

  2. Ну пипец!!! Возвели ореол , корону одела и пошел в народ Мне просто обидно за Демет, такое впечатление он там один играл , кем бы он там был, не будь Демет! НОЛЬ!!! Не стыда ни совести, отвратительно наблюдать за ним…

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