2017 World News – Behind the News

CHARLOTTE: The year kicked off
with this guy becoming the 45th president
of the United States… Together,
we will make America great again. ..and it wasn’t long
until his actions made the news. His controversial executive order –
one that bars 134 million people from seven Muslim-majority countries
from coming to the United States. He also had a pretty awkward
phone call with our PM, and had some pretty strong words
for North Korea’s leader, who got world leaders angry after testing a bunch
of nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, in Catalonia,
there were big protests when the region voted
to break away from Spain. And over in Zimbabwe,
the president Robert Mugabe resigned and the streets were filled
with celebrations. Some events that made headlines
were hard to hear about, like terrorist attacks in Manchester,
London and the Middle East, and a big shooting
in the US city of Las Vegas. Natural disasters were seen
all over the globe too, with huge hurricanes
slamming the Caribbean islands, Florida and Texas, and massive earthquakes
hitting Iran and Mexico. But in all this devastation,
we saw people come together to lend a helping hand
and be there to support each other through the tough times. Then there were the events
that were out of this world, like the Cassini spacecraft
ending its 20-year journey after helping us discover
heaps of new things about Saturn and its moons, a solar eclipse
that wowed people in the US, and NASA astronauts celebrated
the 200th ISS spacewalk. Sticking with the good news stories,
the hole in the ozone layer is the smallest it’s been
in three decades. And witches, wizards,
and maybe some muggles too celebrated 20 years since the release
of the first Harry Potter book. Phew! What a year! (LAUGHS)

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