2018 march 12 BBC One minute World News

I’m Sharanjit Leyl with BBC World News our top story Xi Jinping is set to become the first Chinese leader since Chairman
Mao to remain in power for life that’s after the Chinese parliament voted to
abolish term limits on the presidency the vote was widely regarded as a
rubber-stamping exercise out of almost 3,000 votes just two delegates voted
against the change while three abstained hundreds of English drinkers and diners
in the area where a former Russian spy was poisoned by a nerve agent have been
told to wash their possessions as a precautionary measure
after traces of nerve agent were found and the story is trending on BBC comm
it’s Marvel superhero film black panther which has taken more than a billion u.s.
dollars at cinemas the movie has been praised as game-changing it’s cast as
largely black with a black direct as well

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