2019 January 21 BBC One minute World News

this is BBC World News the headlines
Israel has announced that has struck a number of sites inside Syria as part of
its increasingly open effort to dislodge Iranian forces their monitors based in
Britain say 11 people have died in the attack economic growth in China has
slowed to its lowest rate for almost three decades prompting fears for the
potential impact on the global economy official figures put the annual growth
rate at 6.6 percent a referendum is being held and the volatile region of
Mindanao and the Philippines that could create a new autonomous area almost
three million people in the predominantly Muslim region are voting
to ratify a law granting autonomy and people around the world have been
watching the Earth’s shadow creep across the moon and a total lunar eclipse
that’s giving rise to what is known as a super blood wolf moon those are your
headlines here on BBC world news

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