2019 September 13 BBC One minute World News

You are watching BBC world news, our headlines. There haven been fire exchanges over health
care and gun controls The latest debate between the democratic party’s presidential
candidates Former vice president Joe Biden was force
to defend his version of president Obama’s healthcare plan. Kenia has become the third african country
to take part of the project to test out the world first malaria vaccine. Hundreds of thousands of children expected
to be immunized. Speaker of the British house of commons john
Bercow has warned he will use all his power to stop the prime minister Boris Johnson ignoring
the law which blocks a no-deal Brexit. Robert Mugabe’s family has agreed that the
former Zimbabwe’s president will be buried at the country’s state cemetery and ends
the dispute with the government. The family has wanted him to be buried in
his home village. Robert Mugabe died last week at the age of

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