2019 September 25 BBC One minute World News

hello I’m Karan Giannone this is BBC
World News the headlines British MPs are to return to Parliament after the
Supreme Court said its suspension by Boris Johnson was unlawful the Prime
Minister who cut short a trip to New York after the rulings expected to face
further calls to stand down u.s. Democrats have launched a formal
impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump over claims he pressured the president
of Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden mr. Trump described the
impeachment announcement as a witch-hunt UN scientists are due to publish their
latest study on how climate change is affecting the world’s oceans the IPCC
will warn that hundreds of millions of people could be at risk of flooding by
the end of the century. The Spanish Tenor Plácido Domingo has withdrawn
from all future performances of the Metropolitan Opera in New York he’s been accused by several women of sexual harassment he denies the allegations

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