“24 Carat Gold Ankle Bracelet”: Tagged: Life On Lockdown | Series 2 Episode 1

It’s just cos you’re outside. Every year, around 60,000 tag
orders are handed out. The new ankle bracelet,
24-carat gold. This is meant to keep more
people out of jail. It’s like a prison, but for
people that are not in prison. It just makes me a youth
that’s made mistakes. Offenders can live at home, but
they can’t go out at night. Get in the house.
I’m only having a wheelie. INTERVIEWER: Do you sometimes
carry weapons? A metal pole. Easy to get out,
easy to scare someone with. The authorities want to put
more people on tag… Fucking crock of shit. ..but with little support
to find work or housing… The joys of food bank. ..is wearing a tag enough to keep
them out of trouble? I’m in breach of my tag right now. I’ll probably get
arrested tonight, or tomorrow. Woo! Oh, shit! Just had my hair cut. Looking fresh. Feeling fresh, looking fresh. Best
barber in Warrington right here. Every two weeks,
got to get my hair cut. You’ve got to look good. Always. Might deter people from
maybe looking at my ankle. In Warrington, 18-year-old Jordan
has just got out of prison after going down
for stealing a car. As part of his parole, he has
to wear a tag for 12 weeks. That, right there. The new ankle bracelet,
24-carat gold. Last night, there was a fight
at Jordan’s supported housing. The neighbours have complained,
so he’s been asked to leave. Easy-peasy. But being on tag means he needs
a fixed address. So, he has to find
somewhere else to live. Go to go that way. Going to housing, cos I need to sort
out a gaff as quick as possible cos I’m getting kicked out. I have to go back to court to apply
for a change of address. Potential outcomes are the Verve, which is like a hostel for 18
to 24-year-olds. But I don’t know if I’ll be
allowed in the Verve on tag. If I don’t get allowed in the
Verve, I’ll be homeless. INTERVIEWER: And
then what’ll happen? I have no clue. I’ve lived in care since I was ten. So, like, residential homes of,
like, seven or more young people
at a time. I’ve lived in foster homes. I’ve lived in pretty much anywhere
you can imagine, in care. I’ve been in secure units. Obviously, I just got out of jail. That’s…basically lived there
for seven months. That’s a nice bike. I’m a newly-released, so they keep
an eye on you for about six months after you get released from prison. Cos then they class you as a
dangerous person cos of that. Cos that’s how it goes in prison. Like, if someone looks at you the
wrong way, you have to fight them. I’m classed as a prolific offender. When you come out of a very violent
place into the public, they have to keep an eye on you
just in case you kind of go AWOL and start, like, knocking people out
for no reason and stuff like that. Here’s the coppers, heads down. They’re a bit wary
of me, the police. They don’t like me very much,
let’s put it that way. Jordan was caught in a stolen car
with his mate Conor. Family-size pack of
M&Ms, mate. Argh! Five-finger discount from the
fucking Pound Shop and that. This is why I love you, you know. Where’s this even going? Going to
housing cos I need a house, bro. You need a house?
I need a house, yeah, man. It’s on the other side
of here, innit? INTERVIEWER: How do you guys
know him, then? Jordan? I¹m his co-D.
I robbed the car with him. They said I have to bring
some documents with me the next time I come. Like, proof of identity,
proof of income and a letter from my social worker
saying that I’m leaving care. Let’s go. I can’t believe they just kind of
passed me a sheet of paper and fucked me off. I don’t know how I’m
going to get that because my social worker’s
been avoiding me for the past three weeks. It’s like a day
in the life, this, innit? Ah! Woo! Ah! INTERVIEWER: Tell me about this
area, where you live. It’s all right, like. A few trouble makers, like,
but other than that, it’s quiet, get on with everyone. Been in a hard life, haven’t I? Learn how to fight to survive,
innit, around here? In St Helens, 17-year-old Kian was caught
with a machete and has to wear a tag for 12 weeks. INTERVIEWER: What do you think about
him being on tag? Best thing that could
have happened to him, really. But it doesn’t affect him, you know,
me paying his fine… No, but it affects me mentally,
having to be stuck in my room
all day doing nothing. I know. That’s what affects me, mentally,
emotionally. What helps? Just, like, my family
and that being there. My dad was never there,
my mum’s always been there. Giddy-up. Kian lives at home with his mum
Jane, sister Lauren, girlfriend Jen and five dogs. Right, I’m going to go
throw the dog in. What time is it, Lauren? All right, so, you’ve got what?
Two hours… Two hours. ..before you
go in. Have you liked having me
at the house on tag? Yeah, cos I know where you are. But I… If you said to me,
it’s like the best thing… At first, it was the best thing
the police have ever done. It affected me in a way that I
didn’t expect it to. I mean, it’s, like I was…my mental
health. When I’m sat there doing
nothing, I end up depressed. But, like, obviously, when I can go out, it’s a bit of
freedom, a bit of relief. You’re not hanging about with
the s… Like, some of the dickheads
that you used to hang about with. And, like, going running over
abandoned factory roofs and, you know, up to no good. What do you mean up to no good? That kept us out of shit,
we were climbing. We were having a laugh,
we were free running. I used to run a free running
session on a Friday. And, like, obviously, we were
learning a lot of kids and that how to do front flips and, like,
side flips. I miss it, me. Kian did free running sessions
at the local family centre, but they were stopped due
to a lack of funding. To me, the government doesn’t give
a fuck about Merseyside. So, it’s going to be more kids
ending up on tag. It’s not really their fault. You get kids these days going
around with knives and that. I’m on tag for carrying a machete, but I didn’t have any intention
of harming anyone, do you know what I mean, like? But you get kids going round these
days with fucking axes and hammers
and that. I had an argument with a sister. And, obviously, she told me
to get the fuck out of her flat. It was half three in the morning, so I grabbed me dog, grabbed me bag,
and me work pants, grabbed me
machete and I walked out. And then, obviously, when the police
pulled me I was open, I was honest to what I had. And then they just brought me home
and I went to court for it. INTERVIEWER: Why did you have
a machete? Honestly, because my mate got it
me for a birthday present. I’m proud of you for sticking to
your curfew. Oh, nice one, Mum.
Do you know what I mean? Nice one. Cute, that. It’s true, though, innit? I honestly didn’t think
you’d stick to it. But he’s done well. Walsh! Can I have a pizza? Go on, I’ll come up. Over on the Wirral, Tommy’s up early
before his curfew ends. Get everything done in the morning
and you don’t have to do anything
then, do you? He’s been on tag for four months and he’s going to court in a few
weeks for a separate offence. It’s only bloody mist. It’ll cool
you down, that. Here you go. You smell nice now. INTERVIEWER: Why is it important
to have a clean home? Fuck that, it’s not hard
to be clean, is it? A fucking clean home is a
fucking happy home, innit? Fuck that living
in a fucking pigsty. What time are you allowed out
of the house? At seven o’clock, I think it is. No point staying in bed, having a
lie-in. Your day’s gone then. Before my court day comes up, I need
to get as much hours as I can just in case I get guilty. Tommy’s claiming Universal Credit. But by the end of the month, he has to rely on a food bank to see
him through to his next payment. I’m going to go sign some paperwork,
as regarding a food bank. See what the benefit system
can give me and all that. I’m currently signed off with
post-traumatic stress disorder. But I just don’t speak about it,
really, to be honest with you. So, that’s one thing,
I keep myself to myself. Just for a lot of reasons. Obviously trauma,
what I’ve had in my life. Military background,
just all in general. You were in the military?
I was, yeah. We’re in the food bank,
get another big munch for us. Cheers, thanks very much. Bye. Thank you. Bingo. Just been to the food bank,
to go and get my groceries. That’s how you’ve got
to survive, nowadays. Political bullshit. What did you get? I won’t know until I open it up. Just full groceries,
everything I needed. The joys of food bank. Tell him if he comes anywhere near
me again, he will be getting it. Back in Warrington, the fight
that led to Jordan having to leave his flat isn’t over. They come to my house
with hammers, yeah? To get his bike back. Which I apparently stole off him,
even though he gave it to me. All right, mate,
I’ll let my boys know. PHONE RINGS Hello. If he brings anything,
I’ll bring something, innit? OK, mad. Mad stuff. Loads and loads
of mad stuff. There was a fight last night,
outside mine.
PHONE BEEPS Which wasn’t to do with me. PHONE BEEPS
Bloody hell. All right, bro. One person has said to the other
that I’ve stole something off them. When I haven’t. I’ve gone,
you know what? I’m going to get all
of my boys involved, there’s about 50 people and now
there’s going to be a big fight on the Dakota. It’s 4pm and Kian has four hours
left before his curfew begins. I don’t want it showing, cos it
doesn’t make you hard or nothing. We call the tag a scally’s Rolex. It’s probably the most expensive
thing around here. Loads of people end up on it. The only time it’ll tell you the
time is when you’ve either breached or you have been. You all right? Being on tag is nothing
to be proud of, it’s basically just showing everyone
you’re the dickhead that got caught. Since the family centre
was shut down, Kian has been boxing
in his local gym. I feel like a caged animal. Everyone makes mistakes,
don’t they? I regret carrying a knife,
I regret being in stolen cars. Some days you will feel
physically drained, because you are that
used to being in. You won’t actually
want to go out. Like, you just generally
want to stay in. Just, like, one, two. One, two, three. Mentally, like,
you start getting low moods. Your anger and that gets worse. Loads of people
suffer with depression. There’s also different ways
to go around it. Like, the way I go around mine is I
go to the gym and let my anger out. Or wait for someone
to push my buttons. Fighting is not something
that I want to do. But fighting is something
I know I’m good at. It is trying. If you can cope with being on tag,
you can cope with a lot of stuff. And now four. You get used to it. Everyone has to fight to survive. Along with the food bank, Tommy
has found other means to get by. Do-do-da-do. What are we up to? Going to the shop,
I need to go get some money. What are you getting the money for? Just to survive. Favour to favour, isn’t it? Someone owes you money?
Yeah, yeah. One of the lads in the shops. Tommy used to sell fake tobacco
and is off to collect an old debt. There’s more money in tobacco
than there is in drugs. At the end of the day,
it’s costing half the money. This shop here, this is a
shit hole of a shop, like. Did you get your money? Got the money off his lad,
he just gave me 20 quid, yeah. Why did I get put on tag? Yeah. It all stemmed from 12
and a half months ago, I was selling fake tobacco. I went into a shop, who I’ve got
a lot of business with, and I said, “Where’s the money?” And little old ladies heard me
say, “Where’s the money?” She thought I was robbing the shop. She just rang the police. When the police came, I got nicked. After being accused of robbery,
Tommy was sent to Manchester, as part of his bail conditions. But that didn’t keep him
out of trouble. I have gone to Manchester
and I have had an altercation with, three men, who I didn’t know
were police. Because they didn’t
initially say “police”… ..when they ran at me. That’s why I got put on tag
and I didn’t go to prison. I am on the trial next week,
next Monday. So, if I get found guilty
of robbery… ..then, going to go to prison. HE WHISTLES Yeah, I might be moving
to St Helens. Jordan hasn’t been able
to find another place to live. VAN HORN BEEPS And his tag will go off at 9pm,
if he’s not let back into his flat. I have to walk back to the property, to see if they’ve
locked it up or not. And if they have, then I’m
going to boot the front door in. All of my stuff’s in there! In the property. My house, my fucking flat! They said that if I leave the
property, then it’s going to get locked up, and I won’t be
allowed back in. Because of the fact it happened last
night and because it was noisy, and the police turned up in
everything, all of the neighbours have complained about the noise and
violence that is going on around
my house. They think I’m unsafe, because of
the amount of people that have
been to my house. So, they want to move me
out of Warrington, so they can, like, monitor me. You seem a bit worried. Not worried. Just hungry. Not eaten all day, so I need
to get myself something to eat. Can you explain to me
what you just did in the shop? Got myself a packet of biscuits. And… ..Red Bull. How did you get them? Five finger discount. You didn’t pay for them? No. They didn’t have any wraps in. I was going to get myself
a breakfast wrap,
but they didn’t have any in. Best biscuits in the world, these.
Dark chocolate digestives. Picked these out of specials,
cos they’re my favourite. Yeah, I can see the McColl’s. Last night’s fight means that Jordan
is having to watch his back. Which…which McColl’s are you at?
You’re not… Don’t film this. What have you got? Just a bar, mate. Where are you keeping it? That’s where. Do you sometimes carry weapons? If I’ve got a lot of people
after me, at the time, yeah. I have to, because I don’t know
where people are and… ..whether someone is going to be
around where I live. And what have you got? Just a random metal pole. Can you show me it? Something to play with. If someone tries to play with me. If you don’t let me back in
this property, then my tag’s going to go off and you’re
going to get in trouble for it. I am not moving to St Helens, mate. Do you think I’m going
to get slammed? Do I need to bring a bag with me? I know it’s a robbery, but you know
I didn’t rob the fucking shop, though, don’t you? My tag snapped. It’s all stuck in my sock. Fucking free! Get in the house. Fuck off!

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