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  1. A 3rd Grader who is Considerably MORE ARTICULATE than POTUS. Hey Noah….could you please explain to the Orange Sociopath what "unindighted co-conspirator" means.

  2. Kid you're a lot smarter than the dotard and trust me you can explain the difference between fake news and real news to him all you like but he won't learn a thing 'cause to the dotard, fake news is any news that doesn't praise him or make him look good.

  3. I love it! Now, sit trump down with McDonald's meal in front of him and make sure you have a lot of pictures to show him.

  4. Give me a break. Hire a kid and let him read a written script. That's what MSM does with their reporters. But let a third grader report and somehow we're supposed to accept what he's told to say to oppose Trump. You clowns are classless. But, that's late nite BARF shows who no one watches anyhow.

  5. Bravo Noah!!!!!!!!! Great job presenting fake and real news – (something the current administration still refuses to understand).

  6. That kid should be the president adviser cause clearly he’s way too smarter than the president😂👍✌️just saying.

  7. Sure President Trump isn’t perfect, far from it, but no one is and we have a duty to respect him because he holds the highest office of the United States and represents our country. By tearing him down on national television, even if the accusations are true, we are tearing down our country and what it stands for.

  8. This bit coming from the person who openly agreed that his job is to lie to his audience. And yet his ignorant audience still believe an follow him. Sorry Jimmy you have no credibility just like fake news CNN. 🖕😁

  9. PS I could not stand to read any more of your stupid comments it is no wonder that you lost you don't have a brain cell 1 and I am talking to every single one of you commenters down below. Here you are saying you want this boy for a president that you want this person for a president why you did it doesn't take anything to qualify for you as a president does it. You'll pick any full to be president that is evident after watching you Californians vote for Hillary Clinton the traitor of our country. I have never seen a whole state of idiots in my entire life. What is it in the water in the air is it that dope you're smoking something is making you people complete and utter idiots. Oh please great earthquake come and swallow up this evil state we don't need it anymore turn it into the Pacific Ocean and make a tsunami wave that is so big that it goes all the way to North Korea and floods out North Korea and China that would be a triple win for the United States. That is my biggest hope for you. When the great big one does occur I will have a party. Because I don't have no love for any of you nor would I recommend anyone given their life for such garbage.

  10. Wow using a 9 year old to bash Trump some more. Congratulations, you've reached a new low. I wonder how many times he has to memorize those lines. Sickening, you only do this because there is an R next to his name. Clear bias.

  11. Yeah, that kid just came up with all this on his own and was never scripted by Jimmy's team nor rehearsed multiple times before.

    Libtards as usual go "OmG a 3rD gRadEr iS smArTer tHan TrUmPh loL"

  12. Hey Noah, Russiin Collusion has been reported relentlessly by cnn et al with absolutely zero evidence. There's your fake news as defined by you. Sure hope you don't have political aspirations because you just ended them.

  13. The free press isn't keeping anyone informed. "Trump vs the deepstate" and "the American people vs Trump" are both false dialectics in order to control both parties who support Trump and those who oppose him. The media is a complete sham and so is the bipartisan system. The deepstate is real but Trump is a tool of it and so is his media opposition.

  14. Its great that this loser Jimmy Kimmel and his lame ass producers attempt to patronize Trump by giving sham articles a spotlight and not proving how Trumps tweet was fake. Youve got, coming straight from a source in one hand, and filtered judged rated and approved by the highest bidder in the other hand and yall choose these institutions based on what you've heard from them. This is why there shall never be a blue wave. The logical fallacies in this clip are a direct reflection of the entire left its a happy fact. Keep eating it up.

  15. Don't get me wrong, I feel Donald Trump is completely unfit to be our president and incorrectly claims news to be fake, but those words in this video were quite obviously written by another person for the third grader to then say not the words of the kid like the video was set up to make you believe.

  16. So this kid is just verifying what Trump was saying about fake news this whole time, good job Jimmy you have the iq of an inbred Muslim.

  17. i honestly feel bad for trump supports, they just eat whatever trump says. I have friends that say "make america great again" like it was never great in the first place, the brainwashing here is absurd

  18. Gross. They trained a kid to talk against the president just because trump speaks the truth and busts not rightful ones among us

  19. In other news….

    GENEVA – (AP) A group of Toxic MAGAtardTrumptrollian Trogs have stormed the award ceremonies for the Nobel Prize for Mathematics shouting "Fake Math!"

    A spokesperson for the Nobel Committee told reporters, "We were expecting this to eventually happen. It was just a matter of time before some of these imbeciles saved up enough money to fly to Geneva. We're actually somewhat amazed that they were able to deal with all the nuances and logistics of international travel, considering that most of them appear to be too mean and stupid to pour piss out of a boot, even when the instructions are written on the heel."

    " Not surprisingly, the spokesperson continued, " a group of people for whom hate, irrationality, paranoia & thinking with one's adrenals are pimped as 'values.' have no use for math, science,…or anything resembling truth or decency for that matter. "

    WASHINGTON, DC (AP) – Scientists at the Genetic Studies Center of the National Institute of Health (NIH) have put out a call for Trump voters to participate in a short term laboratory study and research program.

    According to a NIH press release, the purpose of project is to determine if people who continue to support a Bloviating Bag of Ass Wind actually represent the "genetic cul de sac of western civilization."

  20. so you got some kid to read lines an talking about trump. americas stock market has increased to 25,000 from 18,000 during obama administration, also democrates nearly doubled our national debt in 8 years, also sold half of our uranium to the russians thats used in nuclear bombs what happen to the money why was it so hush hush.

  21. None of the outlets presented at the end are genuine news. Let’s see this genius try to defend CNN against David Carbone’s defamation lawsuit against them. At least CNN used to be good at hiding its bias 20 years ago; MSNBC never did. ABC promotes mental illness and harmful behavior to children, and The New York Times has refused to fire white genocide advocate Sarah Jeong. There is a reason that we don’t let children vote, drive, or do anything that could endanger others. They are too easily manipulated by whoever is near them.

  22. Those are all fake news I don’t watch Fox News I know that’s fake news but so is cnn New York Times Washington post msnbc there all fake news

  23. CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times are all fake news with a heavy leftist agenda. This can be proven by what they DON'T report as well as the spins they put on what they do report. Such as the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Tx, and Dayton, Ohio. All these mainstream news outlets continue to blame Trump, even though their Manifestos clearly state that they were Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters, respectively. They DIDN'T tell you that. The reasons they didn't were to aid I ushing in Medicare for All in Dayton (leftist viewpoint) and to preserve the environment in El Paso (also leftist viewpoint). But they zoom in on the "hispanic invasion" part of the El Paso shooter, ignoring the part where he said his views on that long predated Trump. As well as the fact that AOC wasn't criticized at all by these same media outlets when a member of Antifa tried to bomb an Ice detention facility because he said that they were "concentration camps". No one thought they were concentration camps until SHE said it.

    I'm not saying to place blame at Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or AOC. Because they had nothing to do with it either. These were the acts of demented individuals. But we have to recognize that the blame lies at the feet of the perp, no one else. So any organization that places blame for domestic terrorism on anyone other than the actual perpetrators are, even by this definition, fake news.

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