489 illegal immigrants with detainers released in North Carolina: report

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  1. Hold dems accountable for hating president trump so much that they allow these godless, soulless monsters, to be set free! Something needs to be done! We need to take back our Congress! Trump 2020!! ✝ 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 😊

  2. What a disgrace, they are in my city. Thanks Boone NC! Vote our idiots out people. The people of Watauga County must get rid of our corrupt sheriff and idiotic city council. Shame.

  3. This libetal crap is getting out of hand. They care more about illegal criminals than American's. Vote democRATs out of office 2020. I think of one person gets hurt from a releasted illegal alien they should pursue legal action agains any official who releases these people. Hold them responsible.

  4. WOW if I were anyone of them I'd rather be in jail! BILLY says down south the good old boys love a good old fashioned lynching his wife attended some.

  5. Keep. Keep. Keep. Clean. ICE. Not. Money. Out. 🤑💰💪🏻🤗🤣🤔😤 Not. any. More. they. Close. all. Money. Gram. all. all. Good. Good. Good. Job. ICE. Not. More. Wet. the. Tortilla. and. Sleep. Like. Sardines. Keep. Clean. ICE. Good. 🤗🤗💰🤑💰🤑 Money. Stay. USA. Ja. Ja. Ja🤔

  6. This is very easy. The people who released them now go to jail. They should also get charged as an accessory to any crimes they commit after being let go. Plain and simple. If they were us citizens they would still be locked up. No more double standards.

  7. The Italians are conspiring with these black africa obama inmates to WAGE WAR on All Americans. These east coast Italians want to WAGE WAR on the American south-west desert. Cowboy Coffee vs. Starbucks…..Tex/Mex Cowboy vs. East Coast Italians. They want to Vagabond everyone and strip people of there NAME.

  8. and to the residents and citizens of this country who protects us? if politicians are playing Russian roulette with our lives …
    and when a criminal of those kills someone just because they can, the Democrats go out to defend the criminals.

  9. Well until the Federal Government start throwing people in jail! The Joke of releasing illegal immigrants criminals will continue.

  10. If you and your family are LEGAL citizens and you have someone who is in jail……find a lawyer and FIGHT this!! Tell them you want a immediate release.If it’s in their FACE they MUST answer to it and FACE it!!!

  11. Yeah send them to one state or sanctuary city lo an behold tomorrow their your next door neighbor lol an in another state yeah oh yeah this is best of democrats an warning immigrants these democrats are just using an abusing you in ways your blind an citizens your paying their meds food an housing whether you know it or not we’re being abused too from your heroes the democrats lol what a slap in the face or turn around an bend over cause that’s what their doing

  12. Just another state to put on the, no go list. In the words of Chevy Chase, lock-m, role-m up. When you drive by this state.

  13. They come here illegal and make a mockery of US law's…then expect job's housing welfare…arrest and deport..then ban them from the US..

  14. you know with the big education that I'm getting off of YouTube cuz I don't watch TV or read newspapers or read magazines or anything like that because I don't trust them I feel I've learned a lot off of YouTube about politics and whatnot but I still am confused of what's going on just alone on immigration do you have to come in legally or not I know my grandparents on both sides came in legally is that really too much to ask people to do it legally still confused 🙃

  15. Omg this is very Sad…
    Get these people out of here!!!
    We as United States citizens are going to have come together
    To do this Atlanta is sanctuary city..

  16. You may "wanna "ax""???? Really????? Very sad!!! My 85 year old mother lives, by herself, in Mecklenburg County in the home I grew up in 60 years ago! Shame on you, POLITICIANS!!!!!

  17. The capitol of North Carolina should be bombed into dust if these law makers are there, otherwise, where ever they evacuated to.

  18. Deflecting attention towards judges that set low bail for persons charged with felonies is his subconscious telling us to look into that. I sense he is a sheriff taking orders and struggling to maintain his job and remain politically elusive. As an American law enforcement officer of color I would think he should be fuming inside knowing that these outright trespassers in Our Nation are being treated more humanely than our Citizens. More faith in a foreign trespasser charged with a crime than a citizen??? Seriously? For real? The truth shall set you free Sheriff. I am sure the federal agencies that your department 'requests' assistance from comply. Law enforcement agencies should work hand in hand unless a law prohibits them from doing so. End of discussion.

  19. OK all of you wise North Carolina folks
    OVERTHROW YOUR LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS. They truly are the enemy of the people of this Republic

  20. Should we release 489 US Citizens from jail, you know just too even things out? Or will they continue to be separated from their families

  21. Every illegal alien in this country needs to be removed from this country by any means necessary. Detainers are just that. To detain. Sheriff’s who violate the detainer should be arrested for aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

  22. I'm coming to America soon. Will go on vacation in Mexico and blow all my money and then jump the fence to the promised land. Can't wait to apply as a refugee and have all my expenses paid by someone else.

  23. Dear white hypocrites,
    FYI there are plenty of people who would leave this country, not come, and not turn to you for help if:
    A. They would be reassured that you all won’t show up on their newly found territory demanding compliance.
    B. They can establish communities on their own, sell their products themselves and not feel like they are at risk for doing so
    C. Not be forced to comply to your ludicrous ideas.
    But white people force themselves on others, use them for what they want, then play victims.

  24. How many republicans played football in high school or college. It’s obviously clear that you all must be suffering from some kind of debilitating brain condition like CTE.

  25. The US is NOT America nor is it the world. The US is a small landmass when it comes to the total land covering the whole of North and South America.

  26. Immigrants please remember what these bastards did to your ancestors and know that if push comes to shove they WILL NOT hesitate to do it again.

  27. Now we see immigrants being released. I’m sure they are poor if not financially, socially according to the status quo of the US. Why not complain about Epstein’s suicide, the little blonde btch they let off for deliberately not going to a hospital after giving birth and burying the baby in the backyard (whether is was born alive or not), or persecuting trump for using his presidency as a business maneuver/ to pursued the world to do business at his businesses.

  28. OMG! I'm a proud NC transplant who lives in Johnston Cty. I pray this isn't happening here. How in God's name can anyone condone freeing known illegal criminals into an unknowing populace? Scares me.

  29. Democrats are the worst thing to happen to western civilization. Yellow fever, ww1, ww2 is a Sunday picnic compared to these evil scum. The cure is to force the rich liberals to live in the same neighborhoods they destroyed. Their children forced to go to a south side Chicago school, or Detroit, or any of the violent cesspools they made. Maybe deporting them to South Africa. A now communist 3rd world country they destroyed.

  30. Dems focused on impeachment while putting our lives in danger. Build the wall.and and double the number of border patrol officers. Arrest all Mayors of sanctuary city's. Vote dems out in 2020. Vote TRUMP2020

  31. Americans lives are at stake here at the hands of the Democratic Party 😤if one American is killed by these illegal immigrants they got blood on their hands 😡

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