A 19th Century lesbian ‘marriage’ proposal | Gentleman Jack – BBC

Ann. Good lord. I thought you were in Copenhagen?
I am, I was, aren’t you in Scotland? I didn’t know that you’d written from Paris they didn’t
tell me, I mean my sister did eventually but she couldn’t write back to you because your
letter disappeared with your address on it. I was so cross when I found out but you see
the thing is, I don’t think she’s very happily married, Elizabeth, I think she’s frightened
of him. I don’t think he’s very nice, I think he destroyed the letter and I didn’t think
think this not at the time but I think he just married her for her money and I think
that she’s miserable. Well, I suppose that’s the trouble with being very rich, you never
can be sure of peoples motives. We talked about you, me and Elizabeth. She said, she
thought that sometimes, often a good friendship is better than a marriage. Are you alright?
Pit collapsed, flooded, it’s fixable but it just need’s money throwing at it and I, I
took a gamble. I shouldn’t have but we’re not alive are we? if we’re not taking the
odd risk, now and again. No, no we’re not. I should have written again but when I didn’t
hear back I… god I’ve missed you. Have you? There was just one morning, I just thought
I couldn’t stand it anymore. It must’ve been after that that Elizabeth wrote to you. Yes
but she didn’t say that you, oh lord. I would have come straight back if I’d known that.
Do you know, I don’t think one hour passed when I didn’t think of you. I tried not to
but every time I closed my eyes, there you were. I met the Queen of Denmark, I curtsied
to the wrong person and that was embarrassing but hey ho. She invited me to her birthday
ball, it was interesting enough, the food was very poor but all night I kept thinking
if you had seen me, you’d laugh. I had to wear white satin, head to toe in white satin.
I had birds of paradise in my hair, one of them fell out in the carriage. I managed to
stick it back in, I don’t think anyone noticed but I made a bit of an impact one way or another.
Friendly people the Danes, I think I should go back there, one day. Perhaps I could come
with you? You know, if you asked me to marry you again, I wouldn’t say no. But would you
say yes? Yes. Would you and stick to it and mean it? Yes. Take the sacrament with me,
in church and mean that too. I love you Ann. I’m in love with you. I always have been.
Don’t hurt me, I’m not as strong as you think. Well I am obviously but sometimes I’m not.

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  1. so many Anne Lister/Suranne Jones fans! Love her, but my favorite is actually Ann Walker/Sophie Rundle! Sophie's amazing, love her portrayal of Ann. She made me fell in love with Ann, just like Anne did. Especially love how brave Ann was in the final episode!!

  2. Why are period drama scenes like this always the best? Pride and Prejudice, North and South, this…

    Also, Suranna Jones steals this scene so much that I didn't realize that was Sophie Rundell opposite her!

  3. Heyooo we're still out here screaming about this scene :))

    I don't think I could ever forget this show. It's been absolutely revolutionary for me. Much thanks to everyone involved in making this masterpiece!!!

  4. I don't think I'm ever going to get over this series or scene 😍

    Question! When Jack (I prefer calling Lister Jack) asked Marianna to move in with her in episode 7, was it because she was in pain over Ann, or because she actually meant she wanted her to move to Shibden with her? 🤔

  5. I just finished this series about 30 minutes ago. Let me just say that I felt empowered and so lucky in a way while watching this. I will 100% be watching this over and over again😂 waiting for season 2👌

  6. At this rate, it appears I will watch this scene everyday for the rest of my life. Just really noticed the look on Anne's face when she notices the gondola pin at 1:44. It's this expression of "wow, you really did miss me, you may actually love me." It's SO INCREDIBLY SUBTLE because Suranne Jones is absolutely brilliant, but it's there and I felt like crying all over again because this scene explodes my gay heart.

  7. Cried so much at this beautiful scene. AW finally going for what she wants without certainty if AL would still want anything to do with her. And AL so stressed, distraught, and broken showing her most vunerable self to AW. Months of absence and missing that lead to this moment, one can only imagine the intense longing and love felt at the moment of reunion.

  8. About to watch this show again. So darn funny and moving. This scene and the thermometer scene are the best 😂👌🏻💕

  9. I've watched this scene a hundred or so times now. It's truly the most heartfelt romantic scene ever on the screen in my opinion. Simply beautiful…

  10. I keep replaying all the episodes again and again *EVERYDAY* i'm just so obsessed with this love story it's so beautiful my little gay heart can't help it!! <3

  11. I just finished this whole thing in one day I hardly did any work and I'm DIYING
    I need more how can they do this to me😭😭😭😭

  12. 😱 this is so good…… Made me cried which is really rare for me. Good work on this drama and I really hope to see more on these characters, sooner the better.

  13. I had no idea about this TV series before watching this clip. But just watching this one clip makes me want to binge the entire series because of all this emotion and ugh. It’s just so good!

  14. I wouldn't had been as amazingly satisfitying as we got it if they had dicided to stick to the script!!! Love this so much!!!!!😍😍😍

  15. My goodness, those Kisses in the end, gave me goosebumps. My 10 year relationship ended 4 years ago, Anne & Ann made me realized that I still have some romantic feelings left in me🤩⚘🍹 I still don't have the urgency to remove my "wall of steel." Stay Blessed!

  16. The end theme song by O'Hooley and Tidow is absolutely perfect. I knew of it already from a good few years back. Think it works really well with the pace and direction of the show. I congratulate all of the successes each and everyone has had. 😀 great drama!

  17. Wouldn't they be the first married lesbian in the world?
    1832? Marvelous strong women, both of them, were.
    Fantastic… even 150 years after that gay married was still in hidden closet, back in 1980s.

  18. I’ve never seen this series? Movie? Sorry! But I absolutely cried, oh how sweet it was! And it showed pain, love, sadness, silliness in what it seemed one minute! It was so beautiful I barely could take my eyes off! Oh I think I fell in love with something I didn’t know existed!

  19. This is one of the best scene I've seen in a long time!! Full of emotions and truth… amazing performance by Suranne and Sophie!

  20. Esto es tan bonito que DUELE. No puedo creer el maravilloso trabajo que hicieron con esta serie. Y que final más hermoso es que de verdad sin palabras.

  21. I just realized that this scene is on youtube!!!!!!!! Now I know what I'll be watching over and over and over, while crying my heart out.

    This series mean so much to me.

  22. It is easy to underestimate the importance for lesbians – and all gays – to see representatives of themselves in the tv shows and movies of the day. This is passion-filled, not gratuitous, an embodiment of real love. A greater gift is hard to imagine. It is also fun and entertaining, uplifting, and tingly. Thanks to all involved.

  23. Besides they have a great legendary lesbian love.
    but how come anne found plenty of lesbians to sleep with when everyone stay in closet!!! when 21th century lesbians struggle to find date even with dating app!!!!

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