A World Without Black History | Decoded | MTV News

– Ugh, I hate having a birthday
during Black History Month. Why do I only get a day when
they get an entire month? – You’re so smart babe. – You know what we really need? We need a White History Month. – Did someone say that there should be a White History Month? – Yeah, how’d you know? – Let me guess, you’re
not racist or anything but you just think it would
be better if we didn’t have a Black History
Month in America at all. – Yeah pretty much. – Let’s get this over with. – And then Chadwick wins cribbage. – It’s Mandy and I. Why are dressed so lame? And what are those stupid ass shoes? Why is everything so different? – Well you see Chad,
without black inventors, our world would have missed out on huge advancements in cell phone technology, gaming consoles, and personal computers. Not to mention important
shoe making techniques, light bulbs that last
more than a few days, and delicious, delicious potato chips. A world without black history
is completely different. – Yeah but all that stuff
would have gotten invented anyway. – If all inventions are
inevitable, then why celebrate any inventors Chad? – Wait where’s Grandpa? Grandpa’s dead? – Yes. Not only did a black engineer
help invent the pace maker, but the first successful
open heart surgery was done by a black surgeon so. But black history’s not
just about technology. So what do you feel like listening to, classical, Irish step
dancing, polka music, an entire crooner station, more classical. – Okay I see what you’re doing here, just put on Elvis and I’ll be good. – Elvis who? – Fine I walked right into that. Kenny Chesney or something. – Oh sorry dude, country
music has its roots in black R&B which means a
world without black history is a world without country music. – No! This place is lame. Where are we? – Times Square, midtown Manhattan. Ever heard of it? – Yeah right, this is more
like some boring ass town in some shitty little
country or some shit. – Pretty much. Not only was most of
early New York City built by African slaves, but
without black slaves, the south never developed
its labor intensive cotton and tobacco plantations. – What? – Which means that the
north never developed its financial sector or heavy
industries meant to support that very same lucrative cotton industry. – What? – It’s entirely possible that
without the contributions of black Americans, we
wouldn’t have the money to have made the Louisiana Purchase from France. – What? – The land deal that
expanded America’s borders and catapulted it into
being one of the world’s leading food producers as
well as a global leader. – Wait so you’re saying
that without black people most of this country is owned by France. – It’s entirely possible. – No, no, take me back, I want to go back, I want to go back! What month is it? – February. – Specifically. – Black History Month. – Oh, thank god. Happy Black History Month grandpa. Happy Black History Month potato chip. Happy Black History Month cell phone. Happy Black History Month hip hop and street wear apparel. God bless Black History Month. – Black History Month, you just said there should
be a White History– – Shh. I’m woke now. (upbeat music) – Okay fine, Beastie Boys? – Nope. – Snow? – Nope. – Iggy Azelea? – No. – Maroon Five? – Nope. – Adele? – No. – LFO? – No. – Vanilla Ice? – No.

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  1. Because they invented thing we need a month dedicated to them with no other months for other ethnic groups. You do realize other races have also improved lives tremendously. (a lot of those were not actually made by blacks anyway).

  2. Black inventions?… Lol… What a joke!… America would’ve been cleaner and safer (like Australia, Canada, the UK and many European countries) if all these blacks were not imported into this country!… Slavery was wrong and all these blacks should’ve been left in Africa where they belong!

  3. Germans invented the computer, Tv ,cars , space rockets, and more stuff like that. And why is it wrong to have a white history month and a black history month?

  4. The only thing that’d make this video more ridiculous is if they claimed Neil Armstrong was actually a black man. Google… its a thing MTV.

  5. Okay, I understand that people ARE pretty racist. BUT I think most people KNOW BLACK LIVES MATTER. And no, I'm not saying that there aren't still racist people, many people still are. I just think people could have lived with out seeing this.

    Sincerely, Hi.

  6. black people did not invent cellphones, gaming consoles or advanced footwear techniques, heck, they were wearing leaf shoes when eurasia was wearing fine shoes.

  7. You’re racist for making this video. This video is nothing but “hate” speech and should be taken down immediately. Please talk with Jesse Peters.

  8. It's not the Louisiana purchase which made the US a global leader. It's the two world wars. Especially the second one. Before that, the US were a political and military dwarf in the world.

  9. smacks head into brick wall repeatedly OMG i can still remember the shit and lies this woman was saying must hit head harder… continues smacking head into the wall her logic if you stop remembering something it means it never existed, the millions of pple from the past just stop existing… Girl go back to school use that money you make talking this shit to educate ur self of how history works…

  10. By this logic not celebrating Muslims one month a year, and their contributions in many fields, you whites wouldn't know medicine besides herbs and bloodletting.Also that means that not giving a group a month means they no longer exist. Sorry ramsey, but history doesn't change because we don't celebrate Social Justice crap.

  11. Francesca the thing that you leftist ALWAYS over look about those inventions is that people of many races were working together to invent them. To over look this fact by claiming that only black people invented the cell phone, computer,…… is very disingenuous. I mean America is the one place where people of multiple diverse backgrounds can get together and make amazing things, but I guess you only care about the race of people and not their actual actions. I mean didn’t Martin Luther King Jr. say that we shouldn’t judge people on their skin color but the content of their character? It seems to me that all you SJW’s care about is skin tone, you know the complete opposite of Dr. King’s message. If a person invents something it should be seen as their invention, not an invention of their race, because when you see inventions as which race invented them, you start to over look the many hours of work that person or team put into that invention. Many times inventions are made by teams of people, of different races and backgrounds working for a common goal, and to give credit to one race is very misleading of you. You shouldn’t see inventions as race inventions but as team or company inventions you racist bigot!

  12. I'm sure that white people would be stuck in the XVth century, if they didn't discovered Africa, especially those brilliant black people.

  13. Without Aryan dna black people still be running around in the fields without clothing meaning you are the whitest black person i have ever seen lol

  14. Francesca you are beyond stupid, most of those inventions were created by white people. Oh nice little segment in the beginning with the people wearing all white speaking with a British accent, Newsflash racist, not all white people are British. I would think you wouldn’t make a mistake like that because you claim to know everything about racism. No Francesca, you are one of if not the hypocritical racist YouTubers I have ever witnessed. You say you fight for equality, but then make uncalled for criticism about all white, not even acknowledging that there is around 50 European countries where these people come from. You are not the authority on racism, and even if you were you would be a terrible one at that.

  15. This is what happens when an entire TV network suffers from a crippling case of white guilt. You better have at least 50% black representation in your executive positions. If not, get ready to hand over your positions to a minority, you evil whitey.

  16. Wait hold up, is she saying with out slavery America would have never become what it came. So slavery was good for America?

  17. Lets sue the us civil right leaders for black washing and forcing us whites, natives, latinos and asians who are forced to take part even if your against it. #EndBlackHistoryMonth

  18. You couldnt be further from the truth on alot of those subjects fran…id be willing to listen if you didnt spew crap from your sespit of a mouth

  19. The fact that there are so many angry white people in the comments because for once they're not being portrayed as OH SO perfect personified is actually hilarious.

  20. Shame on you guys. Spreading divisive misinformation to the young people of the country. Stop trying separating us, and start playing music again Mtv

  21. The Louisiana purchase was made not because of black people but because Napoleon was selling it for cheap

  22. Do we have a Jewish history month that is a no but is there a history with jews that is a yes… we don't want a BLACK AND WHITE history month, we don't need a month for history about black people because we are the same, black people and white people can be good or bad people. That is what a human is!!!! That is why we don't need a black history month because history is history!!! I don't care if your black or white, your character is more important!!! We are not saying to no have black history, we are saying not to have a month about it!!!

  23. Ah! A world without savage murderous lazy welfare living blacks? That is better known as "Heaven".

  24. We could have Black History month every month and for a decade and still no one would pay attention, just like we don't now…..No Fucks Given

  25. So if they say the world is better off without black people then why didn't they leave us alone in the first place ? 🤷‍♀️

  26. A world without black people = No God awful rap music. Way less ghettos and way less crime. A better world

  27. Lol the Louisiana purchase was extremely cheap for the US. Black Americans would not take away such a large portion of gdp as to not allow the us to have enough money for that purchase.

  28. Statistically black people commit 50% of all crime in this country but they only make up 15% of the population I know America without black people less crime less rape less killing

  29. Wow, what a load of crap. I mean, its safe to say the world would look different without black people, but its brutally dishonest to say that one thing not being invented prevents the entire chain of future inventions. Also, different things would be invented as well. Americas crime rate would be as low as norway as well

  30. If there were no black slaves then they would've just used other people as slaves. Like those filthy baguette eating Frenchies.

  31. black people: actually did work as slaves

    salvery: gets abolished

    white people: Hay u sHoulD still wOrk foR uS

    also white people: omg black people never work

    you whites need to grow the hell up and realize not every type of music or invention was made by you lol

  32. Crap video. Nothing black people created were novel. They were at best, more upgraded versions of pre-existing concepts. I'm pretty sure this world would make it without a potato chip or ice cream scoop. Nice try tho…and thanks for the kicks and filthy rap music. Really set the world ahead a couple centuries in intelligence.

  33. So, if a black guy had any involvement with the invention at any stage of its creation, whether inventing it or innovating it, then it's a black invention, even if the majority of people who designed and innovated it were white?

  34. I feel like this video thinks of what if there were no black people, not what if there was no black history month. I thought the reason why the guy was going to say there shouldn't be a black history month because it is discriminatory, or not all black want or even need a black history month. If you really have a problem with it, why can't you just spread it out through the year? Also, why isn't there an Asian history month, Polynesian history month, etc? Also, it's not like we don't talk about black people in American history classes.:l

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