AB6IX on Songwriting, First Lyrics & What Makes Them Happy | MTV News

– People always think
young people can’t do stuff and young people always
have to be silent and quiet but it’s not, ’cause look at me, I’m doing so well right now. – Oh my god, that’s a
really hard question. – I think it’s important
’cause we know ourselves way better than anyone else so I think writing our songs, our own songs, is very important to express
AB6IX to the audience. So we write songs, all day, all night. – No it’s not, it’s perfect. – Yeah, really good, yeah. – They always do, and I feel it. So I try harder to break that image of youngest person in the group. I hope other young people
would stand up for themselves. (“Breathe” by AB6IX playing)

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  1. My dear DAEHWI you always make me happy you can do all what you need your youth is not a handicap for you, just the thing makes you brighter 자랑스러운 대휘야 사랑해 언제나 응원해🧡💜🧡💜🧡💜🧡💜

  2. 유튜브 자막이 엉망진창이네ㅜㅜ 글로벌하게 성장해나갈 AB6IX의 평생 팬으로 함께하려면 영어공부 좀 해야겠네ㅜㅜ

  3. Daehwi you did really great job!! Btw I love ur attitude. Writing songs is not easy and you made it! many perfect songs to listen to I'm thankful for that. Looking forward to see your next big steps.

  4. I love AB6IX!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Not only do they make music that I like, they actually have such colorful personalities! I was laughing along with them when Woojin mentioned his first lyrics, it was sooo cheesy! I think we can all agree that he's come a long way since then coz his recent rap lyrics are 🔥! Woongie is writing lyrics too!! Dare we hope to see it in one of the songs for the upcoming album 6IXENSE?? Happy that Daehwi does not let the doubters and naysayers get to him and instead bringing that youth and energy into their songs!!

  5. Daehwi IS AMAZING, not only he was the best/CENTER out of 101 trainees during Produce 101 meaning he can dance and sing but he also writes his music and speaks perfect English!!!!

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