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Breaking news from the USF library! Access World News provides thousands of
newspapers from around the world in one powerful databas. To access Access
World News first go to the top left corner and make
sure you’re logged in you can login using your net ID if you’re
off-campus, then to find Access World News, one of our top database, just check under the
quick links here – Access World News is available . Also
you can go to “research tools”, “databases by title” type in “access” and see Access World News here at the top just click on Access World News, and you’re
given this database to look through. We can see we have 2,383 sources to find newspaper articles and remember
these will be newspaper articles and not scholarly journal articles so
these articles willl usually be brief, topical, a snapshot at
the time. You can search by keywords here through
the text you can limit by country over here on
the map area and you can also limit by publication
date: for example let’s try the Afghan war if we search say after September 11th 2001 we can find multiple articles by year on
the left hand side and we can see all these articles
related to the US Afghan war. Now let’s edit our search and look for the Afghan war say before 1990 and we can see the results by year here all the thousands of articles found per
year and this is going to refer to the soviet
Afghan war which wasn’t during the 1980s so let’s
do a new search and we can show off the country future
so let’s go to Stanislava who’s in Slovakia now and she can
report on one of the articles we can find from Slovakia available through Access world news. Hello from Alupkov
here in the village in central Slovakia the end of the year pig slaughter was held, followed by New Years run carnival for children and football and
ice hockey tournaments and this is a revival of an old
tradition when every home had a pig and its winter slaughter was a social
occasion reporting from Alupkov, Slovakia, this is Stanislava Janakova and back to you Adonis. – Thank You
Stanislava so we’ve seen two ways to use Access
world news first to find many news articles on a
broad topic and second to find a narrow local, or regional topic in a specific area.
That’s Access world news available for the USF library website.

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