Activist warns Hong Kong is on the brink of bloodshed, says fight for democracy is far from over

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  1. Hong Kong is where east meets west. Whereas mainland Chinese live under oppression of authoritative communist rule, Hong Kong residents have enjoyed many western freedoms for over a century. These recent protests are a response to China's encroachment to these freedoms.

    However, the protest started as opposition specifically against an extradition bill with China, not as a democracy protest. Hong Kong has never enjoyed universal suffrage as a British colony, and as a Special Administrative Region after returning to China in 1997.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm….you so blonde…yum…economic freedom…so you guys paying 40% tax…righttttt…puppet lol…Josh is a US puppet…

  3. It's obvious when he talks he just regurgitate a prepared script. I have noticed this in many of his live interviews. He's a muppet.

  4. Chinese people know that the Chinese government has no interest in religion freedom or democracy. The Chinese Communists are mercantilist successors the Chinese emperors who invented Confucianism which is the religion of paper shuffling bureaucracy.

  5. This idiot can betrayed his own blood, he also can betrays any countries who shares his thoughts. A traitor's always a traitor! Leopard never changes its spot

  6. Joshua Wong should be accepted to UK or US as a imigrant. He would be a good citizen for their country. Thumbs up to this guy for his intelligence. Probably start more violent protest in the future wherever whichever country he goes to. Please don't send him to California , thank you 🙏

  7. Does he know that the one party China having Ms lam elected from a restricted pool of candidates by a 1,200-member Election Committee is very much like how we elected President Trump in United States by the Electoral College? How come we do not take it to the streets to protest violently about having to elect the president by the one person one vote system? Because we are law abiding citizens and the current law support the Electoral College. Any changes should start from passing the new law in Congress. Joshua is not a hero , he is nothing but a rioter. He is the very person to be blamed for the violent disturbance in Hong Kong.

  8. From you bottom of your heart are you feeling supper happy that Hong Kong your birth place being distory by you n xxxx.

  9. Perhaps the likes of Joshua are attempting to turn Hong Kong into another Guantanamo, meant exclusively for the US, of course. What a turncoat you are Joshua. You will just be another Chai Ling of the Beijing Tiananmen Incident 30 years ago, another failed Colour Revolution instigated by evil outside forces from beyond. China shall not be another Soviet Union !

  10. Democracy is ,a mob rules no such thing as real democracy. Rich influential people get mobs of stupid people to rah rah rah in the streets. At the end the rich and powerful get more rich and powerful and the stupid mobs ruin their lives even more. Stupid muthafookkaas

  11. Democracy is over hyped. This cartoon looking character should be in some school or college not speaking words which look to heavy for his weight to manage. Just bcoz few thousand people come on street and ask for freedom is a reason to make seperate country.. then make it a norm for all and see in few years how world will fall into a chaos. Why so selective. Billion ppl live in china are they stupid and these slaves of UK are smartest. Non sense this has become over period of time. Didn't know people of hong Kong are so jobless and so stupid 👎

  12. A quick Chinese translation as free gift to this interview: 男盜女娼、蛇鼠一窩、道貌岸然、顛倒黑白、恬不知恥!!! You are welcome, it's free.

  13. With a vest pocket of spare cash, I shall waste no time in leaping off to my to Hong Kong, Zhuihai and Macao this September.
    Then came a caveat from well meaning friends. They warned that it is untimely and unsafe to visit chaotic Hong Kong now!
    Verily Hong Kong is quite a rickety and decaying sinking ship with an unpopular, incapacitated, impotent and hors de combat captain and crew at helm. They have failed to navigate on dark and storm tossed ocean, a once mighty ship to a calm and safe habour
    With not the moon, stars nor lighthouse in sight, the captain and his crew
    are both pretty lost and fearful of ever moorage the ship at a hithe.
    And not helping the matter, the uncooperative, unaccommodating and rowdy passengers are demanding a change of captain this instant, for they have no faith and confidence with the him anymore.
    In calm water, every ship has a good captain.
    However, the real test of a good captain is in turbulent and rough sea. To command a vessel, it takes a lot out of a person. He needs education, experience, expertise and of course, a strong and courageous leadership.
    For now, there is no capable deputy to take over the command of this rumpty ship and neither is anyone keen to take up such a dangerous and thankless job.
    Moreover, there is no certainty that the next captain has in him the potentialities to steer the vessel to right habour for all passengers aboard.
    Thus, in the meanwhile, Hong Kong will be tossed and shaken about furiously on choppy water, and she prays piously to be rescued by any passing liners.
    It is all so pitiable yet not at all hopless. The passengers have to decide which of the two evils is better and lesser.
    They can, if they aren't obstinate, choose to standby the captain with faith and trust that he will safely shepherd them to the shore. Or do they prefer to be unceasing
    rock and roll in menacing waters?
    Surely, standby by the captain , is a lesser evil than to jump or abandon ship even for excellent swimmers.
    You are in the mid of an ocean!
    Remember, when we are cruising or flying, our destinies, more or less , are in the hands of the captains.
    The ship goes down with the captain.
    Sink, swim or sail?
    It is all truly up to Hong Kong.

  14. Stop harping on election, freedom or democracy for Hong Kong.
    Under the British rule, there was no free election at all.

  15. Oh dear, the arteries of Hong Kong are going to be blocked and gunged up tomorrow, once again, by thousands, if not millions of objectioners, dissenters,non conformists, wart and all.
    The date has been picked to coincide the anniversary of hangover of Hong Kong to China.
    I am no doctor.
    But it doesn't take a doctor to diagnose that Hong Kong is down with an ailment.
    There is a valetudinarin aspect to her which is depressing and pitying.
    The afflictions agonising and tormenting Hong Kong may be real or may as well, imaginary due to irrational, and groundless fear, misgivings and worries of her future.
    The illness may also be self inflicted, self harmed and will go on deteriorating and beyond treatment, any treatment–long.
    Hong Kong isn't just suffering bodily pain but the mind is also being tortured and mishandled, no less.
    You see, even when they are sickly, patients can be the most uncompromising, uncooperative and unyielding people you deal with.
    They easily fall into the victimhood and feel they are entitled to any demands, however, unreasonable.
    I concur, Hong Kong is in this condition now, in a general ward, not yet the ICU.
    She stubbornly refuses and rejects traditional chinese medicines which might speed up her recovery.
    Instead, she holds the belief that she can heal herself by self medications or
    Western medicine.
    Perhaps, cocky Hong Kong is still in the dark or denial, Chinese medicine is heading around the world, touching every nook and cranny and accepted and welcomed with open arms.
    TCM is the world oldest form of medicine with history of more than 2500 years. It is the essence of Chinese history, philosophy and medical knowledge.
    TCM concerns the body and mind.
    A healthy body forms a firm foundation for a healthy mind, which includes one thoughts, emotions, and psychological state.
    Simply put, TCM doesn't treat the illness alone
    but the person with the illness.
    TCM is gaining global influence and recognition as an alternative medicine fast and furious, like an unstoppable train.
    Hey, TCM may be just the right prescription for Hong Kong.
    Dosages of Herbal medicine, a few needles of acupuncture, plus kneading like tu na may be the desideratum Hong Kong desperately need now to gain back its sanity, lucidity, balance, fitness and normality.
    TCM is just as good as western medicines, if not better.
    Again, it has been embraced by the world, why not Hong Kong?
    Yeah, TCM herbal medicines may be bitter and hard to swallow, but as long as they cure, that's the most crucial, isn't it?
    If stubborn Hong Kong still scoff at TCM , then when the choked arteries render a cardiac arrest, pushes her at death's door, it might then required an urgent surgery by no other but surgeons of the People's Liberation Army to save her life.
    She will then be too weak to protest when being pushed to the operating theater.
    Sadly but possibly, Hong Kong refers to be put on drips, on life support, rather than giving TMC a chance to prove its authenticity, sincerity and worthiness, more importantly, gives Hong Kong herself a fighting chance to survive in this harsh world.
    Being as obstinate as a mule as she is as mindless and puerile,
    Hong Kong's road on recovery will be long and dreadful, dreadfully long while we wait at the reception, worrying.


  17. The Hong Kong Protests ARE NOT ABOUT RELIGION AT ALL. Not surprise Fox is disseminating MISINFORMATION.
    The protests started, when Chief Executive Lam tried to force, the EXTRADITION BILL, on Hong Kongers.

  18. This activist is a descendant of Vietnamese refugee in Hong Kong, and has never considered himself Chinese therefore cannot speak for Chinese citizens. The human right of many Hong Kong citizens is now being taken away by rioters, not by China. The Yankees have been funding all these riots, with the mandate of causing bloodshed. Both China and Hong Kong governments know this trick White House playing, and that is why Hong Kong police have been doing everything to avoid bloodshed. We can see the rioters are now escalating the level of violence in each move to terrorize Hong Kong, trying to force the police to make their first mistake. We are all waiting to see what is next… USA Empire has chosen Hong Kong to be their battle field to practice their Chinese vs Chinese trick, so let us see how this whole ordeal will end, if it can end at all… By the way, USA is not practicing "democracy" anymore, they are only doing "oligarchy"… This "democracy" that they are exporting is only a tool to fool us all.

  19. Headache for Mother China. Her child does not want to recognize their Mother. They want Mother China to be like their foreign adoptive mother.

  20. A bunch of freeloaders are looking for trouble, and white house is supposed to stop trading with China? They need a job.

  21. He is a weasel. ( Since he is a " public figure " it is alright to insult him in the name of freedom of speech, right? )

  22. It makes my day when I saw news flash that this rebel without cause has been arrested for his siege on a police station. Instead of thanking Hong Kong for offering his Vietnamese boat refugee family the Hong Kong citizenship, he now fights China for democracy and independence Hong Kong never had in its colonial days.
    I hope US will grant him citizenship so he could lead a siege on the US police station to fight for true democracy instead of being monopolized by only Democrats and Republicans. I think his little brain would be blown off by a police pistol within minutes of his siege.

  23. HK needs elections. Who in their right mind, now tell me who in their sane mentality would vote for some one who is the best candidates for your oppressor and that person is the worst candidate for your country? Someone appointed by Beijing will be the best person for only Beijing, and indeed the absolute worst person for Hong Kong.

    Now we all know that during the handover agreement England Great Britain did stipulate that the ultimate formation was one of universal suffrage, which means voting. Beijing through their picking up the pen and signing the contract with ink – has to abide by that contract between two worlds nations!

  24. Joshua, a naive hongkonger make use by other Western media and thought himself to be champion of democracy. Stupid clown and a disgrace to the Chinese race.

  25. US embassy better makes sure that have the rooftop helicopter pads ready, because they will soon be kicked out by the Hong Kongers with their tails in between their legs, as they did in Saigon 1975.

  26. @ Fox News, why have you stopped reporting on this? Two weeks of international news events have escalated, yet nothing more to be heard from Fox. Why?

  27. CIA organised train and paid in full by Psychological warfare (PSYWAR) operatives !!

    The organisers should be detained ASAP and tried as TRAITORS !!!

  28. Oh no… this boy has lots of good growing up. And it makes wonders what are his base of belief since he calls himself a christian.

  29. HK took care of him and his families when they escaped from Vietnam. Not only not thankfulness but caused chaos in HK at the expenses of all HK citizens. Shame on you. Now he asked Taiwan government to amended immigration law to accept him.

  30. Let's be honest. Even if you get free election and "democracy", Wong still doesn't have a job and still can't afford to have a house in HK. So stop the Bs.

  31. There are paid people by the ccp to comment on posts like this…they are called wumao. Regardless what they say, Hong Kong people will rise up. They are the only ones protesting against the CCP.

  32. This boy's life is ruined. CIA use people and throw them in the gutter when not required. Same thing is gonna happen to him. No future, soooo sad.

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