Africa Ban & Facebook Changes – World News With Cats – Ep. 2

Welcome to World News With Cats. I’m Tim This week, President Donald Trump said he wished the US had taken more migrants from Scandinavia instead of Africa. Historians noted that instead of jazz, blues, soul, gospel, rock-and-roll, hip-hop and funk The US could have given the world yodeling. Imagine the incredible albums we’d miss out on, such as this one from Coolio. The prob– You’re bloody dead mate! The problem is that in the representative democracy such as America, the public refuses to look more like it’s politicians. The public is not representative mate! Facebook has announced major changes to its news feed. Fom today Users will see far fewer updates from brands, celebrities and friends posting dumb pics of their dinner. Ooh, I’m eating seafood. Oh, I’m eating lamb. Oh-ho, I’m eating chicken. It’s all the same thing, Mittens! I hate oversharers! That was a private message. I didn’t know I shouldn’t share it. It was a private message between me and my cousin. You weren’t even included! And that’s all we’ve got time for tonight!

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