Aidy Bryant Explains the Wardrobe Mishap That Made Her Break Character on SNL

-Welcome back to the show, pal. You have a new “SNL”
is it next Saturday? -Yeah, next week, we’re back.
-The 25th, with Adam Driver
and is it Halsey? -Halsey.
-Oh, I love that. -Yeah. You know it. -You know it’s going to be good.
Come on. You’ve had a great season
this season. -Oh, thanks. -I actually —
I was just thinking about you because we were doing our sketch
right there, me and Robert. And I lost it a little bit. But —
-Oh, yeah. -Just a little bit.
-A little? -Just a little.
Just a tiny bit, yeah. But you —
you lost a little bit this — Do you know
what I’m talking about? -Yeah, I had I would call
my worse break of my lifetime. -I don’t ever really —
I don’t really see you break. -I really try not to. -Yeah.
-Like, ’cause it scares me. But this was — You know, it was
kind of like a political sketch. And I was fully
the straight man, had not a punch line
in the bunch. And — -Who was the host? -It was Woody Harrelson.
-Oh, yeah, that’s right. -And it was the first show
of the season. And basically,
we were doing this sketch where it was like flashbacks
to old clips. -Yep. -But instead of playing actual
clips, we would do it live. So they would play
a little package. We would change our jackets, change our hair, like,
as fast as we could. And our dressers
would come in and change us. And basically there were so many
changes between dress and air that my dresser walked in
while the camera was on me. And I was, like,
looking in the monitor being like, “That’s Audrey. [ Laughter ] Audrey’s on camera.” And, I mean,
but I could also feel her there. And I heard someone yell, “No!” [ Laughter ] And then basically,
it cut back — We had a quick change.
It cut back to me. And I knew that I had, like, the
straightest, most serious line that was like
“the moral arc of justice.” -Yeah.
-And I was like, “Cool, I have to get through
this serious-ass line, knowing that my dresser Audrey
was just onscreen.” -And the crowd was all
going nuts. So — -It — Yeah. -When that happens, though,
the audience — Everyone starts laughing.
They’re — ‘Cause they’re seeing it live.
It’s actually happening on TV. And the place gets hot. -Yes, and also, I think,
like, Cecily was next to me, and Kenan was next to me. And they both knew
I had this line that I had been struggling with
in rehearsal. And then it was like, “Okay,
now it’s time to say it again.” I mean, you could see. -Well, I want to show everyone
a clip. -Okay.
-It’s just worth seeing. Here is Aidy Bryant
breaking on “SNL.” Watch this. -It feels like a real turning
point in the Trump candidacy. -Mm-hmm.
-No, its — -He gon’ win.
[ Laughter ] ♪♪ [ Laughter continues ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Wow, Mr. Maddox, I’ll admit that you were
onto something back then. [ Laughter ] I believe — [ Laughter ] I believe that the arc of — [ Laughter ] No. I believe that
the arc of the whole universe is long. But it bends towards justice. [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] -Yeah.
-Gone. -Not good.
-Gone. Out.
-Couldn’t get it back. -Who’s laugh was behind you
making you laugh more? -Cecily was just —
knew she wasn’t on camera and was fully looking at me
going, like, “Ha, ha, ha.” -Kind of, like,
that close to your face. -Yes, absolutely.
-That’s the best part. I love that, when you’re
off-camera and you can laugh. And you’re like,
“Oh, it’s just torture, man.” Well, we love you on there. But I got to say
“Shrill” is fantastic, as well. -Oh, thank you. -Congrats on that. Season 2 — [ Cheers and applause ] Season 2 is available,
is it next week? -Yeah, January 24th. -The whole season. -Eight episodes, all at once. Boom.
-Wow. So I don’t know how you
have the time to do all this. -I got problems. -Yeah, no, yeah.
-Yeah. It’s — I’m tired. -But you — It’s a great show. And you said
in some interview I was reading that you wish
there were shows like this when you were growing up. -Yeah, it fully is, like, the show I dreamed
of seeing as a young girl, to see, like, a fat lead kind of living her damn life,
having some sex and — You know? I mean,
just that she has a full life that’s fully dynamic.
-Yeah. -And that she’s sort of past the
point of hating herself anymore. And she’s trying to get on
with her dreams, you know? -Who — That’s fantastic.
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s very great. Did you — Is this your idea?
Did you come up with this? -No, it’s based on a book
by Lindy West called “Shrill.” And it’s her memoir.
And so we kind of used that as like a road map
for the first season. And the second season is kind of
not using it as a road map. And it’s kind of
exploring new stuff. But it’s really fun.
-It’s really, really funny. I want to show everyone a clip.
Here’s Aidy Bryant in the new season of “Shrill.”
Take a look. -What are the chuckles about,
chuckle maniac? -Oh, um, my — my boyfriend
is meeting my parents tonight for the first time, so… -Ooh, that’s a big deal. Are you freaking? -I mean, my dad’s met him,
but my mom hasn’t. And she can be extremely
judgmental, so… -I remember when my mom
met my boyfriend. And now he’s my stepdad. -God.
[ Laughter ] I’m sorry. -It’s not so bad. He’s a good guy. I took his last name. -Is he the guy who always
picks you up from here? -Yeah. Cute, right? ♪♪ -Come on. Come on.
[ Cheers and applause ] One-two punch,
you and Jo Firestone. Aidy Bryant, everybody!

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  1. Eastside Low Bottoms shit !
    Fot me, the 'breaking' is some of the most entertaining. I also try to pay attention to the other actors reactions. U see Keenan immediately 'grab his mustache.' Cecily immediately loses it. It's the best !

  2. "this is about a fat girl who is over it and is going after her dreams and has a full life". Fallon, "is this ur idea"?
    ROFL wow. Just wow.

  3. My girlfriend now my stepmom!🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. I love how we have to pretend she’s good looking but every guy gets called creepy unless they are super tall, ripped, have a lot of social status, and have a calm but cool confidence from years of girls going crazy over them and being a sports star in high school.

    Geeze we live in a gynocentric society. And WOMEN complain about unrealistic beauty standards and double standards…

  5. jimmy can't stay in Charakter to save his life. there is no snl Sketch where he didn't start giggeling like a threegrader 10 seconds in.

  6. It hurts me to watch Aidy , only because she looks like and reminds me so much of a girl who I used to hang out with all the time … Now she’s moved on to someone else. Oh well as long as that motherfucker treats her right and makes her happy, that’s all I can ask for !

  7. She is hilarious in that Alien Abduction sketch with Ryan Gosling. You can see she has tears in her eyes trying not to laugh.

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