Alien Covenant Latest News Update: James Franco Takes Part In The Film!

Ridley Scott’s alien confident just expanded with one more character to join James Franco Franco has been known to be involved in ranchi films in some drama such as 127 hours now he’s included in much more of a serious film which could be his 42 according to horror movie James Franco has been reported to take part in alien confident as Captain Branson the helm of the ship confident and husband to Catherine water since character this seems a huge part but regarded only that Franco’s character won’t take much more than 10 minutes of the whole movie Franco’s commitment followed Danny McBride’s involvement in the sequel to Prometheus the two are known to have been working together for the past couple of films which include your highness and this is the end further comic book wrote that the rumor started when Franco was set to take the role of McKenna in Shane Black’s predator revitalization Franco’s Branson shall only be taking popping flashes but still he will be included in the marketing footage of the alien continent nonetheless these rumors are still not confirmed by the actor know the studio regarding the film alien covenant is the second chapter for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus on their prequel series for 1979 alien bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy the crew of the colony ship carpet and discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise but is actually a dark dangerous world whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David Michael Fassbender survivor of the doom Prometheus expedition alien covenant is set to hit theaters on my 19th 2017 with Scottish director and a stellar cast Michael Fassbender noomi rapace guy peers Catherine Watterson danny mcbride Demian vicar and billy crudup what are your thoughts on James Franco’s involvement with alien covenant share it with us through the comments below

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  1. Danny and James both Captains? Huh? What? Did Danny bring James into the Loop? Well I don't think there will be two Captains of The Covenant, that just doesn't make any sense. However, what all the roumers don't seem to cover is what Ridley Scott said early on in pre-production (and really hasn't been mentioned since again); that there will be two ships going to the Engineers homeworld. The first ship will only be in the very beginning of the movie and then after those scenes the second ship The Covenant is introduced taking the bulk of the films movie length. This could explain David being the sole survivor on the Engineers planet, whom the crew of The Covenant will surprisingly meet. Maybe this is a David from the first ship and not the David from the Prometheus. Maybe James is the Captain of the first ship. This is a possibility. I Like the idea. I am a James Franco fan; it will bum me out to see him taken out so soon or at any time during the movie.

    MJR M

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