All the best bits from the 2019 TV BAFTAs! 🏆 – BBC

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  1. I'm astonished – how come Line of Duty was not short listed for any awards???? The actors are brilliant esp. Arnott. The show is phenomenal. Last years series was breathtaking – Thandie Newton was AMAZING!!! She should of got a sleuth of awards for her performance!!! It seemed impossible to raise the bar but the continued to do so with the series just wrapped! What the Heck is going on? Why aren't the actors and the show being recognised and celebrated with deserving rewards? I'm so disappointed!!!

  2. Man, what strong categories all around this year! Especially the drama and comedy category — happy I didn’t have to choose.

  3. Jodie Comer deserves the best leading actress!!!! Her acting skill is amazing and she is so talented !!! Watch doctor foster too I love her, love from Hong Kong !!

  4. Is that right that the UK doesn't have series 2 killing eve yet!? Half way through it in New Zealand 😜🔪

  5. Phoebe: Thanks to everyone taking massive risks the whole time, Jodie Comer ALMOST SWALLOWED a wasp in Tuscany …

  6. Used to love to watch BAFTA from NY just to see what the next most popular series would be from across the pond. This is just as politically correct and boring as the stuff here.

  7. Naaa don't resonate with any humour regarding Julian Assange. 👎 Telling where your principles lay. I liked you till now.

  8. The last recipient was heartwarming x1000. dabs eyes I want a Nana Francis too! I will go seek out that show now!!

  9. Bloody awful drama’s flood our screens every year never watch the this is pointless..👎🏻

  10. Oscars could learn a LOT from the design and small size of the BAFTA stage. It would probably cut at least an hour off the Academy Awards.

  11. Keeley Hawes and Ruth Wilson seem to be good friends, probably through Mrs Wilson, enjoying the evening together 👌🏽🤩

  12. I love Jodie Comer, she is certainly the best! But, where is SandraOh? She wasn't on stage with the casts.

  13. Graham Norton was a magnificent host on the BAFTA British Academy Television Awards 2019 Show. He himself is such a talented man. Congratulations to all the winners…

  14. I like to reply to the dramatic faces here is youtube not Twitter Facebook we need quality not qwantity sorry graham this word not for you for some one health. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  15. Jodie Comer absolutely deserved to win leading actress! She's truly amazing, I can see much success in her future and wish her all the best! x

  16. Jodie is so so so talented she deserves it and more she's she's so amazing and great👏👏👏👏

  17. ‘Story lined’ is not a verb. Now I’m angry. ‘Produced the hell out of it’. God I hate the way people speak these days.

  18. so boring…people just praising each other..yeah we get it, you are living the dream….now stfu and entertain us. Lee Mack was the only one with a decent speech,everything else was a snoozefest….

  19. Benedict won. I’m so glad he won. Well deserved. I haven’t cried at a show this much in a while. Love you Benedict ❤️

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