Remember to like, subscribe and ding that Bell button. lol I’m Gloria Borger and you’re watching Pew News. Pew pew pew Pew News intro. A lot of YouTube drama this week so much controversy and finally not anything about that stupid potty mouth foul YouTuber Swede PewDiePie, Please stop mixing me up with him. Ok, I’m Gloryaia Brogerr Reputable news journalist. Our first news comes from Australia From Pogo you guys know Pogo? he makes these sort of music remixes on On YouTube as Disney mashups type of stuff maybe you watch it but let’s give it a little taste (Said video plays) Full disclosure guys. Of course here on Pew News. Of Course, I’m gonna be a hundred percent honest I’m a big fan of Pogo’s music. I think like … pogo’s music. (laughs) I’ve listened to that his album weightless countless times, It’s so good (The said album plays) I love it so much two things that I know about pogo that I never really process number one His username is I’ve noticed that if you go on pogo’s YouTube channel page the URL that links to it is F A G O T T A R O N I’ve seen that before and I thought way that’s a bit strange Is it because he made his channel in 2007? He was a lot younger back then and had a Silly childish sense of humor and never really bothered to change it or is it because he actually hates gay people Well Pogo decided to answer that question. I came up with F***Tron because I’ve always had a very thorough dislike of Homosexuals to put this in context he makes these live streams where he does random stuff Like he explained he randomly meditating or not doing anything to dumbfound people I’m guessing he thought it was so obvious that he’s not a homophobe that he could make this sort of joke satiring homophobes cause that’s really what it is. He’s trying he said he’s trying to do satire and it’s too Real if you don’t know Pogo if you don’t know His type of humor and you see this sort of clip coming out of nowhere obviously a lot of people think it’s real and Therefore it gets reported as such by the verge for example saying Disney remix of Pogo can’t walk back on his homophobic comments There’s so many articles reporting this now and I think a lot of people know as well that it is satire He was trying to make a joke But it really doesn’t matter at this point because if you get to that level It’s just going to keep going. I understand if people are upset about these kind of thing, but I think this comment I found encapsulates the situation Perfectly great joke Pogo. I found it really funny how you said you hated a whole group of people for something They can’t control have fun with your ruined career. It’s basically saying I know you’re joking. I don’t care if you’re joking Enjoy having your career ruined and it’s so pity to me to just ignore the fact that if someone is joking or not Even if it was a bad joke or even if it didn’t really line with a lot of people just ignoring that completely It seems dishonest and vicious Which I guess is kind of a hypocritical in A way to say I don’t know the thing is pogo made an apology and it’s so bad it is ughh Pogo! PoNo! Damn it! Oh dear. Oh dear the controversy. I have sparked whatever I what have I done my goodness? Okay, I get it. He’s not really apologizing He’s not backing down on his belief and in a lot of ways. I can respect that But he also used to have in a description of this video explaining that he’s I don’t know if you even had Asperger or some form of autism and that he struggled with empathy for people and I think he wanted to make this joke without realizing that yes, it could actually Have a negative impact on a lot of people at least then I understand sort of how this situation occurred I understand how he thinks and what he’s trying to accomplish instead in this video He goes on a very anti PC rant and I’m all for that but in the right time guys in the right time Don’t go spouting about Peterson and all these right-wing Politicians I’m getting so tired of social politics like two weeks ago. I’m like, yeah Everyone’s a hypocrite and I feel I feel him I get it. There’s so much hypocrisy in social politics He’s making fun of homophobes. But instead he gets labeled as one who’s right and wrong. I don’t know I’m so lost and just like oh god, I don’t know. I think it’s a shame. He’s clearly Oh, he even said himself that he’s you know struggled with his own sexuality Not really saying too much, but you know, what do you guys think is he right or is it wrong? (meme review) Another homophobe on YouTube god dammit. There’s so many of them who’s next? Mr. Beast? I knew it. I knew it Another homophobe on YouTube god dammit. There’s so many of them who’s next. Mr. Beast. I knew it. I knew it I knew it What did he say? What foul thing? Did he say now? Okay can possibly be worse than Pogo. “Windows is gay” (silence) This is absolutely outrageous, thank you the Atlantic For digging deep in mr. Beast’s Twitter Exposing him for he true who he truly is how dare he speak of Windows in such a negative light Thank You the Atlantic for doing the work the good work of the people I always had my doubts but finally someone could uncover this truth Now this article is a lot easier to just break down as trying to paint. Mr. Beast in the worst light The headline says YouTube’s biggest philanthropist has history of homophobic comments. I wouldn’t really call Mr. Beast the Philanthropist no offense, mr. Beast uh It’s like they’re setting him up to knock him down the Jesus of me of YouTube the Jesus Christ of YouTube Is actually Satan guys. Listen to this. He said Windows is gay guys. He can’t do that He can’t just do that. What else did he say? I don’t have a printer f** The homophobia runs deep in the YouTube community *rolling eyes* Okay, it’s very similar to the Vice article You’re just looking to paint someone in a negative light for the sake of clicks And for the sake of making youtubers look bad because obviously the media is gonna benefit from that you have this new platform uh Taking over for almost everything, you know, they’re losing numbers. We’re gaining numbers So if they can make youtubers look bad and if they can generate clicks at the same time, obviously It’s a win-win situation for them. Even if I hate using the word, but Millennials call them out on it. It doesn’t really matter Why didn’t you tell me you were homophobic when you donated 6000 to me and my lesbian partner two months ago. That’s right. Mr Beast huh? The thing here that I find so ridiculous is the fact that Taylor the person who wrote this article clearly dug deep into mr Beast’s Twitter these sort of comments were made years ago, but if you go into Taylor said Twitter She created it in 2010 despite very curiously she only has five hundred tweets 570 tweets and the first tweet she ever made was in February the February 1st this year Hmm.. So what are you hiding Taylor Laurens? Why are you deleting your tweets? (e x p o s e d) anyone can play this game where you dig deep in someone’s Twitter and find something that you can take out of context or or take At face value and say hey, we got you. You said this you used this word. It’s just so ridiculous. It’s the same thing when uh Wall Street Journal article came out about me and one of the Journalists, that wrote the article made very similar jokes to what I had made uh on his own Twitter if you have more than a couple thousand subscribers, make sure you delete all your old tweets because on his own Twitter if you have more than a couple thousand subscribers, make sure you delete all your tweets because uh Apparently it will blow back at you in the future PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW (clap clap clap) 👏👏👏 Zoella and Alfie are getting called out by the BBC it just keeps going it just keeps going so dumb BBC spends times writing this YouTube stars might encourage kids to eat more calories. Oh, no Because Zoella posted oh how I will miss all the amazing bakeries and ice cream shops when we get home how dare Zoella pose with an ice cream, how dare she Disgusting despicable she deserves to get called out I’m so not supposed to say my own opinion Gloria Borger here, but man How could she I’m trying to understand where they I don’t know why I put on my headphones Then I’m just gonna keep them on shut up walk me through this cuz I don’t get it okay, so they did a study in the your um percentage of the european congress of obesity where they took Social media stars like Zoella and Alfie Deyes And they took their followers on instagram and then they took hundred and seventy-six children They split him into three groups and shown pictures of Zoella eating healthy snacks Zoella eating unhealthy snacks or Non-food products then they took the childrens and offering a range of healthy and unhealthy snacks between grapes and carrots sticks Chocolate buttons and jelly sweets and they found that the children who had seen Zoella eating unhealthy snacks consumed 448 calories while the healthy snacks consumed 357 calories. Are you actually fucking retarded? Jesus Christ, what the fuck is this study!? It’s so dumb! *SILENCED SCREAMING* This can’t be real!? So you showed pictures Okay, let’s just remove Zoella out of the picture So you showed pictures of a person eating healthy foods and then you showed picture of someone eating unhealthy foods So that was you where you got out of it was the fact that people that ate unhealthy foods consumed more calories. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Wait 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I’m trying to understand all you’re doing here is proving that youtubers has influence All you’re doing here is proving that youtubers has influenced if someone poses with healthy foods, yes If someone poses with healthy foods, yes you’re gonna be drawn to that product if someone poses with Unhealthy foods. Yes, people are gonna be drawn to that products because people look up to youtubers. They’re influencers. That’s how it works. If she Zoella wants to pose a picture with an ice cream she has every right to do so This is so pathetic and also they’re painting YouTube in a bad light when really they’re using Instagram and Twitter as an example and the BBC, you know which in UK is paid through TV licence So if you have a TV you have to pay TV licence that money goes into funding BBC So of course BBC has to benefit from making YouTube look bad because more and more people are consuming because more and more people are consuming uh entertainment through YouTube Instead of paying their TV licence. Me for example, I don’t pay my TV licence because I don’t use television. So BBC is losing money from me because of that and I think I can only imagine that numbers gonna grow more and More as more and more people stop consuming more as more and more people stop consuming uh Entertainment through the BBC and TV or whatever like it’s not even worth talking about at this point Like it’s not even worth talking about at this point uh I’m seriously considering if I should just stop doing pew news cuz it’s so dumb everything I talk about it’s just dumb I don’t care. I genuinely don’t care. This videos is just going to get demonetized like I’m just getting could just be playing some random fucking Minecraft game and Make more revenue instead of talking about these things. Why why? I’m tired. I’m tired of all of it. I’m done I’m done. This is it. This is the last pew news. Goodbye. I’m Gloria Borger. I’m officially retiring. Goodbye I’m- *Static* RIP PEW News This is it.This is the end of Pew News.Get over it. Yo why are you lurking over at the end are you some kind of creep? Go away. Gotta get to the 13:00 mark tho. Gotta get to the 13:00 mark tho.

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  1. I could be playing some random f*ing minecraft game and get more revenue

    And you did it boi. You started it ironically but look how much you enjoyed it now.

  2. What, Elon musk, the literal LORD OF YOTUBE, E V I L? No

    Edit: pogo looked like Elon musk in the thumbnail and mr beast looked like Shawn Dawson

  3. "I could just be playing some random fucking Minecraft game and make more revenue"

    Well look where we are!

  4. Lol we haven’t payed tv license in years yet we still watch bbc on iplayer it’s so easy to avoid now yet the less informed ie older generation still pay it bc they don’t really understand how much money they are losing it makes me so sad

  5. I'm gay… I mean this in a derogatory and truthful way.

    AKA I'm trashing myself and saying that I, in fact, am gay… or bi for that matter.

  6. Sorry but I dont find saying you hate homosexuals even as a joke is funny…. even if it was a joke it wasn't funny and its not a clever thing to say in this day and age.

  7. 10 min 10 sec in : you're reading it wrong pewdie, they're comparing calorie intakes of children who were shown EITHER healthy snack photos OR unhealthy snack photos ! Wich is stupid also however not quite as absurd as your interpretation hahaha !

  8. you're not just 1 guy vs youtube, pewdiepie, we all have the same sentiment, youtube can go fuck itself, we need a new video uploading website. One that isn't so corrupt.

  9. In 1983 eddie murphy did a comedy special called delirious.. It is still praised by people today as one of the best specials of all time……..the man opened up with 10 mins of jokes about having to move around cause he dont want those faggots checking out his ass….. in 2018 a man makes a sarcastic joke about being homophobic and people get so butt hurt because society is so sensitive now we may as well all have the mental emotional strength of 12 year olds.

  10. How many phone calls do you think he gets after these would air 😂 people crying about his brutal honesty.

    Your mind is the same as mind and that’s why I love you. I wish you still made these.

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