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  1. The second you punch the clock at any employer , you are no longer a American citizen.. no rights , no nothing… you are essentially a slave…how good your job is depends on how good your overseer treats you….you can thank your paid off politicians for workers rights …. or lack there of….

  2. Hey guys, try transferring to becoming a Amazon delivery driver, its sooo much easier, and your on the road and away from all the employees. I'm doing delivering out here in Cali and it is Cake.

  3. Can anybody explain to me what they mean?, it has been determined that you are NOT eligible to work with this client at any point, now or in the future.

    Because you are not eligible to work with this client, we will be withdrawing you from the order you are currently submitted to (and any client orientations that you may be scheduled to attend) effective immediately

  4. It's time for a global bycott. This is why anti-trusts are not needed. When a firm becomes bigger than ever, they become devilish that they are bound to fall

  5. I worked at that location at dfw7 about 2 years ago. Worst job ive ever had in my life. They need to unionize for collective bargaining. 10 hour shifts on your feet. 1 30 minute lunch and 2 15 minute breaks. Kicker is you dont really have 2 15 minute breaks. It takes you 5 minutes to get from just about any work location to the break room then 5 minutes back so you essentially get 2 5 minute breaks and 1 20 minute lunch. God help you if you are late 1 minute. The managers they have there will let you know.

  6. Man theres kids in Africa digging up diamonds and getting killed for not digging fast enough. So dont talk bout hard labor. Someone out there gotta alot worse. Be grateful your alive. Some dont even have a car to sleep in. Sry dont mean to be rude but com on man.

  7. I quit using the company headed by Jeff Bezos as I will not allow my country to be plundered by jokers like him,you keep pointing and clicking probably while you read this you're on line shopping for more trinkets better stop before this happens to you ,and don't think it wont!

  8. It’s a easy job tbh but there’s so much wrong. I respect Jeff for what empire he has built and no way we can take that away from him but us a workers want him to work there for one week and he’ll see how horrible it is to work there. The breaks are so little and since the warehouse is huge half your break your walking to sit down lol. I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t last 2 days. He needs to also lower the rate because he’s asking the people to do so much man. This is not a job you will enjoy. It has good benefits to it but the way this was setup up is a complete mess. To be the richest man alive and not even make this a better environment to work in is a complete joke

  9. Shameful! I sincerely hope Amazon, a rotten, American grown sweatshop,is brought down into its grave. People need to look past their addiction to acquiring more and more material goods, and boycott this despicable company that chews up employees and spits them out. I have never bought even 1 item from stinking Amazon and never will
    It is built on human suffering. Jeff Bezos will come to the end of his life sooner or later and will have some very heavy explaining to do
    Boycott Amazon,do not buy through them

  10. The production per seconds it’s so high that workers hold their human call as long as they can and they don’t even wash their hands after bathroom break because they have to keep up with their production or get write ups

  11. "1st amendment right", doesn't apply to Amazon. Sorry.
    I hope you get your workmans comp and everything that's coming to you. They broke you, they need to pay for you.

  12. One day this this company will seriously do something major and class action lawsuits will put amazon in there place.

  13. I was injured for three times as a whitebadge in Brampton, Ontario last year. They want 100 % every hour in 10 hour shifts, asking for accidents. How is that ok in North America??? White badge in the Amazon universe means no health insurance (at least in Canada) and if you break a leg on the job, you could face huge medical bills.

    Luckily, I have a STEM degree and start my new career in software development in Germany soon.

  14. If you don't learn a trade or educate yourself, with all the free access on the internet,setting down your phone it's your own fault. Companies are not responsible to provide a job and your are no different than a machine on a balance sheet. Get the socialism out of your head.

  15. Wow! Amazon will be my last choice! This is a tragedy for employees. Watched video of Ridgely center in UK! Shocking!

  16. Gilded Age II. This is just the beginning. As the West continues to decline, prepare yourself for a return to child labor, 60 hour minimum workweeks, harsh working conditions, and company towns.

  17. I did it for 2 years. Its pretty much a paid very light version of a sweat shop. Its not good unless you have nothing else. I walked like an old person every morning I got off.
    It’s milk or be milked in our current world, Bezos knows that.

  18. 3:40 their package arriving so quickly means another human took quite a few risks for that to happen.

  19. Amazon disagrees with OSHA? Just like how EA disagrees with loot boxes being gambling. We can't let these companies try to rewrite the laws in their favor.

  20. Slavery, it's the same as it has always be. Poor people overworked, undervalued, and competitive driven…..Slave compete to be masters favorite and gets a promotion then the slave becomes "the slave driver" it's a ancient cycle.

  21. I worked for AMAZON, this company has sites and fullfilment centers all over the planet, in these sites , Alorica is with Amazon, ypu have to speak , two languages , fluency in both languages, to get a job here, you should work 10 hrs , everyday , plus less than 2 minutes for the bathroom, the mexican gov. AMLO is with Amazon, and Alorica, you will get for 15 days of work, $150 dlls. I have the legal papers, to show them.

  22. What do you mean "felt like someone stabbed you in the back.". They really did stab you in the back. Companies can be unkind.,

  23. The strange thing is the company owns The Washington Post with a quote on its website, "Democracy Dies in Darkness".


  25. Lol it's just like any other warehouse job. It's physical work. The problem is Amazon will literally hire anyone so your going to get a bunch of people like this looking for a handout.

  26. It is disgusting how Amazon treats their employees! Walk off and shut them down !! Why do i nit believe this guy!

  27. My brother in-law worked there for 3 weeks and his supervisor always pushed him to do more work everyday, he said his quota needs to be fulfilled.. they didn't care if he was new or not.

  28. That's abuse. And if someone dies on that floor, it should be considered Homicide.

    A job is supposed to be a place to earn your money. There's no point if somebody higher up in leadership is deliberately putting them in harm's way.

    There's no excuse for this, and she should be given compensation and disability pay on the spot.

    That's why these laws were written in the first place

  29. Oh no. I love shopping at Amazon, but finding out that they're sleaze balls is tempting me to not shop there.

  30. No wonder Jeff is so rich…. idk why people don’t realize that rich people are rich because they exploited someone else…

  31. "What should a customer know out there when they're clicking to buy something?"

    They should know that they are helping all of those people stay employed and they should know that they are supporting one of the best large companies in the world right now.

    If the low level workers hate the conditions at Amazon, they should leave and work somewhere else. If Amazon notices all of their employees are leaving, what do you think they'll do? Raise pay and improve working conditions.

    Besides, I think people need to remember that the Amazon workers are all there on their own free will. No one is forcing them to stay there.

  32. I worked for a company that contracts with Amazon named SCHEICH IN CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA IM DISABLED I CONTRACTED WITH A COMPANY CALLED LATIN LABOR HERE IN CHARLOTTE WHO MANY HIRES MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WITH FALSE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS WHICH IS A FELONY LATIN LABOR HAS KNOWLEDGE OF This and refuses to change their practices there rumors there payoffs to immigrate officials was sexually harrassed and physically abused I had no choice but to leave


  34. Today is supposed to be my third day at amazon….I’m not going in. I hate it there. I thought I was cut for the job, but I’m not!!!! Today I’m working from home filling out applications and going door to door. Wish me luck.

  35. This is what happens when big companies can do what they want. Google what happened to the pioneers of organized labor during the industrial revolution. The filthy rich business owners hired private goons like the Pinkertons to knock down the labor unions. Many were murdered. The government sent in the National Guard during unrest and labor strikes. Not to protect the workers, but to protect the rich owners. Democrats generally support workers. Republicans support big business and their owners. Which are you? Do you own a coal mine? No? If you are a worker you must vote Democrat. Don't resist. VOTE.

  36. Remember folks, 45 is a union buster. Only when pressed hard by Teamsters does he give in. They told Dumb Don "No union workers, no concrete". 45 also hired illegals at his hotels and golf courses. The republicans are trying to put us back a hundred years. Don't resist. VOTE.

  37. Stop look around don't say anything Just Look – We are all slave's & it's all of our back's, arm's & leg's that's how America stays alive but really look at who gets the "fruit's of our labor."

  38. The US has a very confusing corporate culture. It is very difficult to say what's the truth and what's hearsay. If so many people are aggrieved at Amazon working conditions, why isn't there a class action lawsuit on Amazon's retail operations? News media does these anecdotal stories of 1 or 2 people but there simply is no information out there that convinces anyone that Amazon is systematically doing such things. Again, another issue I don't understand is why would a powerful government like the US government allow Amazon to get away with $0 taxes? These simplistic assertions are not helping anyone. The media needs to go deeper into the stories and not just present the wrapper as the core of their stories. There needs to be more substance in these media stories for any actions to happen.

  39. Yes, I consider Bezos a genius but he's totally off target with his ridiculous addiction to space travel. Him and Elon predict that hundreds of thousands will soon be living on Mars. Screw that idiotic notion. I predict that if even 200 people are living on Mars in the next 50 years it will be a miracle. And the ones who make it their home will be suicidal in months from the boredom.
    Where Bezos should be putting his money is in homeless shelters, etc. in major cities around the country and into helping with the massive poverty in the United States. He's committed one billion dollars a year to his space waste. Just think how many homeless shelters each year that amount of money could build. To me he's a nothing but a greedy sociopath whose only goal is to get richer by the minute while totally disregarding some real problems in the world. Break this company up as it's becoming a threat to national security. Too much in the hands of just one person. Not a good thing.

  40. I came here because my tenant is always complaining about working conditions at Amazon. He says many people quit because they can't take it and he might be quitting soon too.

  41. 2:05 Yeah what a coïncidence huh? The same happened at my work.
    The day that the broken ladder was reported, nothing happened.
    A few months after it was reported and I was forced to use it and it collapsed nothing happened.
    The moment I brought the authorities over…we caught them carrying the ladder away, trying to stash it behind a door to hide it temporarily.
    Bunch of pantsless fuckwits.

  42. In Brazil they had a system of slavery like America where except the conditions were way worse and slaves only lasted about 4 years because it was cheaper and easier to replace dead slaves than in America. This is amazon, lift boxes 10 hours a day with minimal breaks, as your body breaks down from the workload you quit, get sick or lack energy to work and they replace you with the next poor fast food worker who is drooling at the 15$ an hour opportunity.

  43. if you know anyone dealing with issues have them send us there video so it can be seen during our show we are here to bring awareness

  44. I got a delivery job at Amazon. I showed up for my first day a supervisor said follow me and took me to where drivers pick up there delivery scanner. He said you will driver truck # and your packages are behind your truck. 250 packages …No training whats so ever no ride along training . I was a nightmare cause they put all the packages in huge zip up bags all the packages have bar codes but there are multi address packages the are not in the same bag so you open the bag looking for 2 packages that go to the same address then you have so many pages all over from you trying to locate the package I was so stressed out that I returned to the warehouse and quit. They should have trained me for at least a week . I got a job 2 days later making the same amount and am still there.

  45. Who’s disliking these videos exposing amazon?! Just my opinion but the people disliking these videos is probably just Jeff Bezos or people paid by Jeff Bezos

  46. Boycott Amazon by not buying or selling thru them. The horrid ways they treat their people should not be allowed. But we vote against the Co with our dollars going elsewhere.

  47. I’m planning on quitting Amazon soon. Just need to find a new job. They are unprofessional, unorganized. I’ve worked in a warehouse before and Amazon is the worse. And they keep hiring new people each day. No wonder people are quitting.

  48. Same here but didn't work at Amazon but a trusted friend I worked with wanted speed over work which costed me 2 accidents as a way to get rid of me.

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