Amazon’s ♟️NEW WORLD Could Beat The Sandbox Potential Atlas Had (Biggest MMO Launch Of 2020?)

I never thought I’d have to talk about Atlas
again, to be honest for a while there I had a really bad love-hate relationship with the
game, it suffered from so many issues during it’s launch but for some reason… I just couldn’t stop playing it. I think a lot of it has to do with the groups
I was apart of, people always say that nothing makes a good sandbox
like having a good clan to go along with it. And for this one, that was hands down the
majority of the enjoyment. Now today’s topic is going to of course include
Atlas but it’s also going to include Amazon’s New World. We’ll get to the reason why in a second, but
I’d like to start off by saying that Atlas actually does seem to some degree be doing
well for itself, I remember when it first launched it quickly
jumped down to mostly negative and it without a shadow of a doubt did deserve it at the
time. But to it’s credit it has managed to crawl
it’s way back from that abyss and even though it’s only at 41% overall reviews which is
just barely hanging on the cusp of mixed reviews, the recent reviews for the game do seem
to be in the mostly positive. And it’s for this reason that I’d like to
go ahead and throw up a disclaimer. Anything talked about in this video is only
going to be for the launch period and first months
of atlas and the potential it could have had, not for it’s current state. And for new world we are mainly going to be
talking about current information alongside information from the alpha that has been
publicized. I’m going to try and avoid things that players
shouldn’t already know about. And with that in mind, let’s go ahead and
jump into it. So funnily enough the other day I was just
randomly remembering how many people actually tuned in and logged in to play atlas. It was a crazy amount on the viewership side,
and honestly it was surprising that the day after it reached it’s peak, despite suffering
a delay and lack of communication on top of the issues themselves, it still retained a
large portion of it’s viewership up until it actually
launched. This game when it first was coming out, had
so much media coverage, so many content creators and streamers that were lining
up and waiting for litteral hours to jump into the servers, and had over 200 thousand
people tuning in on just Twitch alone. Which allowed it to easily surpass fortnite,
world of warcraft, and league of legends in the rankings. And so the big question is there, with all
that crazy amounts of coverage, what went wrong to drive the game all the way down to
that abyss we talked about earlier and made it
out to be one of the worst if not the worst game release of 2018. I’m saying one of the worst instead of the
worst to be safe, that was also the year that fallout 76 came out, so… But to continue, I’m sure a lot of you may
not remember how good the trailer looked for atlas. But there was in fact a really good compliation
video created by a Youtuber named Blackbird that showcased just how bad the
situation was between the trailer, and actual reality. I’ll go ahead and play a bit of it so you
can see. [Atlas Trailer vs Reality] Now as you can see, it’s 100% safe to say
that as a gamer and a viewer, the majority of people who were following atlas right up
until it’s launch had fell prey to what most people
in the world would identify as a cat-fish. And many many people had ended up branding
it as an Ark Reskin. It was so bad to the point that several streamers
had actually found a hidden singleplayer screen in the atlas
main menu just by using a controller if I remember right. But that doesn’t just go for the graphics
themselves but also is a huge representation of everything else. The gameplay, the mechanics, litterally
everything. For a good example, I was actually one of
the many many people who suffered from the endless rubber banding when trying to leave
the starting zone. Not even kidding
but I probably spent about 2 or 3 hours just trying to make it from the port you spawn
in all the way to the next map over. And if the game had been running like normal,
this might’ve taken about 10 minutes or less to do. If you avoided trying atlas for the longest
time until recently, you might ask… How could something like that possibly happen. Well essentially what wildcard wanted to do
with the game is use what was called the grid system
for its servers. Essentially they wanted to house 40 thousand
players per megaserver in the form of these grids and basically once
a grid got close to being full you would no longer be able to enter it until it went down
below a certain amount. And the majority of these grids could only
house about 100-200 people max. And if you’re starting to see where the problem
arised when it came to Atlas’s launch, you are absolutely right on the money. So all of us flood the servers at the same
time and as you can see on the map there were only
certain starting zones you could spawn in. This began an age of lag and desync
that I don’t think the majority of players had encountered before. So overall, Atlas failed. And pretty hard when it comes to the official
servers. We can’t get into each and every detail about
what went wrong with that game but hopefully that
does give a general idea of what happened just on the graphics, basic gameplay, and
server side alone. But the reason I wanted to go into this is
because we now have an official release date for none other than Amazon’s
very own New World. Now I wont say that everyone is collectively
extremely excited for New World right now because there are in
fact some concerns in the community, primarily on the open sandbox PVP side. But to quickly touch on that I’ve read some
of your comments on the previous video that I had
made relating to PVP, and I do agree and think that honestly there are different ways they
could implement PVP into the game so that everyone can have satisfaction from it. I think after reading through all the different
options and opinions that honestly, if Amazon is looking for feedback on the PVP aspect
or if they are already planning to do this, it might just be best for them to do both
PVP and PVE servers. that way the game will easily cater to both
parties and there wont be nearly as much divide for players that want
the game to be majorly based on one or either aspect. The way the game is shaping up when it comes
to the corruption mechanics and the monsters that will attack our settlements
sounds really cool and I think it’s a great start to making sure the game has enough player-vs-environment
content to keep the players occupied. Now one thing to know about New World is like
Atlas it too wanted to house servers that could fit thousands of players, at one point
during the alpha they were publically said to be
aiming for 10 thousand. But now if you take a look at their website
it now says over a thousand. This is a part where Atlas had ultimately
failed and New World may succeed. Instead of shooting for the stars right off
the bat and trying to go for the maximum load possible, it seems that the developers of
new world know to a certain degree how much the server itself can handle. And the alpha did play a big part in why I
think and hope the servers for new world will work out a lot better in this regard. And ultimately this game is being developed
by Amazon Game Studios, in terms of promotion it has great potential of reaching those very
same numbers that atlas had reached and even could possibly surpass them. Twitch of course as you may know is owned
by Amazon so it would only stand to reason that they will probably do everything possible
they can to promote the game, and since they are
going straight for the steam platform alongside them already having their own amazon game
launcher, it seems like they are going to have a really big amount of reach. New World has already begun showing really
healthy game habits, they’ve been showcasing small updates to the community on twitter
a few times a week since it’s been announced, we’ve already got the first developer diary
which shows the introduction into New World’s continent called Aternum, and they actually
plan on continuing these developer diaries on a monthly basis. Which would be really cool to see. Stuff like that is really going to help in
the long run for the success of the game and I can only hope that they will continue
to expand that into even more methods like developer livestreams and roadmaps for the
game. The fact that some of us have already played
the alpha is a great thing as well, it feels like it’s been so much time since the original
alpha had gone down and that version had already felt like an extremely polished alpha. I can tell you that first hand. When you look at other games that are like
or actually in the sandbox genre that jump into alpha state, and then you look
at new world, it’s a night and day difference. That’s another reason I’m really excited to
see what they’ve changed and added into the game. And of course that doesn’t excuse it from
having the possibility of failure, all games do and it’s always best to keep your guard
up to avoid extreme disappointment. I just hope that for New World, we really
can get a decent release and addition to the sandbox genre,
it feels like it’s been so long since we’ve played the good ones. And if this game is going to help usher in
the next generation of those types of games. Then there may be some hope for us yet. So be sure to stay tuned on this one folks,
I feel fairly confident in saying that Papa Amazon is probably getting ready to make some
major moves for this title in 2020. And on top of
that we’ll also have to wait and see what happens with their iteration of the Lord of
the Rings MMORPG they are making. Since both of these titles will be made in
the same studio. I think Amazon knows that for the past 5 or
6 years we’ve been in a really tough spot with not just Massive multiplayer games but
themepark MMORPGs as well. And it looks like
some of these titan companies are finally on their way to bring their slice of creation
to the market. We can only hope they’re ready for it, this
market in particular… Is one of the without
a doubt one of the hungriest we will see for a while…

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  1. Probably the most random matchup for comparing potentials but for some reason, that game (Atlas) skyrocketed in popularity for a very, very, very short time. But can New World rise up as the biggest sandbox-esque game?

  2. well, as long as they don't…
    1. lie to the playerbase about what is actually in the game
    2. demonstrate the worst company lack of communication ever
    3. break more than they fix
    4. deliver a reskinned game and call it an MMO with poor optimization.

    we should be good.

    that shouldn't be hard… right? D:

  3. I agree m' lord they are have some good with communication, I just wish we could get some more details about the changes to mechanics in-game though.

  4. 1. OPT IN PVP
    2. Lack of communication
    3. NDA with only 4 months till release? haha
    4. No longer sandbox, but a themepark.
    Dead on arrival GG amazon games.

  5. They own AWS . They have so much knowledge in server infrastructure and also the ressources. I dont think Wildcard (Atlas/Ark) has a fraction of that. Beside that i played the nw alpha and it was too good to be true.

  6. While we wait, Darkfall Rise of Agon is now free-to-play and they implemented many newbie friendly features. I do not know if the community is striving or not.

  7. The Alpha was amazing. The game was smoother than most full release MMO's.
    Haven't put in so many hours into an MMO in over a decade that's how good it is. Amazon can't screw this up.

  8. The only major thing that killed Atlas was their devs allowing the chinese guilds to hack the game. The rest of the bugs are minor compared to this massive issue.

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