American Dystopia, Part 2: San Francisco small business owner struggles with theft

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  1. Am I supposed to feel sorry for the business owner? Because I feel nothing for SF or the people that live there. It’s their own fault for voting the values they do. But hey, they are morally right.

  2. But Fox tells me every time gun control comes up that the laws don't matter, because criminals don't listen to laws. So how can this be the fault of left wing policies?

  3. Just witnessed a cellphone grab and run by some punk in the financial district…the victim yells “STOP, STOP…” but she didn’t say STOP THIEF…Or HE STOLE MY PHONE….I could have tripped the thief but it wasn’t exactly clear if he had robbed her
    If you want people to intervene don’t yell STOP

  4. He needs to get a couple of hardcore as guards and Nancy Pelosi needs to be removed from office. We need to take back our country from corrupt democrats. End democracy and restore the Republic!

  5. Pressure wash with bleach, tase the unruly, lock shoplifters in a basement holding cell, and go ‘Taxi Driver’ on the rest 1976 style! Word will get around to all the scumbags that you’re not to be messed with and secure a safe place for loyal customers.

  6. Hey NANCY Pelosi see your state your city I think it's time you did something for the people in San Francisco CALIFORNIA I would never let my child go to there

  7. California Tactic: “decriminalize” so it looks like there’s little crime happening.
    And I agree. Immigrated to the US in 2005 in California. Saw pictures of SF in 1998. It was beautiful. Sadly I got to witness the decline of Commiefornia.

  8. Omg stay away from Florida there's thousand of Super Gators, that will eat you. You can't live on the streets because we have huge dinosaurs and drug sniffing gators they take your smak and eat you alive

  9. "who is responsible for that?" he asks… high rent landlords who squat on empty properties and look for big profits from gentrification. carpet bagger opportunists love the bay area. rent control works and has worked, but more and more it has been eaten away at until all thats left is profiteers and properties in disuse. SB 50 will upzone the bay area and fine opportunist landlords who let their properties sit vacant. we will build more low income housing and make it clear that neoliberalism is not welcome in progressive districts. big business does not care for people; massive property management companies are leeches who will be dealt with harshly. pelosi and her ilk are corporate shills from the past— progressives and and far left solutions necessitate kicking out people who put money and lobbyists first. if he does not like it here and is losing money or doesnt like how these fixes will play out, he should leave rather than whining on fox news. the truth of the matter: no business in san francisco is a small business. they are huge big city businesses, even a small convenience store makes ridiculous amounts of money. he wont leave because there is profit here. taxes will go up like always; if people dont like that then ask for accountability and solutions to be actually put in practice, rather than the cycle of past development, where no new low income housing is built to get homeless off the streets and into jobs. the problem is not high taxes: it is that our cretinous neoliberal leadership throws money at major corporations whop give nothing back, like the parasitic lime scooters that riddle californias side walks or uber, who gets huge tax incentives and yet adds little to the local economy. this is socialism for the rich, not socialism for the people. this is what happens when you cant figure out whether markets serve our people or our people serve the markets.

  10. Instead of VA threatening to bring in the NG to try to illegally take away it's citizens constitutional rights, they need to bring them in to clean up these disgusting cities! This is why so many are fleeing. Once all the earners are gone, these filthy druggies and thief's are all you'll have left CA. GET IT TOGETHER!

  11. When petty theft isn't a crime then the honest paying customers make up the cost of theft with higher prices. Just like your medical cost.

  12. Just…just..get a job ! Pay your own way ! Get involved in recovery ! In any other country these people would be killed or left rotting to die.

  13. "So goes California, so goes the nation." This is going to be the future of the nation soon enough. Its inevitable it seems.

  14. "America, best country in the world" YEAH RIGHT hahahahahha

    greetings from Scandinavia. Where there is zero crime and corruption.

  15. if petty theft is ok then make a ledger with your losses due to those homeless than go to your local bank preferably the "larger World Bank" and steal it back every night as long as it is petty that will change that law very Quick!.

  16. I was just there yesterday and my brother in-law ended up stepping in human turds after we were joking about it on our way to that hell whole.

  17. I do feel bad for the people who do live in poverty there and not because they are junkies who choose to but because no matter how hard they work it is NEVER enough in California. It's NEVER enough. You're either rich or poor and there seems to be no middle ground and it's frustrating to not be able to afford groceries but have "too much" for assistance so you work more but that just means you pay more in taxes so it's just an endless cycle

  18. Literally anything for votes. I wonder how things would change if lefty politicians had to live in the squalor without armed security.

  19. It's the return of the wild West and you know how they'd used to do things in the wild West to take care of criminals It's time to return to the ways of the Gunslinger

  20. This is the Democrat utopia, where productive, tax paying citizens are accosted daily and left to fend for themselves. The police aren't coming, and even if they were, prosecutors won't bring charges.

  21. I'm beginning to believe these policies are on purpose. They lower property values and make people either leave or sell cheap. The land developer cronies of the politicians are there to buy up properties on the cheap. Not sure if this is a left or right thing, but seems left as of now. I feel bad for anyone trying to make a business work in cities like this.

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