America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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  1. Not fighting, it's boxing. So far the amount of hand breaks have been disgusting. If it was bare knuckle mma, you would have plenty of other strikes and options, but his is stupid.

  2. bareknuckle boxing is safer because you dont punch as hard unless you want to break your hand. teddy roosevelt was a bare knuckle boxing champ

  3. Crazy what people will do for money lol remember at end of the day the guy who owns the fighters and the company only gives shit about whats going in his bank of it lol not that they are fighting without gloves or there health or there face after it all he cares only for the money

  4. personally i think MMA should be to the death when you get to Mcgregors level, or anderson silvas level. really. too many rules.

  5. What every neo nazi think they fight like but really they're just some scrawny nerds or neck bearded fedora wearing chumps

  6. why does this arrogant bumbling buffoon of a gatekeeping sellout shill Joey roGAYn always get to input something on everything combat sports related?? on top of that he gets to comment on his bullshit opinion right at the beginning as the video starts out?! well he's a sellout shill so it's no wonder he gets all the color commentary jobs.. I guess i answered my own question then..

    geez i can't stand this guy.. he's a fucking bully that only picks on guys and gals that are smaller/weaker than him.. but if he was told to get into the octagon with someone beefy like washed out Rhonda or even the skinny Holly Holmes I bet he would cower in the corner like a little soaked rat.. that's why i enjoyed when he got put in a headlock by an old retired MMA dude that he couldn't escape from and they were only kidding around too.. but Joey Boy's face told a different story.. he was actually giving it his all to break free from an old dudes grip to avoid the embarrassment but failed anyway.. his head went red like a plump tomato that was about to burst from trying too hard while looking like a total bitch boy.. I enjoyed every few minutes of him getting owned by an old dude 😂
    he looked real stupid too haha mf deserves it for bullying and looking down on those who he can.. and of course for being a sellout to humanity.. what we have here is a real scum of the Earth that would lie to his own mother for some classified information from the government.. his words not mine 🤷

  7. I am no medical guy, but surely fighting bare knuckle ends the fights a lot quicker than two guys punching the shit out of each others heads with gloves on ? Bare knuckle causes cuts more rapidly but surely 12 rounds of punching your opponents head with gloves on probably causes more damage to the brain ? Hence the amount of boxer who later in life develop brain related illnesses ?

  8. The scumbag promoters don't care about the fighters they only care about the money get a bunch of dumb hard-headed fools to exploit themselves sad sacks all of you!

  9. This is safer than boxing or mma. Wrapped and taped knuckles with the weight of a glove creates way more concussive (brain damaging) power. Bare knuckles just create more superficial cuts.

  10. I always find it funny when a woman complains when people point out that what she is doing is too masculine yet the same woman will leave a man the moment he starts acting like a woman generaly stating that she wants a real man,one of modern world's great paradoxes I guess lol…

  11. this is stupid. the ufc once was glove-free and it used to be bare knuckle but gloves were optional. so its bullshit this is the 'first' of anything of its kind. the ufc actually is still optional to wear gloves. Fighters wear they to protect their hands so they can punch harder without breaking their hands. The ufc gloves make it more dangerous. The gloves are not to protect anyone except the person wearing them. So bare knuckle fighting is actually alot safer, especially long term for fighters., fuck this video. im sure this whole organization is going NOWHERE.

  12. After Over 35 Years of Serious Martial Arts I Find This VERY VIOLENT!! Without any Judging or Sarcasm intended, You'll be allowed to do this more and more, as a Part of Population Control !! God Bless!!

  13. 1st wrestling Greco-Roman Style
    2nd boxing
    3rd MMA
    4th bare knuckle boxing
    5th Roman Colosseum Style weapons fighting until you kill your opponent. This is how the order things have gone and where they will end up I guarantee it.

  14. People have killed a man with one punch to the head. When that happens in this 'sport' it will be the end. Or, an eyeball rolls onto the canvas.

  15. I’d say it’s more dangerous for the puncher in bare knuckle than mma I’ve had so many boxers fractures and it happens so easy.

  16. Actually old man bare knuckle is way safer so is ufc than boxing a boxing glove makes your brain bounce and causes brain damage bare knuckle and mma can cause slight damage but boxing is much worse ask any doctor it’s the bouncing of the brain

  17. why do women always have to make it about man or woman, why cant it just be that the majority of men aren't attracted to a tough muscular woman who is always coming home bruised, busted and a broken nose… its not about a man sport or woman sport.. its just not fucking attractive seeing 2 girls bleeding and swollen after a fight

  18. Kinda like Joe implies here, there's less concussive force behind a bare knuckled punch than one with MMA-style gloves. This stuff will generate more cuts and external things but probably less concussions. In a way it's safer than regular MMA.

  19. This is actually a British gypsy/underworld tradition & it’s safer then gloved boxing as a fighters hands will break before he can damage anyone’s brain.& it’s been going on at British schools since forever.

  20. I love it…SEND ME a contract put ME on the List..👊👊👊..I'm ONE of the BESTtt in NYC…SING ME UP OR LOOK for ME..

  21. Blonde chick reminds me of singer Pink but with great boobs and even better physique. She is hella attractive and I'm super surprised saying that cause normally I'm not that drawn into blondes. I imagine fucking her is like TRYING to fuck a cougar high on crystal meth after being starved and tortured in a cage for a week, constantly shaking it and provoking it with a electrical stick or something…

  22. The nob end that claims that " this is the first bare knuckle event in the history of Mankind" clearly cannot read , Just look at Ireland UK, go back a 1000 years you stupid drama queen .What a histrionic, cry baby ass.

  23. actually, it might be safer because the fight will stop sooner rather than keep going until the guy collapses in/out of the ring…mma do not require gloves being used on the knees and elbows when striking; so what's the difference?…my opinion…

  24. Guy at the start saying it was the first bare knuckle boxing event in the history of the world??
    Eh no pal , you literally couldn’t be more wrong.

  25. How dare you call this the first bare knuckle fight in America .
    I'm like 13-11 just in black Friday fights at Walmart .

  26. Damn ppl piss me off. Let the man do his thing. Its 2019 and everyone with half a brain and any knowledge in the knows gloves means more long term damage. That Hillbilly hammer though!! Holy shit!! Lol. Hell id buy tickets if they came to south carolina lol

  27. The camera can't stay focused on one picture for more than 2 seconds. Totally annoying, ruins everything for me. Gave up watching after 3 minutes.

  28. Be a lover not a fighter. May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. #love #respect #honesty #courage #integrity #honour

  29. Id say it safer than boxing with gloves cus you can do more sustained damage with your hands protected and also means more hits taken whereas i doubt many fights will last more than a couple rounds

  30. now blood comes faster in these types of fights, plus broken noses and maybe bruised and bloody knuckles too

  31. As the great man himself- Bas Rutten- says… When youre going with no gloves… Use your plams, Or you break Shit and you can not fight anymore… This is not a new sport…. But is as old as the hills ALSO Bec Rawlings is an Aussi Goddess…. QLD baby.

  32. This is not the first bare knuckle fight in America, Colorado had bare knuckle fights in the 70's under ground bare knuckle fights. Now this might be the first televised bare knuckle fight but it is not the first.

  33. The ref on the women's fight should have stopped Bec from pulling on Garcia's neck/head and hitting her with the other hand … other than that great fights all around!!

  34. Wouldn't this be safer than with gloves, as you will be able to take far few punches and won't destroy your brain over the years of taking hundreds of hits?

  35. I am really disgusted and something need to be done to stop 🛑 all this top businessman to stop 🛑 making money 💰 off peoples life , boxing is bad enough and people die in the ring, brain damage etc , we need to do the right thing and stop 🛑 this Bare knuckles competition growing bigger and bigger everyone, if it was their own kids would they allow their kids and loved ones to do this dangerous sports??? I don’t think so , so let’s put a stop 🛑 to this everyone💯.

  36. With gloves there can be a lot of damage done an not see very much ,bare Knuckle you see the damage so have that chance to stop .

  37. Bring on the PURGE….. Maybe the world would be a better place if the PURGE was allowed. WOW I cannot believe I feel that way. Vigilantes, murderers, psychos would be the only ones out of their homes. Let the PURGE begin. Play the air raid siren at dusk and again at sunrise…. Imagine the nervous excitement…..

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