America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

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  1. Sen bunu o gözlerle görmeden başardıysan bence kalbindede bir gözün var demektir ve gözler seni seven herkesin gözleri unutma dostum harikasın

  2. I am in tears thank you for the show its really inspiring and I have realised disability is not inability thank you for such shows it brings the best in humanity most love from Nairobi kenya

  3. Sadly even if a disabled person is immensely talented he/she is not going to break the Internet or top the charts 😢 . Music industry is too picky and cruel. At the end of the day it is going to be someone who is all in one package. Good looks + great voice = huge success.. This need to change. God bless Codi ❤️

  4. You Touch the Hearts to whom who watching this time around the world..You know I am a Filipino I can't stop my Tear's while watching and listening ur Voice Kodie Lee

  5. The first act had me crying so hard, God hides the most beautiful things in places one wouldn't know unless they have love in them 😢

  6. اولا يستحق الباز الذهبي وثانيا هذا الولد البطل القوي علمني انو الحياة نستحق انعيشها رغم كل شي فيها

  7. Through our God anything is possible. I admire you and your mother for an incredible work. You both are being blessed

  8. The last one was funny af 😂 I liked this performance very much 😂❤️ I loved Ging's smile, it was so sweet ❤️

  9. The dance group from India was AMAZING ❤️ Everyone deserves a better life and I'm so happy that they did something to have that better life ❤️

  10. Perfectly healthy and normal person: Sob story, my life sucks.
    Kodi Lee (Blind and severely autistic): Just here to sing.

  11. 34:50 broke my heart because their so good and deserve better, I didn’t watch all of them but this for sure caught my eye so far I skipped lots. I’ll watch it all now

  12. سلام برشما بزرگوار ان از پیام میدهم امیدوارم پیامم رابخوانید دارای صدای خوبی هستم واز ایزد منان سپاسگزارم میخواهم دربرنامه شما شرکت کنم اما حیف

  13. i always need a box of tissues when watching matter how much i lie to myself that they wont be any drop of tears

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