Andy McCarthy on Comey IG report: Why leak government records?

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  1. There is nothing but cronies anywhere in the DOJ. The AG, FBI the whole nasty bunch should be hung. They are all traitors that cover for each other.

  2. If comey was a trump supporter he would be in prison already but he is a trump hater so he gets off free and clear so ridiculous no justice

  3. Is anyone shocked that The Department of Jokes isnt going to indict Comey? Its very obvious that the rule of law only applies to us " little people. " Face it America, this swamp isnt going anywhere and there is no such thing as the government works for the people. They just tell us this to keep us quiet and controlled. As of today, i wont be following politics anymore . Tired of chasing my tail, waiting for justice that ain't coming.

  4. And……the law abiding americans are still waiting and waiting and waiting…for what? Justice? No because lady justice is not blind

  5. The inspector general and attorney generals are cowards for letting comey off the hook. Great investigation guys, strong work.

  6. Great Job Fox News! Now you can officially give him a letter of counseling , file it in his record. Lol, what a waste of time.

  7. Prison offense; not even charged or prosecuted. Deep state everywhere, much? President Trump 2020! Drain the swamp!

  8. i dont hear anything good about the residents of Martha's vineyard cant we just hit it with a couple tomahawks over the labor day weekend and celebrate the deaths of deep state traitors. just a thought

  9. Trump reveals his true fascist agenda, with his new campaign logo which is an exact copy of the logo promoted by white supremacist hate group VDare. Mussolini quote used by Chump: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” – @realDonaldTrump # MakeAmericaGreatAgain" Wake up Duhmerica, the true enemy of Freedom has occupied the White House, just as his master Putin desired.

  10. I been saying all the bla bla lead up was just a psy op to appease us and placate us not to show up at the houses if evil people and get that justice for ourselves that they WILL deny US! Burning northern VA neighborhoods where the unelecteds live us what they want to avoid. We can get to them and their families where they live easier than inside DC green zone security! …but the psy op worked. Nobody will burn for it. Deep state goes on…

  11. Tuning in from NZ.

    Am somewhat disappointed. This report did not confirm Comey as being America's biggest wanker.

  12. Why leak government records? Espionage, perhaps. I know the legal definition is narrow. But, in plain english, it's a fairly broad term. The government leads with a low card, in order to lower the expectations of the opposing party (which tends to lead with a high card, and loses the hand). Totally visualized

  13. He had to get a special council up and running on something that he knew was a lie in the hopes they actually found something,then he could say look at me i told you so.Would have loved to see his face as it all fell apart day by day

  14. The Boy Scouts of America are deeply offended by Comey's criminal behavior, and will soon be attending a supervised burning of his effigy at the annual Puma Pass bonfire. 🔥

  15. Female host always looks mad, discusted, she should have a more pleasant countenance for a female who appears feminist.

  16. He kept it clandestine in order to keep up the appearance of the "multiple sources" echo chamber – for their manufactured Trump Collusion conspiracy.

  17. Just more garbage from Trump children's TV. Comey the American patriot as proclaimed by Trump when Comey announced the Hillary email investigation and gave him a big hug in the WH versus Trump the self serving unpatriotic treasonous scumbag. So Trump lied about China phoning him wanting to re open negotiations, lied about the climate change meeting having not yet taken place at the G7, the WH tried to clean up by saying it had taken place but Trump was busy talking to the leaders of India and Germany when the truth was he could not have been because those leaders were photographed in the climate change meeting. Trump lied about Obama being responsible for Russia being removed from the G7 when the truth is it was a unanimous resolution because of Russia's actions in Crimea among other things. Trump wants his business to make a fortune for him by holding the next G7 at his resort. Trump still the lying grifter conman he has always been.

  18. Then Barr is no better than the crazy reporters at CNN and I will NEVER WATCH SEAN again.. his sources indeed. I'm done doesn't matter if Trump is President or dandy doodle. YOU ARE A VERY VERY CORRUPT COUNTRY. No hope for you

  19. I knew it! The two tiered justice system is alive and well. Thank goodness, huh? The IG is an Obama appointee, so you know…

  20. Comey didn't leak classified info. Only a policy was violated. Since he was not employed by the DoJ, there's nothing they can do.

  21. Comey shows signs of being a 6'8" sack of brazen arrogance…
    SES, publicly funded, brazen arrogance…for you little people

  22. Why you ask? Why not? Its not like there are ever any consequences for these scumbags. Next they'll announce that our tax dollars will be buying McCabe a nice new home

  23. I called it , “ horrorwhits “ < OUR IG is Deep State born and bred cabal will do nothing about comby or any fellow Deep State players EVER ! until horrorwhits goes and is replaced by a non-swamp person the Swamp continues to thrive . . .

  24. Comey leaked the memos to a professor, a fact. The professor leaked the memos to the press, a fact. Here is the question: Since we know these facts if leaking these memos is illegal then why is the Federal government not prosecuting Comey and professor?
    What is the ‘real’ reason for not prosecuting these men?
    How can the government justify not prosecuting these men?

    If you or I did this would we be prosecuted? Answer, probably yes.
    Thus, again why are Comey and professor friend not being prosecuted?🔥🤔

  25. Comey’s infractions are secondary. What they revealed about Trump’s criminal behavior is primary. Michael Horowitz is covering for trump, that’s all.

  26. Give us arrest of Obama, Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, McMaster, We promise not to support you Mr. President in 2020 voting. To much anger about this is not happening. Voters want arrest not two tiered justice system, us and them. With want our justice system fixed and our FBI.

  27. Apparently Lady Justice has been peeking. If you ever thought this crud would ever see the inside of a jail cell, you just get a dose of reality from the establishment. They just told the American electorate, “get off my lawn”.

  28. Lets be honest. The only way these people face justice is during a civil war when the government is overthrown.

  29. It is very (very) dangerous to live in a country where the people do not believe in their Justice System. It is very dangerous. I really hope that the DoJ are now aware of that. If nothing happen to the connected Elites who we now know blantantly spit to the face of their own Laws while throwing American citizens to jail for way less then I don't know what can happen next. In fact, I know whats coming next. And so do you.

  30. It is so embarrassing and outright dirty, what Donald Trump and his Administration now are doing, to former senior executives, in the US police and intelligence services, if they did not unconditionally support, the illegally elected tyrant and undemocratic Donald Trump.
    All of the European intelligence services, have so much information, about Donald Trump's own sexual escapades (with at least two female prostitutes urinating on a Trump family member) in Russia, during the Miss Universe Competition in Moskva 2013, (where the Trump family, largely where willing to sell out the US independence, while they where trying to get Russian Banks to invest in Trump's real estate company ( Donald Trump was close to bankruptcy ) and also trying to, be allowed to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and also wanting Russian help to getting Donald Trump elected as US President at the 2016 election).
    Donald Trump and his associates, ( 7 of whom, have since been sentenced to prison sentences in the United States), should in turn, make every effort, to get the US to work more closely with Russia and then Donald Trump and his cronies, should he be elected President, should do all and everything to prevent the EU and NATO, from drawing Ukraine closer to the Western cooperation (that is why Russia since attacked Ukraine and occupied Crimea, later in 2014).
    Donald Trump and his Administration, are steeped in corruption and semi-criminal acts, that only benefit the Trump family and those closest affluent US citizens, around Donald Trump.

  31. Why do you even report any of this?? NO CHARGES REALLY!! The whole system is Corrupt along with Trump by the looks of it!! Can't believe anything that you all say!! For what purpose are you reporting..nothing is being done anyway!!

  32. Since no one is held accountable it will be 100x more corrupt when Dems win the Whitehouse again. This is why our fore father's gave us the 2nd ammendment.

  33. Well, wasnt he the guy that set off the witch hunt that cost Americans taxpayers $35mil or more -I think, Comey should be held accountable & pay up for that fiasco, so that it'll stop future such happenings based on lies & framing people in this instance our Pres Trump.

  34. Why did Comey privately keep copies and distribute to others memos regarding his interactions with Trump in one on one meetings. Because Trump in asking for loyalty from him, dropping the investigation of Flynn and wanting Comey to announce Trump was not being investigated was trying to co-opt him like any mafia boss would do. Trump knew the FBI director should act independently of the president and that's why Trump did it one on one. Comey was afraid the memos would "disappear" in the Trump DOJ and Trump's behavior would never become known. Was Comey's behavior technically wrong. Yes, but he saw Trump's behavior as conspiratorial and dangerous for the country.

  35. Citizens of the USA, now is the time for you to take up arms and take back your republic. Your constitution demands this of you when faced with the level of corruption on display. A revolution is required. To ignore this very fact is to deny your freedoms and your liberty. God be with you all and I pray that you take back your country before all is lost.

  36. "DOJ declines prosecution." What a f*cking joke. There's your "Justice" system. All of this B.S. for nothing. Thanks for wasting my time.

  37. Comey and others leaked to the MSM. The MSM (aka the Fake News) run with the story without verifying whether what we've been told is true or not. If Comey and others, like McCabe, are exposed as liars then by extension so is the MSM 4 running with an unverified story. What will the MSM do? What can they do but stand by their sources no matter what. Both will lose even more credibility if they don't support one another. That is going to be something to behold. Both of them lying to cover each other's behinds.

  38. LAME! Andy McCarthy cannot understand?

    It was more politically damaging.

    It is all about undermining the effort of POTUS45. It is to keep the smokescreen up to avoid prosecution of Hillary, etal, and James Comey is right there maintaining the smokescreen.

    It would have been better if you discussed: not right now, no doubt he is bringing on a slam dunk. I sincerely hope so.

    But NO, you cowardly cowards will not speak up!

    How about this? Try it, you will feel better.

    Barr, this is an outrage.

    Barr, he brought a lie to the FISA court to inflict abuse. It was deliberate. He became a participant while covering for Hillary crimes. Bring it all together, to prosecution.

    Barr, James Comey didn't just ignore an in-house guideline from the employees handbook.

    Barr, he signed it off. He abused everything about law enforcement for "political theater".

    Barr, it was calculated and deliberate. It was not a mistake.

  39. If it was an average joe who did something like this they would be thrown in prison for treason and who knows what else. A very embarrassing day for America

  40. Pardons for Stone, Flynn and any others who have been wrongly prosecuted during this Obama Gate Witch Hunt protected by the Bush Cabal.

  41. You can't prove what people think, so you can't judge him, but it's OK to not vote for his party. Jim gets a pass, Mueller gets a pass, Larry and Maddox will get a pass ~ at some point the American Public will see every pass is 5 to 10 million votes to the GOP side.

  42. Vagrancy is unlawful in some places, but if you are a millionaire former intelligence hack, you can skirt justice, prance around and thumb your nose at anyone who doesn't like it.

  43. I think it’s sick how the double standard is happening now all conservatives need to look at this and vote for President Donald Trump make sure he gets reelected in the new AG sounds like he’s with them not for justice

  44. Two white liberals: Hillary Clinton had classified information on a private server which is a felony, James Comey leaked classified information to the press which is a felony, yet they both walk… Two-Tier justice system, this is what Black and Hispanic people have been saying for 200 years.

  45. Con Comey hates America and Americans; as traitor Hussein Obama have no pride . Love America and Americans , from a latino that support president Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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