Are Democrats Losing Impeachment Momentum? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Msnbc, cnn, and the corporate media misinformation pro war propaganda machine help legitimized Trumpism and his fascist xenophobic racist pro big business agenda in 2016 by giving him unlimited 24/7 coverage on behalf of the DNC and the Clinton smear machine because they thought having Trump as the GOP nominee would be a “easy slam dunk” victory for Clinton and the loser democrats

  2. While media will go back and forth on the impeachment, for ratings and to keep interest up, Nancy Pelosi is going to do this right and it will be airtight and formidable. Only Moscow Mitch and the other Govt Of Putin rats in Congress can stop it and they might ~not~!

  3. I think that the crowd at the ballgame gave the impeachment inquiry a shot in the arm. It was affirmation that the public is supportive of removal of Trump. Americans want real justice.

  4. When Obama was in power and got Ben Laden killed he never acted in such a nasty, dictatorial way. Lying Trump is a dangerous vindictive POS.

  5. They never had the "momentum" to impeach in the first place. All Dems. are doing is insuring Trump's re-election. The Dems. have nothing but a bunch of clowns as candidates. All of them are just chasing each other's tails.

  6. No not yet! I want my President to have the chance to destroy the democraps right in front of the American people!! Trump Train!!

  7. Um that is scary that he is working alone without properly doing it and going through the proper process now i wonder what else is he going to do im very worried hes got to go now im glad that ISIS leader is dead but look at the bigger picture it doesn't matter it doesn't stop anything hes proud of what one dead man and children with a few crazy wives i guess 1 down millions more where that comes from

  8. Is there NO END to the extent that Congressional Democrats will stoop to discredit this PRESIDENT!
    Once agin the Media is distributing the news vs reporting it. The people clearly see that the media wants the public to receive the news the way THEY want it viewed.

  9. Our enemies don't have to worry there is someone in OUR WHITE HOUSE that will give them all the intel that the need shame!

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  12. Didn't obama and the whole crew pretty much direct that bin laden movie? You guys somehow turn anything good he does into a crime. Be fair

  13. 🎶🎶“A sharp analytical mind is what we need today in this lawlessness, government lies, and false media narratives” Patriots STAY STRONG. Satan was In full control but not anymore. DARK to LIGHT. Democrats, Globalists, Radical Communists, Pedophiles, Criminals…All being taken down at a steady pace. TRUMP 2020! WWG1WGA – Q

  14. "Ignoring China's Communist Party's 70 years of continuing massacres, enslaving, organ-harvesting, starving, threatening, oppressing and otherwise abusing their citizens, destroying our planet, and rampantly stealing of Intellectual Properties and assets from Companies and governments around the world. By having such an intimate relationship with China's communist regime, Daniel Andrews' ethical leadership quality is in question and many Australians now do not believe he puts Australia's interest before China's." ✔✔

  15. I think Trump was left in the dark too of the exact time when the operation occurred. He gave approval to do it, but doesn’t want to admit to Congress that Military strong armed Trump about the exact time of when the operation happened. It is absurd to believe that Nancy Pelosi or Adam Shift would tell sensitive information before the operation was carried out.

    A person who is immoral and unethical often thinks others are doing what they do.

    The military probably didn’t want Trump blabbing on Twitter and giving information up like he often does. It would have been great if someone high up on the military side of this operation gave congress a heads up, explain things to them, answer questions the speaker had prior to the operation.

    In Republicans defense Democrats have been known to place stringent safety measures on these type of military operations that cause more peril to our soldiers carrying out the operation then it helps, and that’s why military doesn’t like Democrats involved in these type of operations.

    Democrats are very good to the American people and including everyone back home, but Republicans seem to be better at not making difficult military operation more difficult to the military being able to function successfully with out adding more limitations and over thinking things.

  16. I could imagine Nancy Pelosi doing anything. She knew about the government spying on the American people breaking the 4th amendment. She is the most vile person next to Hilary Clinton the democrats have.

  17. Could of been a great military success story if the leftist media didn't come down on him for taking out a terrorist.


    That's the vibe I'm getting in this comment section. You people are sick.

  19. what a joke he's the biggest leader who gave us the paperwork on that phone call and all the other weird things he's done get them out no good 🙂 vote blue vote Bernie and Warren:-)

  20. There is NO high crime or misdemeanor and NO impeachable offense. NONE.ZIP.ZERO.NADA.
    You have cried impeachment the day Trump was sworn into office. You lost an election and
    still have sour grapes. You have dome a great job at strengthening Trump;s base and luring the
    Independent voters. BTW-The Dems will NEVER EVER have 67 Senators to vote to remove Trump.

  21. Nancy Pelosi is a poverty loving democratic globalist who only worries about her own net worth. These poverty loving dems better look around the world tonight as working families and the poor begin overthrowing Governments that share one policy with the Dems and that is poverty for all but them. 8,000,000 Americans pushed into poverty in 7.5 years. Nancy Pelosi net worth $100,000,000. Barack Obama net worth $140,000,000 and Joe Biden $50,000,000. Would Nancy leak and put Americans at risk? Look at Benghazi, Susan Rice another wealthy Dem and of course the queen of the trough Hillary Clinton turned their backs on their own and then lied to the American people. So no I would not trust Nancy or any Democrat….

  22. Q. Can you imagine Nanci Pelosi leaking information?
    A. Wouldn't be the first, second, or third time, so yeah. She clearly never cared about people in her own district, so why would she care about anyone she DOESN'T represent?
    Q. But Can you imagine Nanci Pelosi leaking information any more than your old boss did?
    A. I could imagine Nanci Pelosi eating a baby for breakfast before leaving her walled estate perimeter to shut down a national border wall.

  23. The Democrats are definitely losing momentum because they don't have any facts just a lot of speculation just like the Russia collusion hoax. He didn't let Nancy Pelosi know because he knows she's the biggest leaker ever right besides James Comey and Adam schitt

  24. Trump is a traitor and a liar. GOP's weak, ever-changing, gutter defense of the president shows their corruption. Col. Vindman is a decent public servant- the exact opposite of Trump, who put personal gain before American interests.

  25. Does your left hand know what your right hand is doing. You just answered your question.

    The house Democrats hate Donald Trump to his death and they truly hate the majority of the people because they voted for Trump.They would do anything, anything to discredit him to show a failure on his part.

    And with the amount of propaganda fake news reports_ spying on him, false witness on him, a grossly corrupt investigation upon him,

    The house Democrats don't believe in how the game is played as long as they win. To see and make Donald Trump fail you better believe they would have made sure that weather or not it was the truth or not they would have gotten the word out that the enemy knew they were coming as to stop or prevent the mission in it's tracks to cause this mission to be considered a failure before it even began.
    When there is hate such as the Democrats have for the president he could not trust them in their knowing. about the mission in advance.

  26. How quickly we forget how did Christine Blasey Ford's testimony get "Leaked"? Since the Democrats control the House they neglected to follow up on "who" leaked her testimony. I believe Ford only talked to umm……….NANCY PELOSI!

  27. Democrats should beware of what they wish for!!!
    Heard a pollster on 'Smerconish' on CNN that independents – 8 months of focus groups – are actually leaning FOR Trump bec. of the Dems' crazy impeachment push!!!
    I will NOT be voting for my Dem congressman again in 2020!!!
    He/Dems have done nothing for middle class families like mine!!!

  28. “Could?” The DNC & DNC couldn’t organize a root in a brothel. I loathe Trump, but that doesn’t make the stench of those appallingly corrupt flat tire swamp stooge gaggles any less disgusting.

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