Artek, Crimea – Reality versus ⚠️ BBC Propaganda ⚠️

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  1. Check out our film Brit in Crimea, with the truth about Crimea, here!

  2. The BBC are – ordinarily – very keen on telling us about how many inhabitants of disputed regions support leaving one country to become independent or to join another country – but they don't seem to be applying that principle to Crimea, for some reason. I wonder what it might be?
    ; ¬)

  3. Artem is extremely BEAUTIFUL!Amazing! Actually have tears of joy watching the future generations learning, growing and so very happy. Thanks Graham

  4. Hi Graham, I live in Jamaica and I have been watching your reports from Russia for several years – I must congratulate you wholeheartedly on this report being the very best that you have done – Much congratulations and much success –

  5. молодец Грэм,респект тебе за все что ты делаешь,дальнейших успехов тебе в твоем не легком труде!!!

  6. Anyone who really wants to understand Russia, and have a non-skewed view of the Russian People, will come to understand their complex history and see that for the last 100 years the Russians usually were, and actually always have been the good guys.

  7. 20:30 Господа иностранцы (и не только). Просто посмотрите на радость детей, то, как они обнимают Грэма! После этого Вы всё ещё думаете, что это российская пропаганда, что им всем заплатили и все эти люди – массовка??? Ну включайте свой мозг! Пора уже!!!

    Грэм, очередное СПАСИБО за репортаж и всё, что ты делаешь!!! ;)))

  8. BBC make me wanna puke! We in west know crimea are russia, its the governments in EU who support the corrupt and stupid leader poroshenko. So ukraine are happy to live in the hellzone EU. Well done russia who support your people. Thats something who never happend in EU! Just look at us, germany, UK etc etc. Its a huge garbage all EU. Grandpa fight against russia in the 40ies in finland, but today we all know that russia was right from the beginning. Hope for many tourists to crimea, but im not sure but they say that you cant use your mastercard in crimea, but again, im not sure! Graham, you make really good videos. Crimea, soon i come :)! The schoolgirls are wery good at english, thats good, when i was in st peterburg ones, nearly noone could english! But crimea are nearly a magiclike beautiful part of russia!, Respect!

  9. Grahan congratulations on the video! Demystifying the Untruths Launched by the Western Media! I live in Brazil and I am sad about the ways that Brazil has taken to poverty and dependence. We could follow this model of Russia!

  10. Wow most people taking vacations funded by the Russian state in a part of Russia are from Russia, shocking! Thank you BBC for alerting the world to this, very cool!

  11. Many prople have already written in the comments, that living in Artek is not free. But the truth is, that it's free, but only for students, who have great results in studying and school olimpiades. I think, that it is fair.

  12. Мужчина с BBC озвучил так, как-будто сам впервые узнал об английском.

  13. Such a beautiful, well behaved and normal looking children, unlike western spreyed in weird colors over their hair, face, pierced, as if God didn't make us pretty enough. (Hope world would change for better)

  14. You are RUSSIAN AGEN
    PUNTIN IST YOUR CHEFF 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Гришенька, привет из Германии. Ты смелый парень, видела твои работы в Англии, на Украине, в России и на Донбассе. Выше всяких похвал. Ты самый лучший русский англичанин, самый русский из всех англичан.

  16. In Mother Russia kids go to sports camp and school. In US, they dance in drag at strip clubs. shakes head

  17. This will forever divide opinions – of course Russia is now heavily investing in the place to show they were right to do this!… as long as the locals benefit i guess…

  18. Это НЕ АННЕКСИЯ, дура, это возврат Крыма обратно в Россию! Крым российский с 1782 г. !! Западная пропаганда – это болезнь !!

  19. After the fall of communism and fall of the iron curtain, formerly un-biased BBC became a propaganda machine entrusted with aiding the task of ensuring approval of bi-yearly trillion dollar loans taken out by Washington DC. So, some of the picture portrayed here may be false. Even Crimea is actually part of Russia. Queen Catherine-the-great in 1783 liberated some Ottomaan ruled areas of Europe, which was part of the conquered Ottomaan empire. She, and her Imperial army , created the kingdom of Ukraine (suburbs or outskirts), and attached predominantly Russian speaking Crimea to Russia in 1783. America is not in a position to lecture Russia, as some Americans think that: America that time may have been ruled by Pontiac the warlord or freedom fighter, like many Americans in Mississippi think. Few Americans still think that the Americans (Bluecoats) right after 1776 or so, over-ran the airports of the redcoats during America's freedom movement, which started soon after the July 4th 1776 signature campaign and declaration for independence, signed mostly in Fanuil Hall, Boston by many rich Americans, and and ended with independence in about a decade after 1776. So, let Crimea remain part of Russia, despite Khrushchev's after work-hours night visit and night office memo during a drunken night visit to his office in his Soviet Limo with his bodyguard.

  20. Stupid money-hungry liers from BBC! Showing childrens and talking about anexation, "difficult life", sanctions……! They will sell their parents for money and fame!

  21. Очень здорово, очень красиво, мечта моя, чтобы много детей там побывало! И мечтаю заразить своих детей, чтобы они мечтали туда попасть)

  22. Some of us in England have been watching the BBC for decades and are quite aware of proppergander so we know when we see it. I can’t understand how a area can be annexed if the people had a referendum on the subject.

  23. Is that the “impartial” “democratic” BBC – the “public” broadcaster – who puts Labour leader on red background & meddles with UK people’s decision to leave EU in all possible ways? Good work Graham! Keep exposing the bastards!

  24. Lovely to see all those kids enjoying childhood, thanks Graham, what can you say about the bbc, they now know l feel sure that their influence over the British has severely waned in recent years, there’re only dupes now are dyed in the wool conservatives.

  25. No one even consider what krimean people have to say about it ..well if they like to live with Russia then no one have the right say anything. ..f*** BBC f*** propaganda f** Ukrainian government

  26. BBC, Why are you lying always? Haven t you tyred yet of lying?? Nobody beliving you anymore. Fuck of stupid BBC. Grag ! Thank you for the real true!👍👏

  27. I don't believe anything coming out of the UK, to me their liars and troublemakers around the world. Visit any museum in London (British Museum, Albert and Victoria Museum, etc.) and you'll see all the stuff they stole from around the world and to this date, they refuse to return back the items to the rightful owners.

  28. This comparison is not fair at all. Graham you are free, she (reporter from bbc- small letters because there is nothing capital in that rotten institution) is on leash; You are using your brain, she is only a mouthpiece; You are mingling among the people and speaking with kids, she is narrating her story and avoiding live communication like bubonic plaque; at the end of reports you get sincere hugs from the innocent children, she gets a paycheck from her masters…
    What is right and what is wrong? Maybe best orientation mark could be 5.6K thumbs up and only 248 lost sheep.

  29. Мне кажется, что Америке очень не хватает новой Саманты Смит… It seems to me that America really is not enough new Samantha Smith… Мы никогда ее не забудем.

  30. the video you see here is just nonsense – the only work available in illegally annexed Crimea is on the Russian military bases – following the annexation the Crimean tourism industry has been hit especially hard and most Russian holiday makers now go to Turkey – according to Ewa Fischer and Jadwiga Rogoża of the Centre for Eastern Studies, Crimea had around 6 million visitors a year before the annexation. In 2014 the number of vacationers declined to 3.8 million before dropping an additional 35 percent in the first half of 2015. Prior to 2014, over 70% of visitors came from Ukraine. Since Western companies stopped organizing tours to Crimea, hardly any foreign visitors came in 2014 or 2015. The majority instead came from Russia—mostly thanks to a massive state-run campaign promoting “patriotic vacations” in Crimea and subsidizing the visit for Russian public other than that Crimea has very little industry or income so where does this leave Crimea? Analysts predict that, at least until 2020, Moscow will continue subsidizing Crimea and without foreign investment or money flowing in from Ukraine, Moscow will have no choice but to keep subsidizing the peninsula – Crimea’s public sector employees and pensioners will continue to see their benefits eroded by high inflation. and the flow of tourists into the region will diminish. If Russians are also allowed to vacation in Egypt, it will all but eliminate the tourist traffic to the Crimea region. With a lack of competition driving the incentive to improve customer service and accommodations, the Crimean tourist sector will continue to erode—forcing people to relocate or find other means of survival. Putin’s nationalist idea of resewing the Soviet Union one piece at a time will continue bringing short spurts of euphoria, but will largely be forgotten by Russians in their everyday struggle to make a living. In the end, the Kerch Bridge is proving to be a bridge to nowhere.

  31. Грэхам. Разреши мне пожалуйста задавать тебе вопросы интересующие меня на моём родном Русском языке? Я просто знаю о том, что ты его достаточно хорошо знаешь. И даже если ты мне ответишь с ошибками, я всё равно всё пойму. Вопрос мой к тебе очень простой. Как зовут эту красивую девушку, которая создала такой красивый репортаж о полуострове Крым?
    Graham. Please allow me to ask you questions that interest me in my native Russian language? I just know that you know him well enough. And even if you answer me with errors, I still understand everything. My question to you is very simple. What is the name of this beautiful girl who created such a beautiful report on the Crimean peninsula?

  32. Грэм 10 – ВВС – 0 , ложь и ати – Русская пропаганда на лицо.. ! Так держать Грэм, бомби этих лжецов, адептов ненависти и покрывателей террористов в Сирии правдой…!!!

  33. Wow, does she even understand how big of a hollow tool she is for the BBC "taxpayers payed Atlantic Council NATO Propaganda Tool" like a lot of the European networks who get payed from the public so that the unbiased and truthful report is guaranteed = but it failed because of the corruption and greed of the establishment!
    So she is full of 💩 💩 💩 💩

  34. Тупая журнашлюшка из ВВС… Крым был аннексирован Украиной, но справедливость восторжествовала!

  35. I know people in St Petersburg who spent time in Artek in the Soviet era and they have very fond memories of it. My first visit to the USSR was in 1976 and visited often for many years. The first 15 minutes in the arrival terminal in Moscow I realized everything I knew about the country was wrong despite studying everything printed in English. I have also been to a total of 91 countries and not one of them was as is reported in the US. Everything printed or broadcast about Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran etc, every statement, is flat out wrong in an intentional way, coordinated between the 6 media companies and government. They are not just mistaken, errors are random and would be in favor occasionally, and not 100% negative, but they are always wrong in favor of the government narrative, probably to prepare the people to not resist the push for war. Whatever the reason Americans and Brits are the most heavily propagandized populations on earth, everything is flat out wrong and designed to create an alternative history and consensus. After living in Russia for 19 years I can say that there is more personal freedom and unity and easier living in Russia now than in the US unless you are very wealthy. Free medical care, university, long paid family leave, low cost of living and low barriers to start a business or raise a family, safe cities, lack or racism, full equal rights and a government that has focused on improving the lives of ordinary people.
    Graham's reports are 100% in line with what I see every day living in Russia and it is so radically different then what is claimed in the west.

  36. BBC are lowlife vermin – as are most of the western "news" propaganda outlets. Come to Russia and you will see what YOUR country USED to be like before you were infested by migrants and Jew bankers.

  37. Here in India also
    bbc/guardian/cnn/fox/new york times do the same.
    spread propaganda and misinforms the world.
    Make Asia Great Again.
    those filthy westerners will never give respect to ancient cultures traditions.

    Soviet Russia

  38. Truth is that Russian people are quite family orientated and conservative people who like stability after the tough times they like their kids and their family and having enough to make do and having a nice apartment and maybe a little dacha to connect with the land and having friends and coffee and going to church and the unity of a community they don’t like war or terrorism or destruction of instability , so why doesn’t the west appreciate these factors of who the real Russians are? Why is this narrative of the west propitiated to make them something they are not? Why is there such a revulsion of white people who are ultra conservative ? History shows that the Crimea and Ukraine and Russia are one people. I don’t think the Ukraine is stable politically or financially. There is stability in the Crimea now . That’s what people want in their lives. I’m not whitewashing the war. It’s evil and horrid atrocities were committed. But what do we have now ? When will this settle down and how can peace break out?

  39. Kids are the same everywhere , whether in Kuala Lumpur or Artek , with that same expression on their faces . But , despite being a Malaysian ( I prefer to be refered to as a Penangnite ) , I find these Russian kids far more likeable .

  40. При просмотре этого видео создается впечатление,что и не было распада великой страны,что шаг за шагом она развилась в современное государство,где дети,как и их родители,спокойны и счастливы,как в далекие 70-е. П.с. писец,из какой все-таки жопы мы подняться

  41. The BBC lie, how dare you, that's like saying CNN, Msnbc,or NBC being fake news and we all know that's a lie……………..
    Oh……………… they are fake news, ………….they do lie,………… huh, well never mind.

  42. No one with brain gives any credit to BBC (Integrity Initiative) warmongering propaganda. FREEDOM TO JULIAN ASSANGE, political prisoner in UK!!!

  43. Журналистов ВВС уже перекорёжело от их клеветы. ВВС занимается не пропагандой, а чистой клеветой на всех и везде.

  44. o0lala that big badRussian ogre thats gomnna eat all these anglo saxon kids with picalilly and a glas of vodka oohh my god the cheer atrocities you can witness when children enjoying theirselves its inhuman we must stop that and give them back the freedom of a 2 inch flat screen a bag of chips ans some greasy macdonald so they climatise again

  45. The BBC has become a Zionist-Manifested News Media paid for by the British Public under the pretext of TV-LICENCE FEES EACH YEAR. The BBC Journalists are always busy depicting Russia as the Hungry Bear lurking on the Borders of Eastern, Southern, and Western Europe and can easily cross the French Channel TO DEVOUR ALL THESE COUNTRIES AND EAT THEIR CHILDREN, then move on to do the same to BRITAIN. Ask the BBC WHO INVADED IRAQ IN 2003 AND MURDERED NEARLY ONE MILLION IRAQI CITIZENS ? Ask America How many Wars she causes all over the world after WWII, no one will give you an answer, except to say: "America is the shining example of Western Democracy". In 2019, the UK Department Of Social Security made sure that THE POOREST FAMILIES IN THE UK AND THEIR CHILDREN RELY ON FREE FOOD BANKS because the UK DWP introduced a new system of benefit called: UNIVERSAL BENEFIT which combines 6 different types of benefit into ONE FLAWED SYSTEM OF BENEFIT PAYMENTS THAT TAKES 6 WEEKS TO PAY TO THESE POOR PEOPLE, which REDUCED ALL DISABILITY, HOUSING, HEALTH ASSISTANCE BENEFITS CAUSING MANY PEOPLE TO COMMIT SUICIDE. All these social and economic problems, the BBC do not broadcast, and instead, they ACCUSE THE LABOUR PARTY OF 'ANTISEMITISM' , which is a EUPHEMISM for labeling anyone who criticise ISRAEL'S ZIONIST REGIME OF DAILY MUDER of PALESTINIANS AND MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS IN PALESTINE: GAZA AND THE WEST BANK AND JERUSALEM, thus destroying their homes and stealing their lands to build their Zionist-settlements to house Zionist Fanatics, and whilst all these crimes are committed by Israel, the BBC SAYS NOTHING ABOUT THESE CRIMES, except to keep saying: "..poor Israel, it is constantly attacked by GAZA TERRORISTS . If China and Russia develope their economic and trade dealings with one another, the BBC turns on their Propaganda Machines and ACCUSE RUSSIA OF HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, ASSASINATION OF DEFECTED RUSSIAN SPIES, ETC. UK, FRANCE, AND AMERICA ARE ANGELS, but RUSSIA, CHINA AND NORTH KOREA ARE EVIL STATES. Bullshit to anyone who believes the BBC's Zionist Controlled propaganda machine. Well done Russia over Crimea and the Latest Gas Pipeline between Russia and China. America issues ECONOMIC SANCTIONS against anybody that appears to be MORE INTELLIGENT AND MORE HARD WORKING THAT AMERICANS. Hahahahahahaha.

  46. Historical picture of ownership == Two countries want Crimea today, currently with a predominantly Russian population :

    1000 BC to 1 AD:: Crimea was ruled most likely by various Greek powerful kingdoms.

    1 AD to 800 AD == Crimea was most likely ruled by the Roman empire, and subsequent eastern Holy Roman empire of Roman era .

    800 AD to 1000 AD: Crimea was ruled by various Slavic tribes, such as Magyars, Bulgarians and BeloRusian Slavic tribes.

    1000 AD to 1783: Crimea was ruled by Islamic militants led by the Crimea – Khanate (Khan of Crimea), and had been a protectorate of the Ottoman empire who protected Crimean Tatars from hordes of Cossack warriors on horseback. Some Tatars were re-settled into Crimea by the Ottoman empire.

    1783 AD to 1791 AD == Crimea was ruled directly from Moscow by generals, after liberation Ottoman rule by Queen Catherine the Great of the Russian Federation.

    1791 to 1992 or so: Crimea was part of the Russian Federation, though not directly ruled by the Romanov dynasty. Queen Catherine the Great, an ethnic German and Queen of Russian Empire made Crimea a part of Russia as the population of Crimea mostly wanted to be part of Russia as per a population count of 1791 or 1783, from 1954, to 1992, with salaries of Town Hall employees coming from Kyiv.

    1992 to 2014: Crimea was an autonomous province within the Unified Russia.

    1954 to 2014: Employees of mayors and town hall employees and municipal employees from Kyiv instead of Moscow. Khrushchev told visiting Crimeans in his Moscow office that he was innocent and that he never gifted Crimea from Russia to Ukraine: He says he requested or arm – twisted their MP's (Members of Polit-bureau =Soviet lawmakers) to change salary source of town hall employees of tiny Crimea from Moscow funds to Kyiv funds / coffers. It wasn't a gift, he said.

    Former U.S. ambassador to UNO Nicki Nimrata Haley had asked Russia to vacate Crimea, as she thinks that it previously belonged to Turks and Tatars from 1000 AD to 1783. In response, Russian ambassador, Mr BaldMan, may have asked Mrs. Haley to vacate the western hemisphere, as it belonged to native Americans for 783 years, he sez. Who is right is anybody's guess, in this small Russian majority province of Crimea.

  47. Thank you for showing truth. Sick of anti Russia propaganda videos. I tell you all, if you want to live happily you have all opportunities in my country , only lazy parasites complain and blame our great president Putin !!!

  48. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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