Audi Presents: Lunch Break

Feel how smooth that is, Walter. It is nice. I don’t even feel the road. You will in a second. -What’s happening?
-Is this your first car chase? ‘Cause that reaction screams,
“first car chase”. Lance! Don’t worry. We can outrun it. -Just giving it a headstart.
-What? Audi functions on-demand,
book performance package.Oh, look, the metro.
Let’s just take the metro. Now, you’re thinking! No, no, no! You know that’s not what I meant! Well, at least there’s no more hazards.Walter… I’m gonna ask you not to scream. Right, no screaming. No screaming.
-No screaming!-Are you okay?
-Are you kidding? That was awesome! Are all your spy missions like this? Missions? Nah, man, this is just my lunch break. Speaking of, whatchu hungry for? Look at me, Lance. I’m living my best life! Yeah, I see that.
Just tell me when to turn off autopilot.

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  1. Elon Musk said it's 'financially insane' to buy a car that isn't electric . Has anyone seen the Tesla Cybertruck yet?

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