Australia’s wildlife decimated by wildfires

devastating wildfires in Australia have
been wiping out some of the country’s unique wildlife what thousands of koalas
and kangaroos already having been killed Australians are doing their best to save
local animals from overwhelming bush fires by any means possible
Naruto Jonghyun tells us more a koala walks past flames across an empty road
then climbs up the embankment and stops dejected as a route ahead is blocked by
fire one woman grabs a koala from the tree and pours water over its burnt body
we need to start doing something to rebuild these wild populations as soon
as we possibly can now we really need somebody to make a decision on this and
and do what’s needed as wildfires continue to ravage Australia some
devastating numbers are emerging at least 24 people killed more than 50
million acres burned over 1,400 homes destroyed most of all the fires have
taken a grisly toll on the country’s wild animals up to five hundred million
are believed to have been killed in the blazes according to some local
biodiversity experts this could even be the beginning of the extinction of
koalas an estimated eight thousand of them have died from the fires accounting
for one-third of all koalas in New South Wales residents and firefighters are
doing all they can to save the animals Australian communities have banded
together to help find feed and rehabilitate survivors even the animals
have survived scampering away or hunkering down may die from dehydration
or starvation for some it’s like losing a family one woman who lost kangaroo
sanctuary fears that dozens of the Kangaroos have died about 22 kangaroos
have returned to the sanctuary some with serious burns they’re all gonna be dead there was so much spark and other things
gonna be any life I’ve got these amazing personalities and they’re all individual
and people don’t understand what what they really like and well
they’re my family it’s like international aid is arriving
in the form of comforting blankets protective pouches for joys and mittens
for koalas with burned paws to those saving animals from the fires experts
say it is important to follow precautions to stay safe from the fires
Choi Jong Hyun Arirang news

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