Hey It’s over WTF. Why after all I did for you. This is how you do me you ungrateful Jackass, it’s okay Kay. That’s why I slept with three of your best friends. You prick. I was talking about the movie Oh, how was it and you can you can just guess the rest – great? That’s just great good job Just all because autocorrect zero to a hundred that quick like aw that’s terrible I mean honestly autocorrect Did you a favor because they were sleeping with three of your best friend? And now you know obviously they weren’t the one so Autocorrect you did a good job that time. You broke up a relationship that probably wasn’t a great relationship to begin with guys today We’re gonna be looking at some autocorrect breakup fails If you guys didn’t know I’m doing a pretty big giveaway on my channel you can win two free Infinite list hoodies of your choice and also you can win $100 cash all you have to do is click the second link in the description I’ll take you to the site where you just have to do like three things very simple And if you do all three you’ll get the most entries and the most chance to win use today’s shout Out, thank you so much for subscribing turning on my notifications and commenting down below. You’re the actual best It’s pretty freakin simple so make sure to do that, but yeah guys. Let’s just get right into the video. Love you Danny I won’t let you down anymore. I promise Good because I’m cheating on you WTF do you mean you’re cheating on you oh This is just too effing unreal I thought we worked through this and now you’re ignoring me and go after yourself you Pig Whoa this just got real, and then he says I meant I’m counting on you not cheating Oh autocorrect come on if you guys have autocorrect you’ll understand because Autocorrect can mess you up so many times it also does save you a lot, and you know it’s pretty convenient But it’s like this This is bad like you didn’t mean to say cheating you meant to say counting, but it could literally mess up a relationship Just like that like so fast just because frickin Auto correct duck. I hate autocorrect duck duck duck goose Stupid piece of shot this is perfect. I love this so much and of course the guy’s name is Billy Bob like what? It’s so perfect. I think we need to spend some time apart. Oh nice Jen dumping me over text classy I do not believe your effing s This is a family-friendly channel so I can you know I’m not gonna say those words, whatever I’ve wanted to be done with you anyway well I meant to write spend some time at Pat’s not a part, but this has been enlightening Oh, I was just kidding you. It was just prank. You know it was it was a joke well there You go that ruined a relationship just from attack freaking autocorrect Just because she said whatever have wanted to be done with you Anyway, like you probably just said that you know get back at him because he broke up with her She probably didn’t mean it but still the relationship is over now just because of a dumb autocorrect like c’mon ah It’s so dumb guys. If you’re actually trying to break up with someone do not do it over text alright I did that when I was like 13 No, just don’t do that. It’s not the right moves alright. Just go in person and break up with him It’s really not that hard don’t do it over text alright. No matter what don’t break up over text Do you want to go somewhere for break up agh autocorrect fail! you want to break up brekkie? Via text that is low okay, well, she kind of said autocorrect fail, and then she also said brekkie So why are you still thinking that she wants to break up with you like BRO. oMFG worst autocorrect ever Mortified retract retract, I mean it wasn’t too bad. She just she said for breakup like if this actually happened in real life Hey, Ashley I’ve been meaning to tell you something. What is it? for breakup You’re breaking up with me like you know that just doesn’t work for break up No one would say that anyway like I don’t know. baby Please don’t do this you have no idea how important you are to me. I gave you way too many chances. I’m done. I’ll do anything! forget it alright we”re octagon lololo, I meant over. that was funny, but I’m still breaking up with you. Well. That was that was pretty great to be honest It kind of lighten the mood a little bit, but you still broke up over text and that’s just a big no-no Why is this so hard for people to break up in person like it’s really not that hard You just have to go up to and be like I don’t think it’s working out later Like come on guys. No breaking up over text. Don’t do it cheated on you you what?!? WTF well that’s fine cuz I cheated on you with your sister oMG checking up I was checking up on you Hey, it’s over baby. Wait what I love you uh? Stupid cheated on you with your sister like I’m just gonna say that like right after Bruh. she didn’t even say I cheated on you. She just said cheated on you. I don’t know you’re not even gonna ask first You’re just gonna say well that’s fine because i cheated on you with you’re sister Don’t you maybe think that like maybe she didn’t mean to say that like, bruh, c’mon that relationship obviously. It wasn’t good cuz she cheated on her with your freaking sister, so obviously it’s fine be warned I’m dumping you when I get home tonight fine with me. I was just thinking we could use some time apart Oh, no. Oh geez okay first off. No one’s gonna say be warned I’m dumping you when I get home. no one ever would say that WTF Jenna. I got autocorrected I meant to write jumping not dumping and now you’re telling me you want to break up well. This is awkward Yeah, it’sit’s just just a little bit awkward. Why would you say be warned? I’m jumping you What does that even mean like as your car like you’re jumping her car. I don’t know maybe they’re playing leapfrog or something I don’t I don’t know brought out some honesty in the relationship because she said that use some time apart So it’s all Gucci Jason. It’s fine. I don’t want to talk about this now. Whatever I was not flirting with her Yeah, that’s not what Hannah said. She’s lying. I wish you would just breast feed me believe Piece-of-crap haha OMG. That is epic, but I’m still mad and I’m never going to breastfeed you Wow okay? There’s that definitely lighten the mood a little bit that was pretty great It’s happened to me like where I’m having a serious conversation and then autocorrect accidentally says something stupid, oh it’s Just awkward What are you plans for today? Then nothing beyond seeing you dead then they meant to say dear I guess but uh well guys I just thought of a good idea if you want me to make another one of these videos, but actually like reenact It in real life with like another girl and like actually do the autocorrect that could be so funny guys. Let’s get 30,000 likes on this video And I’ll do that for sure that would be so funny like actually reenact these texts in person like with someone else just act it Out it’ll be so funny guys drop a like for that cuz I want to do that Remember you have to be home by 9:00 if you go out tonight, okay? I just want to go to the mall to meet Hannah and Jules I will love you for ever if you pork me tonight daddy. Oh, my what oh? Okay that that was awkward what no my phone did that I meant take FML God pork oh oh oh that’s awkward your smartphone’s not so smart now is it kill me now yeah, yeah, that’s The worst thing ever whatever I’m done talking all I wanted was a simple nipple from you Autocorrect Apology I wanted an Apology well don’t hold your breath for either one of those things all right That’s just great all I wanted was a simple nipple like it’s is it that hard super simple Oh, these are so weird guys that is it for the video. I really hope you did enjoy this video I love making these types of videos They’re so funny Make sure you drop a like on this video because I really want to make reenacting Autocorrect fail text breakups like they’ll be so freaking funny, but oh yeah guys Don’t forget to click that second link in the description Also, the first link in the description if you want to cop some sick merch It’s actually really cheap by the way, so I definitely make sure to do that alright guys I will see you guys all in tomorrow’s video peace

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