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– We’re gonna name that Avenger. Let’s see how well you know the bodies of your fellow Avengers. – Well. – I’m gonna show you some extre– – Extremely well. – What is this? What body part and who is that? – I don’t even know what
part of the body that is. – I don’t want to know. – Ew. – What the hell? – Is that a raccoon? – Oh, God. – This is awful. – I dunno, Hulk’s nuts? (laughter) – [Josh] What is that? – [Chris] Is that like beard? – Yes! – It’s a beard. – I mean, I have a beard. It’s not me is it? (wrong buzzer) – I mean, it’s gotta be Hemi, right? Who else is that hairy? – Is it Downey?
– Oh, is it Downey? – No, no, it’s a goatee, it’s Downey. – Look at that, that guy
knows what he’s talking about. (correct ding)
– Yes! – Oh, man!
– Yes! – Oh, yeah!
– Yes! – That’s your buddy’s, Downey’s, goatee. – Ew, that’s gross.
– Oh, man. – That’s horrible. I thought that was Rocket. – What is that? – [Danai] That’s a shoulder. – I don’t wanna, what is that? – Oh, my God, that’s like a…
– Yeah, that’s like a… raccoon’s armpit. – It looks like a walnut. (laughing) – A walnut. Have you never
seen a walnut in your life? – That’s a goiter. – That’s like an arm, someone’s arm. – Walnut, as in nut. – That’s one of Hulk’s nuts. (laughing) – Is that a hairline? – It is a hairline! – Is it, Evans? – Oh, no, it’s Renner. – Oh, is it Renner? (correct ding) – Controversial haircut. – Renner. – Ah! – That’s you, buddy. – Oh, that’s me? – Look at that. See come on, how cool is that haircut? – Okay, let’s move on. Next up. – Oh, okay. – Oh no. – How horrible. Please don’t be me.
(laughing) – Ugh.
– Is that someone’s back of their neck?
– That looks like a walnut. (wrong buzzer) – Is that someone’s elbow? – No, it’s a forehead. – Wow.
– Eww. – Okay, that’s a forehead. – That’s someone’s forehead! It’s Bryan Cranston. (wrong buzzer) He’s in these, right? (laughing) – What do you think that is Chris? – Ummmm. – I don’t know. – I don’t want to even answer that one. – Is it gonna be Ruffalo! (correct ding) (laughing) – I knew exactly what it was. – That’s his furrowed brow. That beautiful furrowed brow. – Ohhh.
– Ohhh. – Awww – Look at that. – Is he pursing his lips? (laughing) – Aw come on. He’s thinking deeply. – [Josh] That’s his Blue Steel. – He’s kinda doing a Duck Face. – Oohhh – Oh God. – I’ve seen them before. – That looks like Hemsworth’s abs. – Yeah. You knew that
a little too quickly. – Uhh, right out of the gate! (laughing) – Is that a butt, or is that abs? – Are those abs of butt? (wrong buzzer) – That’s Evans.
(wrong buzzer) – Is that someone’s back?
(wrong buzzer) – No, that’s his stomach. – It is? – It’s either Evans or it’s Hemsworth. – I failed biology, obviously. – That’s the Hemisphere. (laughing) – That’s Hemsworth. – Yeah, that’s the
happiest place on Earth, that’s Chris Hemsworth’s abs, of course.
(correct ding) – Aww, God! – This one? – That’s an eyebrow, that’s Scarlett. – That’s Brie’s eyebrow. Oh, it’s Scarlett’s – That’s an eyebrow! – That’s Scarlett’s eyebrow. – [Josh] Yep. – Scarlett. – Nice. – That’s a sharp brow, man. – That’s a movie star brow. – That’s an eyebrow. That’s your eyebrow. (wrong buzzer) – That’s my eyebrow?
(wrong buzzer) – No, no, no, that’s Bucky. – What? (wrong buzzer) – It’s Scarlett Johansson’s eyebrow? – That’s my eyebrow! (correct ding) – That is your eyebrow. – Yes, I know, plucked to perfection. – Last one. – That’s an ass.
– Oh! – Whose ass is that, Joe? – Is that somebody’s butt? – Yeah, it’s been through something. It’s been through some wars. – It’s either the chest
of Winter Soldier, (wrong buzzer)
or my ass. (wrong buzzer) – Very close. – Wait, wait, wait.
– Is that Karen’s ass? – Evans.
That’s Evans. – It is? – [Chris] Captain American’s costume? – It’s a butt, it’s a butt, it’s a butt! – His…Butt. – Oh, that’s my tush. (correct ding)
(laughing) – It’s a butt.
– Wow! – Oh, well done, Danai. Don’t ask me how I know that. – Someone’s just been looking. (laughing) Someone knows. – That’s your tushie! – That’s my butt. – You guys did it. – [Brie] You guys, do not tell him that I knew that that was his butt. Nobody is allowed to tell him that. – I’m texting him right now.
– No! – Our little secret. – Don’t worry, cause that will tell him. – No, you guys, you’re
not really gonna use that. – [Josh] Circle of trust. – [Brie] This isn’t
gonna go anywhere, right? – Hey, we did pretty good I think – I think we did alright. – 50%, 50%?

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  1. "Oh, that's my tush." Chris, marry me right the fuck now.
    Another iconic quote: "That's a butt! That's a butt! That's a butt!" -Brie Larson.

  2. Why does Chris Hemsworth think two separate pictures are of 'walnuts' ? (Men's variety) what exactly do the actors get up to on set?? LMAO!

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