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  1. I actually just logged in and was experiencing the same bugs I'd been dealing w/ for 2 months but hadn't been addressed and I sent a bug notification talking about how long itd been and how I felt the game isnt going to go anywhere If the issues weren't delt w/.

  2. He is absolutely missing Ricky!! Whenever one of our pets pass away whether it be a hamster or a mastiff, all of our pets ALWAYS notice and actually can become very depressed if we aren’t careful. Especially our dogs. Our golden looked for his best friend for months. It was the saddest thing.

  3. It may be worth having a chat with Kevin McCurly and seeing what he thinks about Elvis' behaviour. He has a lot more experience with monitors and could give you an idea of what's going on in his head and whether it is to do with Ricky or something else.

  4. I think it is more the fact of a new animal scent that interests him for then the ability for him to "miss" a scent

  5. I would love to have a crack at helping with your app development! I know how to get all the visuals and organize every nook and cranny that you want to put into the game I just don't know the coding part and putting it onto a device to make it work. Just trying to expand my horizons 😁 also daisy is beautiful those two from london were lucky to help you out with that!

  6. Yess!! I have been waiting so long for a snake breeding game as my family will not allow me to have a real one! Keep us updated on the app and the white snakes! Best of luck!👍🏻🐍🦎

  7. When I kept my savannah monitors, whenever I took one out the other would come out from wherever they were and just watched the other until they came back into the enclosure (I cohabbed them since they were babies)

    Also, I’m really sorry about the app. It would’ve been great to use it as a tool to breed animals and see what I can get from the pairing. Would’ve been great as a tool for aspiring breeders

  8. I would spend hours n money on a game like that!!! Atm I'm hooked on that MARIO KART TOUR!!!! Amazing Game!!!!

  9. There actually is a browser based reptile breeding game owned by its good to check out the competition when creating games

  10. Here I am thinking an animal died or something because of how sad you looked in the thumb nail. Geeeezzz… don't do that

  11. That would be a game i would play for HOURS. Also, Monitors are INSANELY smart. So theres a huge chance he does know that somethings missing and thats probably why he is looking for Ricky.

  12. From being an egg genius that can tell immediately what a snakes genes are to not knowing anything because there’s so many worlds firsts and crosses lol

  13. Absolutely Brian , skip the app and hit ol' Ubisoft up and go straight to "The Reptarium Tycoon" for playstation & Xbox they already have zoo tycoon which has some reptiles in it 🤩 just don't forget me send me the demo first in line 💫🤞!!!

  14. Definitely think you are right about elvis. People do not give animals enough props for their intelligence. Thanks for another great episode!

  15. I really think it would be awesome if you highlighted a clutch kelsey was excited about and let her cut the clutch

  16. I have no idea how I got here but this channel is amazing and brains attitude towards life is just amazing… I just sub

    I have a lot of videos to watch 😂 now

  17. thank you so much brian i have been binge waticng your page for the last few weeks I used to watch your first channel years ago and I just wanna tell you you are one of my biggest idols right behind steve Irwin you have brought back the animal lover in me thank you so much for all you do and I hope one day I can talk to you in person truth be told youre getting me through a tough time I would love to explain to you even though I know it probably wont happen but I hope it does

  18. Please please please do an update of those white snakes cant wait to see what they came out like oh please keep up the amazing content an this channel

  19. I loved the idea of the reptile tycoon game. I haven't been able to keep a snake before because my parents are scared of then so I've been hiding my time till my wedding and moving out because my fiancee and I both love snakes and reptiles! So it sucks that the game didn't turn out the way you wanted it to and you felt the need to shelf it, but I respect that you don't want to put anything out there with your name on it that is less than what you would want for your own self to enjoy. Keep on living your dream and one day it will happen for you. Love you and the family at BHB and the reptile zoo!❤

  20. I would have loved your game been looking for it recently and with Elvis I would say put him by rickys cage and see what he does but maybe getting a feel/smell of his new neighbor trying to figure it out

  21. Hey Brian,
    I don’t know if you heard yet. But there was a 15 year old boy in Florida who saved his little 5 year old sister from an intruder and unfortunately lost his life by doing so. His mom is a single parent who needs help with the funeral costs and I was wondering if you could maybe shout this out in one of your videos for support and also their go fund me account? I don’t have any relationship with these people but I can only imagine how hard this is. I know your Chanel has a lot of views and I was wondering if you could make this young hero be seen. Thank you 🙏

  22. No joke, that background music had me trying to find whatever alarm was going off for the first few minutes. 🤣🤣🤣

  23. We were at The Reptarium on Sunday and my 6 year old niece was in reptile heaven! She held every snake that was out, feed the alligators, fed Elvis, fed the turtles and fed Bella. She had a great time with Bruce and Jessica. At the end of the night she was star stuck because she met Laurie and had her picture taken with her. She wasn't able to meet Brian but she reminded me there is always next time when we come back next year. #thereptarium #brianbarcayk

  24. I was looking forward to the game. My mom hates snakes and I want to get one because Brian taught me that not all snakes are bad, I wanted her to see that too.

  25. I enjoyed the game for the first month or so then it came to a stand still on the different genes, I haven't had a new snake for a long time now, and continuous unfixed bugs, I think if you find the right team it will be a great game.

  26. I love your videos except I get squeamish when you cut eggs. Do you ever allow them to naturally come out? I'm new to the concept.

  27. i still play reptile tycoon great game shame its taken a back seat great potential Brian cant wait for the next version

  28. Brain you are doing something very wonderful. Keep your head up about the game. It sounds super cool and I’m sure you will work out the problems with it. Your very positive and are so friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to reptiles or all types. I have been subscribed for a long time. I have two amazing ball pythons Irwin and Sam Irwin’s a regular and Sam is a super bee your my inspiration for this new hobby I love and I thank you for everything you do and how great you teach reptile information thanks for all you do Brian I’m coming to visit I love in Ohio. If I could you some ideas about the game or a positive shout out I appreciate everything you do

  29. I love your videos you are one of the ways I learn about reptiles with you deffently need to come to ellinwood kanasas you are such a big inspertion to me your videos are fun and exciting to watch and learn from I have my own snake a gost ball python and a green ingauna so thank you so much hop elvis feels better you might want to take him to see recky just so he nows that recky is alright keep making great videos and thank you for being an indealy for me

  30. I watch your videos every day for a while now and I never knew there was a game being made. But it sounds amazing something I would most definitely be willing to pay for

  31. You are right, he wants Ricky to be where he was so he can visit. Perhaps he doesn't like change. If he knew where Ricky is now, he might relax. Poor baby!

  32. Brian I have watched you for a couple of years now and you have taught me a lot about snakes and also my favorite snake is Lucy even though I don't like snakes I still like Lucy though you teach all of us about snakes and reptiles and I think you are amazing and how are you not scared of any of the of the snakes and reptiles.

  33. Every time you cut a clutch of eggs I get really confused. I checked out the website and found the more confusing the name the more expensive the snake. Makes sense. I'd love to own one some day. My kids are really getting into snakes now and I'm excited to share my interest with them. Love the channel. Keep producing beautiful animals. ✌

  34. monotors get attached and bond with owners, i would never, evr trust a full size burmese, i know too many herps that got attacked when having then since babies, only when they get big they get that way, you can trust a raised the biggest retic. python more .

  35. I love feeling my fear being replaced with interest. The fear of snakes is still there but learning about them on your channel has helped me realize there is no need to be scared and they’re are BEAUTIFUL creatures

  36. Hey Brian don't give up on the game. It's a unique idea and could definitely educate people on how raising some reptiles that they have a interest in. If there would be anyone who could possibly develope the game it may be DeNa or a company like EA. Either way don't give up it will come soon.

  37. The app game I've been thinking about making breeding snakes. That's would be the only way I'd own a snake

  38. I suggest checking the web browser game that also does reptile breeding, it's got the world's simplest name but it's kept me interested and going for around a year now. It's literally called reptile breeder game, the developer is a sweet guy and I'm sure you could poke him for questions on how he set up his game and all that ^-^ if he's not online then I'm sure chat-staff will be more than willing to get you in touch with him.

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