Bailey’s Big News!

– This isn’t just like an
audition or anything, it’s real! – [Jessica] It’s real. (Bailey laughs excitedly) (montage with upbeat music) (happy music) – [Chris] Good morning everyone! So a few days ago we took
Bailey to an audition for the musical Annie, and
the director just called us, and said that he wanted to talk to us, so we’re gonna go over there right now. Nobodies been cast yet, ah,
the callbacks haven’t gone up so we’re not quite sure what’s happening, but I thought I’d start vlogging it now, because she is guaranteed
to be in the musical we aren’t just sure what parts, so everybody who auditions
gets to be in it. I’m going to document it because she’s gonna be
in it at some point. – [Director] So this is your
first audition, you said? – [Bailey] It’s my second, but- – Second audition? – This will be my first musical. – There is a certain part in
the show I wanna offer you… So you be my Annie? – I will? – (mumbles) two Annies, so you’re going to be one of them, okay? – Yes! (giggles) – There ya go, There ya go, I just need you to write your
script number down, okay? It’s a lot of work and
I know you can do it. – Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. (Jessica laughs with excitement) – Congratulations. (laughter) – Happy? – Yeah! (continues giggling) – Thank you so much. Thank you so much. – Congratulations, good job. (Jessica laughs happily) – [Jacob] Wait, is she
a’posta to wear a wig? – Well we’re gonna see if
she wants to wear a wig, or, or it’s ah it’s really up to you all, or if we wanna do like a
wash-in/wash-out type of hair stuff – [Jessica] What do you think Bailey, do you wanna dye your hair? – Yeah mmhmm – (Jessica laughs) She’s committed! – [Director] Do you like dogs? – Yeah, I love dogs. – [Director] Great,
’cause our dog is Sandy, and he’s a little
half-Shih Tzu, half-Yorkie, and he’s a sandy colored
dog and he’s really tiny, and he’s really good with people, so- – I’m so excited! (giggles) – [Young boy] Wait, so there’s a real dog? – [Director] We’re going to
have to give you a pocket of um- a Ziploc full of hotdogs
to keep in your pocket when you’re on stage. (Jessica laughs) – [Director] Aw yup,
the dog loves hotdogs. – [Jessica] Are you excited? You gunna memorize everything today? – Not today… probably. (happy music) (music abruptly stops) – Oh, hi. (giggle) – [Jessica] Bailey… – Oh! (giggles) (Jessica laughs) (Bailey giggles) – How did they know? – [Jessica] I told them…
(continued laughter) congratulations kiddo! (Jessica laughs) – I can’t believe it! I’m going to be in- this isn’t just like
an audition or anything it’s real! – [Jessica] It’s real. (Bailey gasps with excitement and giggles) – [Jessica] What did
your friends send you? – It says: (mumbles)
Yay! So excited for you! (signed) Mr. and Mrs. Moose,
Silas, Joey and Katherine. – [Jessica] And now
what does this part say? – This just so happens
to be one of those aw- super awesomely good
times! Congratulations! – [Jessica] Oh my goodness! – (whispers) I’m so happy! (Jessica laughs) – [Jessica] Bailey! You’re in a musical! – And I’m the main character! (Jessica laughs) – I’m literally the name of the- (Jessica laughs) (giggles) – This is so cool. – [Jessica] So what’s
the plan with your hair? – I’m gunna dye it. – [Jessica] I can’t wait to see it. – (Through laughter) Yeah,
it’s gunna look really funny. Especially after I curl it. – [Jessica] It’s gunna look
great. I’m so proud of you. I watched your audition,
and it was amazing. – I’m so happy. – [Jessica] I’m really
really really excited for you my sweet girl. – I’m so excited. This is
awesome. (giggles and sighs) – [Jessica] (laughs) You goose! It’s just occurring to you in waves? – Yes (laughter) – [Jessica] This is going to
be you for the next two months. – Yes – So in other good news, I got a call from children’s hospital today,
saying that my lab results came back for possible, like,
infections that could’ve caused problems for the baby… Sorry, now we’re driving so
the light’s on me really weird, but the results all came back
negative, which means that I did not have an
infection in this pregnancy like Toxoplasmosis, or something that could lead to an
issue with the baby, so… And I’m 33 weeks pregnant today! Which means I’m eight months pregnant, to those of you who prefer to
live in the ‘world of months’ when you talk pregnancy… But I’m eight months pregnant! I will have a baby next
month, we believe… unless I go over due. Next month, oh my gosh! (Duncan chatters and sings) – [Jessica] You’re gunna be a big brother? Yeah, you’re gunna be
such a good big brother! (laughter) You’re already
a good big brother. Are you excited about your baby? – [Duncan] Yeaa! – So Bailey wanted to
remember her big audition and how that felt, and how she feels now, so I’m going to hand the
camera over to you sweetie so you can talk about it.
This is a few days later, and, ah, Bai- (laughs)
Bailey has had a little bit more time to process all of this… – It’s so cool. When I auditioned, I was so nervous I could
literally see my heart beating. And it was so cool. And I was so nervous
and scared and excited, and, like, so many emotions at once. And then finally when I
got the role I was like- Wow! I read through the script
about five times… at least. I got to really meet the cast today, and everyone seems so nice. I- they all seemed about
my age, and I’m so excited to get to know them. I met the other Annie
today for the first time, ’cause I think she auditioned
on a different day than I did. But she was so good, and
I’m so excited to really see everyone in this show, and to actually be in it. It’s like so exciting that for my first musical I got the lead role. It’s double cast, so I get to
be Annie every other night. I get to be in the ensemble
every night that I’m not Annie. I’m just still so excited to
see it from so many different angles. My first musical
it’s just, like, so amazing. – [Jessica] I’m so excited for you. This is such a fun role
too, Annie is so great, it was like my favorite movie
when I was a little girl. And my- I just loved it as a musical, and I’m just, I’m like,
I’m… I’m like very happily jealous for yo-? Like,
I’m not jealous at all, but I’m like… I would
have loved that so much, and I really get, like, how
excited you are right now. Like I just think it’s so
awesome, all the songs too, I’m like, bursting out
into song with Bailey as she’s running around and singing. Just the more I hear Bailey
reading lines and stuff I- I realize, like, how much
she really is like Annie like, I feel like she’s
so optimistic and she just always puts this, like,
really interesting, fun spin on things and the character
of Annie is just like that. I- (laughs) I don’t know,
it’s really cool to see, like, how similar they are,
and how suited Bailey is for this role. I’m just
really excited for her, It’s very cool. – Hey it’s a couple days
later and I just finished my first rehearsal, it was really fun, and we just kinda like
read through the script and we sang all the songs and stuff, so… I was just learning everybody’s roles, because I’d seen them do the callbacks, but I didn’t know what-
who they were, and it was really cool seeing the
people I became friends with with, like, the callbacks
and the auditions And seeing them again,
in like, figuring out what roles they got, and it’s really fun. So we just sort of read
through the script, and then when there were
songs we would sing them, and there’s two- it was double cast because we’re gunna have
a whole bunch of shows and we’re gunna go from,
like, me to the other Annie, to me, to the other Annie, to me, to the other Annie and stuff. And so, yeah we sorta
just like read in unison and it sounded really funny, like, we were, like, echoing each other. It was really, really funny. And all the other characters-
most of them are double cast so we were just hear them reading them reading the lines in
unison, and just like, it sounded like there was an echo. It was so funny. I think my favorite song to sing tonight was probably the “Hard Knock Life”, ’cause it was like all
the kids singing together, and it was really fun. I had a lot of fun today,
I’m really looking forward to learning, like, the
choreography and stuff… And finally getting in
the script memorized, ’cause I have a lot to memorize, and yeah. (calming music) (Duncan laughs)

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  1. I have been annie in a show once and it is so much fun! I am so happy for her! It is a great introductory role into the musical theatre world! I would ask Colleen to help annotate my script and go over lines! You are going to have so much fun! Congrats!

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