BBC Business English – Business English Fluency with Real Results

BBC Business English is a video-based oral course that welcomes students to the world of international business. Students learn key spoken business English and cultural skills through a full length BBC movie which the course is based on, as well as helpful video tutorials and hours of other modern video content. Students don’t just watch and repeat. BBC Business English’s exciting activities encourage students to respond to questions, and speak directly with the characters inside the story! Allowing them to play and record different business roles while on camera. Improving their pronunciation, confidence and fluency. The course gives instant results on most activities but it’s still nice to hear feedback from a personal trainer on recorded answers. Video-messages delivered to the student’s inbox make 1-to-1 coaching an affordable reality. The course works on both iOS and Andoid so students can also access it using their tablets and mobile phones, making learning both convenient and social. Students are motivated through graphical reports and performance tables, whilst class leaders and managers can monitor progress and ROI in real time on video or through weekly reports. If you’re looking for a course focused on spoken business English which really allows students to improve their fluency then BBC Business English is for you.

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