Biden’s Ukraine entanglements under new scrutiny

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  1. Our government is a JOKE! I'm tired of hearing about this, and there shouldn't be any laws anymore. Let people do what they want to so standards will NEED to be re-established from the top down….SMH!

  2. The Democrats do every dirty thing we can imagine of and then blame the Republicans of doing it. Nancy Pelosi is the queen of lies and hypocrisy.

  3. Maybe if Biden gets convicted He will sing like a bird and tell us all the stories about Obama and Hillary. Joe Biden would sing like a bird I guarantee it. He's not going to give up all the money he stole from us.

  4. Him and Hillary While everyone in USA was concerned about helping Ukraine and the corruption in polical ranks in Ukraine;our own Joe Biden and son were a part of the corruption. Why did Hillary's dnc server end up in Ukraine? We need to find the root of these dealings and mete out the appropriate punishment.Everything Hillary has touched has blown up but she comes out unscathed. Many have died because of her

  5. I can't believe the stupidity of the Democrats defense of the Bidens and their fabrication of lies against trump. Never ever believe a Democrat.

  6. Unreal there is a memo discovered by the Hill that proves the form prosecutor was indeed planning to question Joe Biden's son and before he could was fired and the new one never did !

  7. Biden', Biden's kid's foreign dealings so obviously graft. Ignoring it is media graft. Wallace like his father gladly sell out Americans. and the integrity of their professions. Disgusting obvious excrement should be hung with Moscow Mad Cow, Fredo, Lemonhead, Up the Pooper Anderson Cooper, they knowingly lie with malice. That is against the law. Did the law change like whistle blower law was changed 2 weeks before this charge made against our President? Second hand hearsay is suddenly admissible. Investigate who and why that change was made. It is 1984 if that is new standard in courts. any court.

  8. Hey Hunter the car rental company in Ukraine called . Said they found your crack pipe . Should they mail it to you ?. On second thought never mind . You being such an expert on energy we're sure you'll easily be able to make yourself another one .

  9. This is the exact problem…. If factual info came out about Clintons Obama or anyone. They would just say nope. Conspiracy.

    Exactly why Trump has to go this route

  10. Joe Biden has obviously been engaged in criminal activity. The fact that his coke head son got the job is proof. What other theory explains it? No evidence? How about obvious on its face?

  11. Zuckerberg visits Trump at White House after Capitol Hill meetings 9/19/19……9/22/19 Following complaints, Facebook has shut down a popular Ukrainian-run page that echoed Russian social media efforts to swing the 2016 U.S. election for Donald Trump.

  12. Harry, your treading water in the middle of the ocean. Currently, you have many with you so you are feeling safe thinking you can climb onto those of less value. Just wait a bit longer, more and more are reaching for the right and finding safety. Don't wait too long as the life rafts might become full.

  13. With any luck Ukraine has cleaned up enough corruption that Creepy Joe can't manipulate any Ukrainian investigations this time around.

  14. Left talking point-call it a conspiracy theory. Dude, we have Biden on friggin' video admitting he blackmailed the Ukraine.

  15. Did you see how jumpy and pressured the lefty got as soon as Biden's little strong arm on behalf of his own son was mentioned? All leftys act this way when challenged because they know they are blatant liars and are defending the indefensible.

  16. It's pretty crazy because it's blatant obstruction of justice… if true… if Biden actually did that… and further more Biden had absolutely no authority to do what he did without explicit permission from the President! Biden actually implicates Obama, so it's either abuse of power and obstruction of justice for Biden or obstruction of justice for Biden and Obama!… and then there's the part about how Hunter Biden ended up on the board of a company plagued by corruption in the first place… I just don't get why the don't pound that message!.. or maybe they're saving that for later…

  17. Did Trump dare say he didn't ask Zelensky (a foreign national) to render a service (an investigation, a thing of value) connected with an US election (an investigation of Biden)? The transcript documents him commiting the same crime he claims he didn't commit with Russsia in 2016. And try to understand, this crime as nothing to do with quid pro quo.

  18. I hope the Ukrainian prosecutor doubles his security team, I can think of three people  Joe, Obama and Hillary , who would love to pull a Jeffery Epstein on him….

  19. Biden campaign asks news networks to stop booking Giuliani…I guess Biden is getting nervous about his dealings as VP.

  20. How dumb can Biden be. he even admitted to doing something worse than what they want to impeach Trump for and even bragged about it and at the same time involving Obama by admitting it.

  21. Deomocrats destroyed Biden's chance to run for President by accusing Trump of doing what Biden did. They brought it out in the open. The difference is there's proof Biden did it where as there is no proof Trump did it.

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  23. I'm trying to find this video about Joe Biden threatening the Ukraine on YouTube, interesting all I can find is reports from NBC MSNBC CNN the BBC and none of them have mentioned any of this conversation. Could Google be censoring or news?

  24. Former AG vs. a guy with a BA….Fox showing its true colors. I wouldn't want Litman representing me, not because he isn't capable, but because he is so obviously misleading. When he says that there is no evidence to indicate that Biden has done anything wrong after we've seen it, after the guy prosecuting his son was fired….how obvious does it have to be that he's lying? As a juror, I would discount what Litman is saying just based on the sound of his voice.

  25. 1. Hunter worked in Ukraine. 2. He was under criminal investigation. 3. The prosecuting attorney was fired at Joe Biden's direction. All facts. What's "fanciful" is everything that comes out of Litman's mouth. Oh then he calls it a conspiracy theory–Litman missed his calling–should have been in comedy, he's a lot better at that.

  26. Get Biden,then get Hunter Biden. Then get Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Fresh Inquiries should stir the pot.
    A win for Trump in 2020 will not stop this BS. The Democrats have to be stopped forever, Civil War Protests should target every Democrat in Congress, put the fear of God into them, chase them all over Washington till they go and hide. Put the Heat On Democrats.

  27. It's a SHAME, what the Democratic party has been doing, since President Trump took office. They have being spending all their power, resources, and American Tax-payers money, in trying to empeach and smear, our President Donald Trump. That's the only plan, and agenda of the Democratic party! They are NOT satisfied after spending Millions of tax-payers money, on that Russian Collusion, that at the end showed, it was all a HOAX, and a Big fabrication, to divert the attention from the real crooks, them! If anybody influenced the 2016 ellections, we should know by now, was the democrats. Now they are trying to use the same tactics, to divert the attention from the real Douchebag, Joe Biden. Who is being accused, of making over a Billion dollars deals with China, and Ukraine, with his son for personal gains. While in office. WOW! The democratic party leadership, should all be replaced with people, that hopefully have a little bit of decency, and integrity, cuz right now they have NEITHER!
    VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!

  28. Joe you had no authority to stop the money, but told them to call BIG EARS BARRY THE CLOWN. So it was Barry who would hold up the money unless they did a you favor first.
    I thought you said that's what Trump did

  29. I came here to give Fox News another chance and to try and get the facts. So far there are no facts, or any real evidence. They have nothing credible, just hot air. Foot in mouth again Fox.

  30. The favertism amongst government officials and public sevants; American government is founded on Bureaucratic Nepotism, this practice of rewarding the privileged above working middle and lower class populous is not unique to Socialist, Comunist and Menarche governments. Capitalism is also flawed by the have and have not social construct. Democracy is merely an governing system necessary to manage the populous, such as religion. Americas pardison government is the people's pacifier of individual choice and the delusion of free will. The Deep State and Globalist Monarchy aren't the only enemies of the people. It is no coincidence that this behavior was stripped from the psyche of Black American community / Desendants of African slaves. America's slave culture lives on in the minds of Black American by way of their inferiority complex towards the white ango culture. Reperations by way of actions are futile as long as beliefs of superiority remain. Coservative Black America is in full support of Trump 2020 victory, the politics of black american community will flip back to conservative in 2020! That would include the many registered black Democrats fearful of revealing themselves.

  31. I need to know if Hunter Biden made 50,000/mo or 80,000/mo…it matters because we know he did nothing of substance to deserve this money…how did he get more than a billion from China….? I need to know. Thanks!

  32. Here's a story about dumb white kids been given a job they're not qualified for: Ivanka and Jared at the whitehouse.

  33. Yes let's do a thought exercise, replace Joe and his sons' name with Donald's and his oily offspring and then see what happens at Fox – 180 degree turnaround " it's a non-story from crazies… blah, blah, blah."

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