BLACK ACHILLES? – BBC Blackwashing History

Hello and welcome to my channel! Today, I would like to talk to you about Achilles. That’s right, he was the legendary hero of the Greeks, you know, that African guy who with the help of his African God, also known as Zeus, attacked Troy and forced his African rival Aeneas flee with his father on his back to found Rome? Who doesn’t know that? Everyone knows that Romans are the descendants of Africans… No, I’m not totally making this up! I have to admit that BBC has a very bad taste when it comes to jokes. In their new show named “Troy: Follow of a City” there are three black actors playing the role of Achilles, Zeus and Aeneas. But I am not here to talk about the show. I would just like to ask a simple question: WHY? Why are three of the most important characters represented as Black? Of course, all the main characters of the Greek mythology were white and the people who made the choice to hire black men to play their roles know that. I’m guessing they are not plain stupid. So, what is their purpose? This is not the first attempt of BBC to blackwash reality. In one of their videos, a typical Roman family was represented by a black family. Yes, there were Africans in the Roman Empire but they made up a very small percentage. A real, typical, Roman family was not black at all. We can already notice a pattern that favours black people here. BBC, just like all controlled media, spreads a falsified version of history making Europeans believe that there’s nothing wrong with a black Achilles or a black Zeus and depriving them of their culture and history, in order to make them more susceptible to their globalist aims. The media is a powerful weapon to manipulate entire nations. Especially, if it’s considered as one of the most reliable in the world. The plague of “political correctness” is nothing more than pure censorship of white people in disguise. They are the only group of people that’s socially acceptable to attack mock or insult publicly, and the same goes for their culture and history, while for white people it is not socially acceptable to attack, mock or insult anyone but themselves. Manipulating history has become so common, that many whites praise its blackwashing as a sign of modernity, but in reality they just assist globalists in speeding up the decadence of the Western world. The result of this process in London alone has been that the white British are less than 45% of the population, 69% of the babies born there have at least one parent that’s not from the UK and the most common name for them is Muhammad. The white British are expected to become less than a quarter in 20 years. All this has happened in front of our eyes and, thanks to the liberal propaganda, it is still receiving massive support by many Europeans, who are now totally brainwashed and cannot realize neither that they will become a minority in their own country, in a not so distant future, nor the dangers that this poses. You

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