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 How does Borderlands 3 handle loot and what endgame content does it offer after the story? How does loot work in Borderlands 3?  For those unfamiliar with Borderlands 3, it is an action role-playing first person shooter set five years after the events of Borderlands 2  Loot is the most essential thing in the Borderland franchise, as without loot you wouldn’t have a machinegun called Love’s First Kiss that fires acid rounds at an alarming rate or a shotgun that fires laser-charged shots called the Predator  By completing missions and killing the inhabits of the planets you explore, you can earn equipment as rewards or scavenge them from the bandits and beasties you have slaughtered The rarity of these weapons will differ though and with rarity comes better stats and an overall better gun  Weapons come in five different colours; the colour indicates how rare the gun is Level 1 – Colour: White – Rank: Common Level 2 – Colour: Green – Rank: Uncommon Level 3 – Colour: Blue – Rank: Rare Level 4 – Colour: Purple – Rank: Epic Level 5 – Colour: Orange – Rank: Legendary  So if you see white bin it, if you see orange, the loot-gods have blessed you    Borderlands 3 boasts more than a billion guns, but you cannot tell what a gun will do until you fire it For all you know it could fire bees or dirty underwear. commonly it might shock people, melt them with acid, or make them explode Many of the guns will remain a mystery.  Gearbox has promised us guns that will ‘grow legs’ or rifles that spawn ‘fire-spewing volcanoes’ and some that even ‘chase down enemies while hurling abuse at them ’ There is also a new elemental damage weapon known as radiation, which should be a barrel of laughs Do I have my own loot in Borderlands 3?  Have you ever played with that one friend who steals everything? They see anything, and it has to be hoarded, they don’t share it with the team, and if it’s useless they sell it for cash Well, in Borderlands 3 loot is no longer shared across all players, a gun dropped for you is unique to your game Although you can turn that option off in the settings if you enjoy arguing with your team-mates Is there a New Game+ in Borderlands 3?  After you have completed the game you can go straight onto a New Game+ called True Vault Hunter Players retain all their levels, skill trees and equipment from their initial playthrough, but the difficulty of enemies are increased, they hit harder and are meaner On the other hand, the loot and the experience gained is doubled, as a gift for the trouble they will cause you   What is Borderlands 3 endgame levelling?  Can you remember Badass ranks that were in Borderlands 2? Well, they are making a comeback, but under a new name, Guardian Rank They are split into three categories: offense, defense, and utility and offer infinite progression, but they also provide additional skills and character skins What is even better, the ranks apply to all characters, so one earned is gained for all  Guardian Ranks can only be earned once of your characters have turned level 50, which is the maximum you can go in terms of levels What is Mayhem Mode in Borderlands 3?  There are three modes for your post-campaign needs: The Proving Grounds, Circle of Slaughter and Mayhem Mode The former is you or you and your friends racing against the clock to kill all enemies and then a boss Completing runs flawlessly and quickly will net you more rewards, such as rarer loot Circle Of Slaughter is the equivalent of a Horde mode, where you battle against waves of enemies as you attempt to complete tricky challenges  Mayhem mode is only available after you have completed the main story, and then you can access it via a console in your base The mode only contains three levels, but these are not for the faint of heart, each one becomes significantly more difficult from the last, where the final trial enemies can instantly kill you Mayhem Mode is all about risk and reward, as in the later levels the reward payout is 900% but the first level is a measly 200% Have you got what it takes?    Email [email protected], leave a comment below, and follow us on Twitter    

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