Boris Johnson: we can leave EU on 31 October without breaking law

We will obey the law,
but we’re confident we can come out
on 31 October and the best way to do
that is to get a deal. So that’s why the surrender act
is so damaging, because … I won’t hide it from you,
it has had the effect with our European friends
and making them think, ‘hmm maybe parliament
can block this thing. Maybe they will be forced
to extend’, and that, if you’re in a negotiation,
that obviously makes it more difficult. What we need to do now is to
get Brexit done by 31 October and I genuinely think that once
you do that, then so much of the heat and the anxiety
will come out of the debate. I think a lot of people are very tense
and businesses are still uncertain and get it done, I think
we’ll all be able to move on. We are going to go on and
get a deal if we possibly can on 17 or 18 October and then
bring it back to parliament. So that’s the plan. Parliament will have time
to debate it, we hope, between the summit and
the end of October.

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