Break-Up Road Trip | The Timeliners

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  2. Baaki sab to thiik h but what is the name of that song jo during the road trip mein background mein play ho rha tha …..??please replly fast

  3. Brilliant acting guys.. Really liked it.. I will give just one more point to the guy because he is really fantastic

  4. bade he chutiya log ho tum tumhari yahan sachcha pyaar nhi hai kia saalon tum logon mein kbhi kissi se bhi sachcha pyaar ho he nhi sakta

  5. Ye ladka itni overacting karta hei, agar aese log real life mei bhi hote hoge to ek to unko gf nahi milegi kabhi aur mili bhi to breakup pakka he

  6. One thing I have noticed in real life that you shouldn't listen to friends' ideas, suggestions about your relationship. It's one of your most personal things, make your own decisions.

  7. Ek line hi sachi lagi jo..
    " Hum broken heart person ko pata chal jata hain.. konse waqt main, konse stage main ake abb humpe unhe interest nahi reheta

  8. 13:15 chutiya kaatne ka style..bc phle se hi planned hai breakup but bitch ke tarah victim card play krke sympathy lena hai aur blame krke pe dalna hai

  9. Bt the girls are know about makeup…they don't even know about the boy what they need… Fuck off,.😭😭😭

  10. Hey timliners. Please send me the link of song which is playing in background of this video. Plz plz plz. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Masssttt hai bhai….Love it..👌👌💐😊☺️ 😍😘💞💕💔💔
    Or college romance ka sequal lao na ..👌👍☺️💐☺️💐☺️💐☺️

  12. Aisa ladki log kha sath relationship me nahi ana chaiye. Aisa ladki log chief hota hai aur uska dost log bhi same. Aur jisko mera baat pasund ayah ho like kare.

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