Break Ups 3.5

[MUSIC] Domics Introduction A lot of us have been there. You meet a stranger, you take an interest in them, And they don’t reciprocate; their eyes are locked on someone else and that someone happens to be your friend. You don’t want to ruin any friendships, so you back off. You then suppress your feelings, And hope that one day, you’ll move on or at least tolerate it just enough to no longer be a hindrance in your life. This is my story with Estelle. Technically this would be more like 2.5, but the break-up happened post Erin Kim. Technically. It wasn’t exactly a breakup, Technically it wasn’t even a relationship, but she’s earned her spot. So you guys remember my involvement with Jessica, And how we met. I mentioned she was with her group of friends at that town fair. There were four of them to be exact. The tiny one was Estelle. In my endeavor to familiarize myself with Jessica, it meant getting to know her friends as well. During all that. I ended up getting along pretty well with Estelle. At the time, She was this tiny shrimp of a female; about 4’10. I used to be able to rest my chin on her head. She was adorable. Our first encounters were pretty awkward at first. I was trying to break out of my shell she remained in hers, the timid type. I spent a lot of my summer hanging out with Jessica and her friends, so I guess we all got pretty comfortable with each other. At the time, I never really considered Estelle taking an interest in me because I always overheard her friends teasing her about some guy named.. Bradley. I assumed she had a crush on him. I was wrong, well partially. Summer ended and my final year of high school began. Before Jessica and I got together, I remember Estelle and I talking pretty often. We weren’t best friends or anything, but we were tight! However once the shallow prick and I started dating, my interactions with Estelle lessened and eventually became very occasional throughout the school year. I remained oblivious to her feelings, or, maybe I didn’t but chose not to make it apparent to avoid a confrontation. There was one time I was at Jessica’s locker at the end of the day. Estelle was walking by, and as soon as I was in sight, she suddenly ran up to me and gave me a hug. I took it as a friendly gesture. I guess we haven’t talked to each other much at the time. Jessica, on the other hand, saw it as a threat – as “competition”. I assured her she was my only interest, but she took further precautions because she cray cray! I guess she had her own talk with Estelle, because soon after Estelle and I kind of stopped talking, as if our interactions were scarce enough already. When Jessica and I broke up, I felt the need to distance myself from her and the others. My immature teenage logic dictated that I blamed them All for Jessica’s Decision, believe me. Estelle and I completely stopped talking, in fact she got together with Bradley. They didn’t last very long, but I was happy for her. I met Erin soon after and you all know how that turned out. I was then back in Canada suffering in a four-year university program. I visited Virginia multiple times over the years, but because they weren’t very extensive, I only got to see a few people. And then, in the summer of 2010, I planned another visit to Virginia. By that time I drifted a bit from several of my friends, and a lot of their schedules didn’t exactly line up with my visits. Keep in mind Erin and I were still kind of grudgy with each other, so she wasn’t exactly someone I thought about visiting, and then I remembered Estelle. Hey long time no talk, or see, but do you have any plans next month? [Music] To be continued..

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  1. Umm call me awful but my first breakup was in second grade when mah crush said she doesnt want to anymore but then we hated each other like chitoge and raku but we eventually became friends again

  2. Well. I use to have a girlfriend. Turned out she was straight, so she broke up with me. And I'm glad we broke up, because I do not want to be in a relationship with a partner that doesn't actually love me.

  3. I was just thinking about this, and then that part in the beginning place and I go "woah, that's literally me" sigh…

  4. The first "Date" that I got in was when I was 8 years old and my "partner" we where in that "relationship" for 1 year then for no reason then I was sad a f

  5. What hurts the most is that when you are dating someone, you can tell they really arent into it. So you break up and one day you see your ex with someone else

  6. Hello, I'm from the future of 2019.

    If this break up took place at the early 2000s then I believe now or earlier is the time you could so her again but as friends. You had great chemistry with her and based on what you discribed about her feelings she probably misses you like occassionaly and thinks that you two could be friends again.
    Sorry if it sounds like I'm shoving it on your skin but it's just small note. If you want to talk to her again, you can ((with the platform you use to talk to her)) because time fixed that. It healed you so it could heal her. As long as if you done nothing toxic, then you're fine. You could probably add her to your group ((Claire, Johmm, and etc)) Sleep well and have a good day. You don't have to do these tho, it's just a note.

  7. Lol i have never had a crush. I already accepted i will be single forever and have given up in everyone and everything :,)

  8. i really like watching these videos even tho i only 10 not many people will see this comment i think that these videos give me confidants

  9. Sometimes it's good to be ugly ( W. R. T. My friends) . You're free from bullshit thoughts ︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵

  10. The first time I had a break up I would use my old bangs (I never cut them so they are down to my chest) to hide from the truth….

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