Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today we are gonna be making something
from Breaking Bad in honor of the Season Ro: Finale, and I’ve got my buddy Josh here
to help me out. Josh: How’s it going!? Ro: He’s super cool, we met at VidCon and
I knew he was a breaking bad enthusiast! Ro: Because he has a whole, like, cosplay.
Josh: We have our hats, our shirts. Ro: Yeah, he brought these Heisenberg hats, and
this awesome shirt! Ro: So cool, it combines the 2 characters,
Jesse and Walt, and… Josh: Los Pollos Hermanos! Ro: Ooooh! Berk-berk! Josh: Chicken dance. Ro: Yeah, we got tons of props, I like these
ones too, they’re so cute! Where Ro: did you find these ones? Josh: They were
online. But, I love our little Heisenberg Josh: and our little Jesse. Jesse’s even
beat up. Because he, fun fact, is the Josh: 3rd most beat up character on television.
Ro: Really? Josh: Yeah. Ro: Oh poor guy! Ro: Jesse, you did the wrong chemical compound,
gosh, can’t you even cook!?! Ro: Let’s get cooking! Ro: The things you will need, will be: Baking
spray, 2 cups of regular sugar, 3/4 cups Ro: of light corn syrup, the clear stuff.
1/2 a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of Ro: peppermint extract, you can use any kind
of extract that you want that’s clear, Ro: but I love peppermint, so I’m gonna
be making peppermint glass candy, and Ro: blue gel food coloring. And little snack
pack baggies. Josh: We’ll need a candy thermometer, a
paint brush, preferably with no paint on it. Ro: Yeah. Josh: Uh, we’re gonna bring down the hammer, with our hammer, and we need a aluminum foil Josh: and a tray. Ro: Let’s put it all together! Ro: Before we start cooking our candy, the
first thing that we’re going to do is take Ro: 1 piece of aluminum foil and put it over
our cookie sheet, and then we’re Ro: gonna spray down the top with some baking
spray. Ro: Ooh hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Ro: Now we’re gonna take all these ingredients
and head over to the stove. Ro: And start cooking! Josh: Alright, now we’re in the kitchen,
we got our safety gear on, safety first. Ro: Yeah, for that toxic peppermint fumes! Josh: You don’t want to breathe that. Ro:
No, it’s pretty intense! Josh: So, what are we gonna do now? Ro: You’re gonna take a medium saucepan
and combine the sugar, corn syrup, and water, Ro: and you’re gonna stir until it’s all
melted! Josh: Now, once you’re done dissolving the sugar, you’re gonna want to bring it to a boil, at 285 degrees. Ro: You can also take your little wet pastry brush,
go around the sides of the pan while Ro: it’s boiling, and make sure all the sugar
is in the middle and not sticking Ro: to the sides, so it won’t crystalize!
Yeah, because we don’t want rock candy! Ro: We want glass candy! Josh: Pure glass.
Ro: Pure glass, respect the chemistry! Josh: Once it hits the right temperature you’re
gonna want to add your peppermint oil Josh: extract. Ro: Mmmmmm! And, 1 drop of
the blue food coloring. Josh: Smells a lot like peppermint in here. Ro: Yeah! And then you’re gonna mix it all
together, and once the color is all mixed Ro: and it’s smelling super peppermint-y,
you’re gonna pour it onto our baking sheet. Ro: Perfect! Ready for peppermint! Ro: Josh, huggggccchhhhh, I am your secret
sister. Josh: Huh! Ro: Huggccchhhh! Josh: Spoiler alert! Ro: Spoiler! Ro: Once you’ve poured all your liquid glass
candy into the pan, we’re just gonna Ro: let it sit for about 30 minutes to harden. Ro: This is so peppermint-y my eyes are burning! Josh: Thank God I have this mask on! Ro: Yeah, he’s got the cool mask, I got
the uh-oh mask. Ro: Ding! Our glass candy is done! We just
took it out of the pan, so it’s just on Ro: top of the aluminum foil, and we let the
liquid sit out for about 30 minutes Ro: so that it would harden. And now I’m
gonna let Josh do the honors. Ro: Take a hammer or anything, and just crack
that glass candy apart! Ro: Are you ready? Josh: I am ready. Ro: Nice! Josh: Oh! Ro: Keep going, it’s OK! Ro: Oh my gosh! We’re losing so much profits!
They’re flying off the table! Josh: Our meth! Ro: We’re horrible at this! Ro: Now you’re gonna take your little snack
baggies and scoop a bunch of the broken Ro: glass candy into these little guys. So you can
share with your friends! Josh: All your friends, especially on the
street corners. Ro: Little snacks for everyone! Ro: You’re a pretty good chemist, I must
say, look how pure this is, look at how Ro: blue this is. Josh; I know, we got a 99.1%
purity level going on in here. Ro: I was really good in chemistry class,
I don’t want to brag or anything, but… Ro: To my stoichiometry. I can convert a mole
like nobody’s business! Ro: Ta-da! Here is our Peppermint Glass Candy,
it smells so good in here! Josh: I know, it does! Ro: It smells like
peppermint land! Ro: Thanks again Josh for being here, I’ll
put his links down below. Josh: No problem! Ro: I had a lot of fun. Josh: I did too! Ro:
Thanks for cooking with me! Ro: Alright, I hope you guys enjoy the season
finale of Breaking Bad! Ro: And you got all these little treat ideas!
For if you want to have a little party to do it! Ro: Thanks you guys, if you have any ideas
for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me Ro: know, leave me a comment down below and
I will do my best to make it happen. Ro: OK, bye-bye!

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  2. the amount of baking spray he put on the treaty reminded me of how much spray mark put on the cake pan when they made the giant cupcake

  3. I used to call my ex girlfriend "blue" after I heard the song "Baby Blue". When I told her I heard it from Breaking Bad I could no longer call her that because when I did she would exclaim loudly, "I AM METH".

  4. I'm making these for my friend Halloween or Birthday party. She had candy cigarettes last time, so I'll be bringing thee, barging into the room and yelling "WHO WANTS HARD DRUGS" Knowing my friends, they'll all say me!

  5. It keeps on sticking to itself in the bag, what can I do to stop it from doing this? Should I raise the temperature from 295 to 300? Or just coat it in something like powdered sugar?

  6. Fun fact: I’m uncultured swine and have only seen the first two episodes of breaking bad in the first season

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