Breaking Bad – S03E03 Extra – Inside Breaking Bad

What the hell are you doing in there? I’m back. In this episode,
Walt has moved back into the house… …against Skyler’s wishes. If you don’t get out of here right now,
I’m gonna call the police… …and I’m going to tell them
everything. He’s a scientist,
he tries to organise thoughts. And everything has
a numerical answer to the question. Do what you have to do, Skyler. This family is everything to me. Without it, I have nothing to lose. When push comes to shove,
she does call the police… …accuses him of trespassing,
and the police are trying to be helpful. If you want your husband out,
you’re gonna have to help me. Is it possible maybe he’s broken any
laws that you know of? Anything at all. He’s basically on a silver platter,
saying to her: “Tell us your husband’s
a meth dealer.” If she were to do this, he’d be
out of the house, out of her life… …but she just can’t do it
because of her son, Walter Jr. She can’t ruin his life
by letting him know… …that his father
is this big-deal meth dealer. He’s mad at his morn because his
mom won’t tell him what’s going on. He didn’t do anything.
I don’t know why she’s being this way. – It’s very traumatic for him.
– The guy’s a meth dealer. You don’t want this
infecting your family. Welcome home. So she’s trapped. Now he is who he is, and he has
to own up to it and embrace that. I can’t tell a soul
unless you authorise me to. Because the lawyer says
we have confidentiality… …because it’s a lawyer-client thing,
I think that’s the first time she feels… …she has permission to get off
her chest what has been building… …and building and building on her
for, now going into three seasons. My husband makes meth. And I think the relief of it
is extraordinary. So the lawyer becomes almost a priest
in a way, and a female friend… …a female figure
that she wishes she had in her life. Let me go to the police
and tell them what you just told me. This is a no-brainer. It’s the best thing
for you and your family. I can’t do it. And what she finally gets to
with the lawyer… …is that she’s not going
to turn him in.If you’re trying to sell me something,
I’ve got four words for you:
Do-not-call list.However, if you’re cool,
leave it at the beep.
It’s very sad when Jesse is constantly
dialling Jane’s voicemail… …to relive some sort of moment
with her. It’s the last thing he has of her,
her voice. And at one point–The number you have reached––there’s a machine saying
this number’s been disconnected… …and no longer in service. And that was the final moment
with him and Jane. He’s like,
“Oh, my God, I have nothing left.” But what he does have is
he considers himself an artist. And so he just goes out
and starts cooking again. A lot of people are not gonna like
Skyler for what she does at the end. It’s a desperate act. Try to see it from her eyes,
try to see it a little deeper… …because in my mind, she’s in
a really untenable situation. She’s… This is a terrible thing
Walt’s done to her. Are your kids home? She does it because she doesn’t
really know what else to do. And this man is a nice man
who’s caring and wanting to help… …and really cares about her. Hey, Skyler. I’m cooking dinner. Pot roast. I think it’s a lot of rage going on
inside of her… …and instead of yelling at him,
it’s her way of going: “You’re not gonna get out,
you’re not gonna abide by the rules… …you’re gonna make me look like
the bad guy in front of my kids. Okay, I’m gonna do this.” I f***** Ted. You can do the math for yourself
what IFT stands for. It’s a way of saying, “Well, take this.” Skyler wants to hurt Walt… …and she does it in a way
that would hurt any man. Is to have his wife go off
and have sex with someone else. It’s Skyler breaking bad
in this episode– I want you both to eat your salad,
okay? –In a way that’s usually reserved
for Walt. Good. Thanks. Thank you.

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