Breaking Bad: Season 5 RECAP | T-Mobile + Netflix On US

What up, peeps, Naz here. We’ve been breaking down
seasons 1 through 4 of Breaking Bad in 30 seconds
or less, and now “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
comes out at midnight, tonight! I’m so excited! When you’re a T-Mobile customer,
Netflix is on us. So if you want to get caught up in time, I’ve got all the vids you
need to get ready! But now it is time for me
to spit season 5. But first, buckle up SPOILER ALERT! All right, here we go. So, it turns out Skyler’s not actually cool
with the whole meth thing after all, but that doesn’t stop Walt and
Jesse from robbing a train like it’s the wild wild west
with hazmat suits on, safety first, except then things get a little
crazy even for Albuquerque, and Jesse is yelling at everyone, and Walt is driving
everywhere really fast and there are guns! Gasoline! Intense phone calls! More guns! Followed by Walt and Jesse
having a disagreement, followed by Walt’s torso having
a disagreement with a bullet. We did it!
That’s it! Walt’s dead! Or is he? That’s every season, guys,
in Naz-sized bites so you’re ready to watch
“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” which comes out tomorrow,
or tonight at midnight. So if you haven’t already
signed up with T-Mobile, now’s the time because when you’re a T-Mobile customer,
Netflix is on us.

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