Breaking Bad: Skyler White, “Nasty Woman”

There was once a show about a man who sold methamphetamine, murdered his enemies and lied to his wife. He threatened her, assaulted her, and stole her baby daughter. “I don’t accept that. You’re my wife.” “I’m not your wife. I’m your hostage.” Of course audiences were overcome with sympathy and righteous anger for this poor woman. Just Kidding — they were not. Some of them absolutely hated her. “I have never hated a TV-show character as much as I hate her,” one person posted about Skyler White. The vitriol even got directed at the actress who plays Skyler, Anna Gunn. She wrote an op-ed for The New York Times which quoted the post: “Can somebody tell me where I can find Anna
Gunn so I can kill her?” So why was Skyler so easy for many to dislike
— and why did she arouse so much anger in some viewers? “For a fired school teacher who cooks crystal
meth, I’d say you’re coming out pretty much ahead.” Let’s take a look at the character’s journey and how the writers of Breaking Bad held a mirror up to us by masterfully manipulating our evolving feelings toward Skyler White. Before we go on, be sure to hit subscribe and click the bell to get notifications on all of our new videos. “Look at that.” “That is veggie bacon, believe it or not. Zero cholesterol and you won’t even taste the difference.” Skyler is the show’s most consistent opposing force to Walter, so the writing set her up as a kind of his
antagonist to frustrate the viewer by getting in Walt’s
way. “I don’t want them dicking you around tonight. You get paid till 5, you work to 5, no later.” In the beginning, we’re led to, on some
level, blame Skyler for how disappointing Walt’s
life is. Her micromanaging juxtaposed with his free-wheeling criminal shenanigans makes her appear petty, even mean-spirited. “Did you use the MasterCard last night? Ah, $15.88 at Staples? Walt, the Matercard’s the one we don’t use.” So this is the portrait of a woman who is so caught up in the minutiae of deadening middle age logistics she can’t even take a break for sex on her husband’s birthday. “Yes, fifty six! Oh!” It feels like Skyler is partly responsible for Walter being the sad, pushover man we
meet, “Surprise!” “Oh, you’re so very late!” So the show uses this starting point of Skyler to sneak up on the viewer. Just one episode in you might find yourself siding with a man who committed murder, while at the same time being annoyed by his wife for being “a nag.” “So right now, what I need is for you to climb down out of my ass. Can you do that? Will you do that for me, honey?” Whereas if we look at the actual facts, this response is hardly fair. The thing Skyler mostly nags Walt about is finding money for his treatment. “Skyler, it’s charity.” “Why do you say that like it’s some kind of dirty word?” And that makes him furious because it reminds
him of his inability to provide for his family. “I don’t like the way you talk about my private affairs.” Unlike Walt, Skyler is not at all prideful. “Got myself a job today.” “As big as you are?” Vince Gilligan, the creator of “Breaking
Bad,” knew Skyler had to be strong-minded and strong-willed from the get go, so that she’d be a worthy opponent for Walt later on. If Skyler were weak and helpless, it would
be harder to get the audience on Walt’s side when he’s mistreating her. “You have to tell me what’s really going on
right now.” “Tell you what?” The lesson here is that it takes two to create the dynamic of any marriage. “Joan Epperman, you know Joan, suddenly has
to go through all these photos and turn them
down, because they show cleavage.” “Did you get enough pancakes, sweetie?” The viewer might subtly blame Skyler for Walt’s sad state, but really Skyler is hurting Walt’s pride not through anything she does, but simply through her very existence. She IS strong and capable, and so he seems LESS so by comparison. “Since you’re scheduled for surgery, I just thought it might be a good idea to have some money coming in.” “Well, Skyler, we need to think about what’s best for the baby.” No one likes the person who says “I told you so,” and in Breaking Bad that person is most often Skyler. “The worst thing you can do is shut me out.” “Apologize!” “People go to prison for this.” She is always right. Like the Virgin Mary, she wears mostly blue, and she’s often seen cradling Holly. Yet the viewer wants Skyler and morality to fail. “If you don’t get out of here right now, I’m going to call the police, and I’m going to tell them everything.” Every time Skyler tries to call the police or convince Walt to stop, many of us are likely thinking: “No, Shut up Skyler, Let him do his thing.” The show from the start is telling us that Skyler is virtuous — she’s right — but it’s also making us dislike her for being virtuous. Because we, like Walt, are so enjoying this path of embracing what’s wrong — that is, breaking bad. The writers throw in a lot of small details that make it easy to dislike Skyler for specifically feminine sins. In early seasons, most of her scenes pointedly see her doing something traditionally linked with feminine vanity
— putting on lotion, taking a bath, brushing her hair. So an impression is built up that Walt is out providing for the family at great personal risk, while Skyler is at home complaining. “So where have you been this time?” And later on Skyler commits more specifically feminine sins — like smoking while pregnant. “Perhaps you might know something about this.” “Perhaps I don’t, Walt. Perhaps I smoked them in a fugue state.” Viewers want to see Walt take risks, be powerful and provide for his family, largely because we’ve been socially conditioned to think of these things as male duties, even male birthrights. “You know why I do this. I want security for my family.” The story is infused with our social assumptions about emasculation and reclaiming lost masculinity
— “You’re gonna man up, or you’re gonna puss
out?” part of what’s happening as Walt become
Heisenberg fits this narrative that he’s finally becoming a “real” man. Meanwhile, Skyler is failing in her role as a “real” woman — by getting in the way of that manhood, and by not embodying supposedly feminine qualities like being submissive, caring and sweet. “Well I tell you what, why don’t you do the grocery shopping, and then you can get whatever you want.” So the writers use our shared gender baggage to manipulate us into some very questionable
identifications that we need to revisit later on as things keep going south. At the same time, this strategy of villainizing
Skyler partially backfired on the writers — because not everyone did revisit why they’d been so quick to blame her. At times, the show made it too easy to glorify Heisenberg-Walt, and those viewers who took it too far — like, um, for example, threatening Anna Gunn
— were seeing no problem with the misogyny underlying that intense resentment for Skyler. “Once again he’ll blame his bitch mother for taking away what his loving father has
given him.” In Season 3, the audience’s dislike of Skyler is expressed through Walter Junior. “Mom, why do you have to be such a, a bitch!” “Hey, hey.” It’s as if the writers decided “Hey, now we’ll show the audience how their dislike of Skyler looks from the outside.” Skyler is doing everything she can to protect her son from finding out about his father’s activities, “I don’t want my son to find out that his father is a criminal. which is also protecting Walt. But Walter junior only sees fault in his mom’s
actions. Even when he gets a version that’s closer
to the truth about his dad, Walter junior reacts with absolutely no judgement for Walter, but only admiration. “Dad, you’re such a stud! How much did you win exactly?” If before Skyler’s hated for being strong, in season 3 she starts getting blamed for being weak and not leaving Walt. But actually, the first thing Skyler does when she learns that Walt sells drugs is find a divorce attorney. “Do you feel you have a good understanding of your husband’s financial situation?” It’s just that getting divorced turns out to be very complicated. Skyler initially has no intention of using Walt’s drug money, but she’s already been unknowingly using it. “Skyler, how do you think we’ve been paying
our bills the last six months?” Then, Hank is attacked by the murderous cousins, and Skyler makes the decision to knowingly use Walt’s money to pay for treatment. “You will take our money. Use it to take care of Hank.” This decision invited a new wave of hate against Skyler, as viewers accused her of being hypocritical. And it does seem Skyler is seduced by the
money. As Saul puts it, “I guess when people see those zeros dance before their eyes, it’s kind of like highway hypnosis.” But Skyler’s hypnosis also mirrors the moment when Walt first sees a similar volume of cash in season one. For both, it’s a turning point, and not for the better, but Walt is often admired by viewers for his desire and ability to earn money. “I’m in the empire business.” So the question remains — why do we blame Skyler for the things we excuse in Walt? The money’s also not the only reason for Skyler’s eventual acquiescence to Walt. For most of season 3, She’s unwillingly forced to interact with him, because he literally refuses to leave. Walt breaks into their home, “We can’t arrest a man for breaking into
his own house.” but when she tries to call the cops of him, this only makes her son angry at her. “You called the cops on dad?” Skyler is completely helpless — a hostage in her own house. And she begins to show clear symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome. “We have a history. He’s the father of my children, and maybe what he did, he –” “He did it for the family. Right?” And eventually she falls into the same trap that Walt does in Season One — the trap of believing her own lies. “I think that — he earned it gambling. Walt and I, uh — we’ve had our problems lately. You know that. And, uh, what it all came down to really was money. For better or worse, he wanted to provide.” But these lies aren’t hypocrisy; they’re self-preservation — she’s trying to make an unliveable situation
livable. “Someone has to protect this family from the
man who protects this family.” Season 4 Skyler is in full-blown accomplice
mode, and not surprisingly, she’s really good at
it. “If you’re gonna launder money, Walt, at least do it right.” She manipulates Bogdan into agreeing to sell the car wash. “He’ll call. Ahem. Just wait.” She’s so thorough that she prints out an entire
script to make sure that their gambling story holds up for Hank. “The next logical question Hank will probably
ask is: ‘Where are you getting the money?’ To which I’ll say: ‘We want to tell you the whole story, it’s a doozy, so hold on to your hats.'” But when Hank compliments Gale Botticher, Walt almost undoes the cover up Skyler’s worked
on, just because his professional pride is wounded. “Genius? Not so much. To my eye, all this brilliance looks like
nothing more than just simple rote copying, probably of someone else’s work.” So Skyler turns out to be better at Walt’s game than he is. “How did Hank find out?” “It was me. I screwed up.” Skyler’s altercation with Ted Beneke repeats this same situation. Skyler provides Ted the money he needs to pay the IRS, but he immediately spends it on flashy purchases. “Three hours after leaving my office.” “He bought a Mercedes SL550.” While all of Skyler’s actions are calculated to help herself and others, the men in her life are primarily occupied with their own self-image. “So buying that car? That was protecting your family?” At every turn, Skyler has to navigate the
prejudice, unfairness and at times idiocy of a world that is built to accommodate men with big, fragile egos. At the end of Season 4, Skyler comes to know
firsthand that Walt is more than capable of murder. “You’re gonna show some kind of mild relief that I’m alive?” “I am relieved, Walt. And scared.” “Scared of what?” “You.” “Say hello to my little friend!” For those who are still wondering why she doesn’t go to the police at this point
— the answer is pretty obvious. “All I can do is wait.” “Waiting for what? What are you waiting for?” “For the cancer to come back.” Because of the Breaking Bad tone, the circumstances of Skyler’s abuse may feel mythical and slightly comical in
some ways, but the feelings portrayed by Anna Gunn are very real and tragic. “I can’t go to the police, I can’t stop laundering the money, I can’t keep you out of this house, I can’t even keep you out of my bed.” Breaking Bad eventually pushes us to wonder if we might have chosen the wrong side. Anna Gunn wrote that she came to conclude people’s hatred of Skyler had “a lot to do with their own perception of women and wives. Because Skyler didn’t conform to a comfortable
ideal of the archetypical female, she had become a kind of Rorschach test for
society, a measure of our attitudes toward gender.” The way each of us reacted to Skyler may have
said more about us than it did about the character. Yet it became clear that because viewers tended to see Skyler as an obstacle to Walt’s plans, her character inspired sympathy most when Walt did not. The more invested we are in Walt, the more inclined we are to judge Skyler unfairly
— and the more horrified or disillusioned we get with Walt, the more we can acknowledge the terrible life that Skyler’s persevering through. So the writers masterfully played us when it came to this couple — not once, but twice. They gave us a man who was turning irredeemably evil, fast — and somehow they got us on his side and made us stay on his side much longer than seemed possible. And they gave us a woman who was strong, mistreated and trying to keep her family alive. They gave us all the facts, and somehow, we ignored them. “You need to understand–” “If I have to hear one more time that you did this for the family –” “I did it for me.” Hey guys, it’s Susannah and Debra here. Thank you so much for watching. If you’re new here, please subscribe, tell all your friends, and please consider clicking the bells so you get notifications for all of our new
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  2. SHE is and was ultra sexy at hell! For any real man to no see clearly how sexy she was in this role is blinding.

  3. loved this video, so many breaking bad fans are oblivious that their hatred for her derives from their internalized misogyny

  4. I never understood the hatred toward Skylar. I loved Breaking Bad, but I always felt nothing but sympathy for her. Marie on the other hand… 😒

  5. Skyler Was Annoying as Fuck and A Hypocrite Controlling Bitch She Was More Like Walts Mother Than His Wife, And Im Not Sexist I Love Women IN Other Shows. And As For The Actresshe Didnt do a good job since i hate her because i fast forward her scenes therefore she Ruined The Show In Some Part for me not to mention her Always Constipated Facial Expressions . Anyone Who Defends Her is A Feminist or Cuck Simp.

  6. I hated her a bit at first, but in the end she looked normal. Yes she did a few things i would disagree with, but her actions are PEANUTS compared to other bad doers.
    She was a good and necessary character to constantly challenge Walters facade.

  7. My only disliking of Skylar, is her hypocritical sudden acceptance of Walt's dirty money, when Hank got sick (or was shot-I can't remember what happened). She's otherwise, just another woman.

  8. I watched the series way after it ended and without knowing anything about viewer opinions. So Skyler actually ended up being my favorite character BY FAR, followed by Jesse, and then Hank at the end. I guess I never liked Walt nor really rooted for him. He came off as so misguided, arrogant, and ultimately stupid for a criminal mastermind. He was such a manipulator that it really put me off, I couldn’t stand him.

  9. I didn't like her because she does litteraly nothing, not even taking a side. She just complains and yell, but do nothing that could really change her situation.

  10. She was annoying. Not as annoying as her sister, but hugely #2. All the feminist tropes aside, thats all there was to it.

  11. I never hated Skyler and I understood most of her decisions but she could've just left, instead she tried to push Walter out by making threats and if she had just left then what would Walter have done? Kill her? I highly doubt it, I like Skyler as a character but I feel like she was being stubborn and sometimes stupid or disloyal

  12. It's funny how you left out how she fucked Ted and rubbed it in Walt's face. That's the only reason I disliked her.

  13. I literally was on Skyler’s side for everything mentioned in this video, I hated her for most of season 2. Not because of the smoking, I also don’t care. But she was clearly flirting and planning on cheating on Walt with Ted. That wedding ring was just sliding on and off her finger. She purposely dropped stuff to flirt with him more. I get that Walt and her were drifting apart. But that is a normal argument for that situation. It made sense, and Skyler was justified in her anger. But that crap with Ted was just too much. And Teds birthday wish got me visibly upset.

  14. Most women I know hate skyler more than I do and that says a lot. Let’s not forget she cheated multiple times on someone that loved her dearly.

  15. One thing I seem to notice everyone forgetting. When two people get married what do they say?? For better or for worst to death do you part. It does not say for better or for worst or untill you find out out your husben is breaking the law. Yet for some reason even though he never hit her or threated to harm the kids she Cheated on her Husben. wanted a Divroce and oh yeah I forgot did bad shit too like starting a way to make it easier for her Husben to break the Law. I am not saying Walter is not a Bad guy, I mean the show is called fucking Breaking bad for cring out loud but to say you do not understand why some people might not like skyler is insain to me. I am not saying you have to dislike her. I am saying the stupidity to say I do not get it and anyone who does not like her is a sexiest or double standers is the moron. She has the same faults as Walter but pretends to be a victim when she does it too minus killing someone. Stop clamming because she is a woman she is a victim hear. She is not a victim. A victim would be Walter tieing her down and forcing her. He did no such thing. Yes Walter became a monster. Skyler is the one that feed that Monster she is is bad too. If she called the cops on him right away. when she found out, still stayed married too then I would say she is a good person.

  16. The episode where I hate her the most is Down. Walter is trying to be better, and she won’t even give him the chance for him to reopen to her

  17. Ok, you always loose me in these videos when you start talking about social gender norms and how that makes us connect to characters, etc.

  18. 3rd time watching the series, I was more sympathetic towards Skylar. But then I got to the part where she blamed Walt for what Jack did and attacked Walt with a knife and Junior willingly stops him from wrestling the knife away and bears false witness against him. However threatening an actor because you don’t like their character is textbook emotional incontinance and completely psychotic.

  19. I hated her cos she fucked Ted instead of just trying to understand why Walter did what he did at first….basically I hated her throughout S3

  20. I think the reason i hated Skyler so much had nothing to do with how "bitchy" she was I honestly had zero issues with her until she started taking the moral high ground when she found out he was a cook I was like "WTF Skyler Walter wants the best for his family and in doing so he did what he had to do to get junior and holly through college before the cancer finishes playing catch up" But then ya know Walt turned it to a total prick psycho and the only people i had left to root for were Jesse and Hank

  21. At about 4mins this thing went off the rails and feels heavily opinionated. I'm glad the show was the way it was. I'm glad I hate the character she played, she did it well.

  22. I believe skyler has something I like to call “the frank burns effect” where the actor is so good at making us love to hate the character

  23. Uh, no. She is hated because she stole money from her dying husband and gave it to her fucktoy. That tends to make people dislike a character.

  24. Point of this woman that gets under everyone's skin is how hard its to explain without others butting in the argument and how the show was forced to pressure by the majority. EVERY OTHER SHOW HAD A CHARACTER LIKE THIS, problem was the actress didn't like it while the others were getting praise for their hated performance because the show was forced to change to make her "better" while (my opinion) the writers hated it too so they subtly wrote the pressure in the scenes that Skylar was doing to Walt what Gunn was doing to the show because "oh god I'm so hated can you believe it?" and if anyone said "not really, that's how its supposed to be" they get the penalty and accused "oh you're such a sexist, women should be portrayed as better" while Jesse's girl HAD that same position pressuring Jesse, however getting a tragic role to sympathize even if she didn't die. Gunn just wanted a better role and saw when she started getting the "fan hate" she saw a chance to change the show for her way, meanwhile Walking Dead just killed that wife off, Game of Thrones Thrived in it, Dexter was adorned with it because they can kill them off before getting "social power" to change/influence the show AND hell, saturday morning cartoons worked their character's in same spot as Skylar better. This was clearly a show that was too good to fail but to avoid any SJW attacks from "Threats from others" with no real specifics, they were forced to give her more time (my opinion) reluctantly.

  25. 10:20 Just guilt for pushing Walter around and not getting ALL the drug money from him wasn't enough and BECAUSE she thought it was ok to Fuck her boss and get away with it.

  26. I blame Skylar for the pressure she put on Walter to give her more power just to fail the responsibility it brings with it. Xerces did it way better than Skylar because she went off of the truth, this was just a mockery of the "stuck wife" mentality. Everyone knows this, its just hard to talk because people LITERALLY TOOK this personally right off and she should have been that like Jesse's girl, Show NEVER got a chance to "show male masculinity" because she should have been EXACTLY who she was right off, a BAD person who should have either got killed off or divorced and taken off the show. Instead we gotten a ton of "this is oppression" posts when the Women of other shows that were put into this FUCKING EXCELLED, (Ie refer to any woman in GOT) this show was FORCED to just give give give.

  27. Yeah First impressions really stick, watching this I realise how bad Skyler had it and feel bad for disliking her. (Dislike not hate ok? no climbing up my a$s plz)

  28. Couldn’t stand skyler mainly cause in the first season she’s self centred like Walt’s going through cancer but it’s how shes more bothered about how it affects her after that there was no redemption

  29. Just watched the whole series for the first time with my boyfriend who has seen it like 3 times, my favorite character was immediately Skylar. He told me about the drama of people hating her, but I really find it hard to not get her side.

  30. There’s nothing wrong with Skylar. She was a good wife and mother and savvy businesswoman. How was Walt as a husband? Anyone?

  31. I hate Skyler, but what I hate the most is how she's never ever in the wrong. She just wanted to protect and keep her family together.

  32. The minute she screwed her boss (YOU LEFT OUT ON PURPOSE) behind Walt's back. Then the audacity to come home and tell him immediately afterwards.. "I F÷=K MY BOSS" I was done with her.

  33. How do you justify her becoming a criminal and cooking Ted's book before she knew walt was a criminal? I have no problems with the actress who brought this performance to life but to say that Skylar is the definition of a strong woman is laughable and to disregard anyone's problem with that character is strictly due to sexist intentions is detestable. There are people who don't like any of the characters which you aren't supposed to.

  34. So I'm supposed to go back and have sympathy for her because walt was violent? Pffft. Sjws. You see what you're willing to do when the bills havent been paid in 3 months and you're about to lose the house.

  35. Walter signed the divorce papers and later killed gus yet in season five she plays the victim and has to protect the children because "she can't do anything".

  36. I think a lot of people continue to hate this character because there’s nothing she really does that makes you cheer for her. If anything we only wish for her to not make things worse.


  38. Listen. It's nothing to do with gender. She was just a manipulative woman that never got her way. As a woman from a large female family I recognised that behaviour. She would never leave when she could toment walt or herself. Because abusive people like abuse in all forms.

  39. It wasn't a man vs woman thing. She was petty, hypocritical, belittles everyone, and her reactions were annoying. Not so much that she reacted, but how extremely she reacted.

    "Oh my God, she's so strong- that's why people hate her!"

    Nah. They could've been a gay couple and if Male skyler acted the same way I'd hate him too.

  40. Skyler cuck'd Walter then swung back to wet her beak in all the spoils of crime. And veggie bacon???…that's an insult to a man LOL. Walter couldn't win, all that was left when she broke him was to become a super criminal LOL.

  41. I think people didn't like skyler because she was unlikable opposed to Walter who was very likeable. If a more likeable character went through everything skyler did, everybody would've been on her side, is as simple as that.

  42. She's a condescending, annoying, selfish, emasculating bitch. What's to like about her. As far as people threatening the actress, that's just stupidity of the highest order

  43. I dunno, Ted Beneckie was absolutely terrified of her was he was propped up in all that hardware in hospital bed. I think Skyler followed the same path of evil that Walt did. I think she was awesome..:)

  44. Screwing Ted even after he did prosecutable business and avoinding walt for doing an illegal business; Thats when i smelled hypocrisy. And yeah giving ted all that hard earned money for free to hide her fuckup of helping ted cheat the government, daym, she thinks she owns walt! Enough of excuses she was a horrible person, atleast in the first half of the series.

  45. No, it wasn't a gender thing. If the genders were swaped people would've felt the same way about skylar the husband. She was in essence Walters antagonist. People wanted him to win reguardless of how egomaniacal he was.

  46. People using the argument that Skyler was a cheater forget that she was basically "forced" back into her marriage. At this point, Walt had no right to have any kind of agency over her body. I'm a bit baffled that this has to be debated to begin with.

  47. I liked the tension she created. Why would anyone think she could abandon her female nature for our anti-hero WW? She cares about herself first and her brood second and her sister third. Then Walter????….not sure where he shakes out.

  48. I dont care what this woman narrating the video has to say. Skyler White is a complete ungrateful bitch from start to finish. Nothing can ever change my mind! She goes out of her way to intentionally cheat on Walter with her criminal boss who hides money from the IRS multiple times without any actual proof that Walt cheated on her first. This all occurs while Walter is rotting away dying of cancer trying to provide for his family. Later on she only sees Walter as a complete monster for killing Gustavo but yet Skyler dosent even have the slightest clue that Gus threatened to murder the whole family inculding their new born baby Holly. There was no other option but to eliminate him. Gus had to go! Lastly not to mention that Skyler automatically blames Walter for Hanks death not even knowing the slightest small detail of what actually happened to him. Walt did everything he could to try and save Hank! He did not kill him he tried to save him at all costs. Walter even offered to trade $80 million dollars, his whole lifes work for Hanks life. Skyler dosent even give him a single opportunity to explain him self and share his side of the story. She just assumes the worst and pulls out a knife on Walt infront of their son and attacks him out of nowhere, when he showed no intentions of laying a finger or hurting any of his loved ones. She makes the whole entire family including Walter Jr turn on Walter resulting in his son calling the police to get him arrested. I get it, Hank is dead the whole family is in an emotional state. Walter went down a dark path…. he has done some bad things but nobody in that whole entire damn family knows what actually happened from the very beginning until the very end. Skyler dosent know shit. Major details and the whole specific story matters! But eveyone is just so quick to judge and believe the news and the authorities that Walter Hartwell White is nothing but a murderous monster drug lord. Nothing more nothing less. There definitely is some truth to that but its not the complete entire truth.

  49. "Assaulted her" like she didn't just cut him and then proceed to swing at him. Not saying she wasnt right to be scared, but him getting the knife out of her hand was self defense. I hate that yall made it seem like he was choke slamming her thru the coffee table…. other than that another fantastic video lbs

  50. She's sympathetic and understandable while personally kinda unlikable.

    Probably the most understandable character in the show.

  51. Skyler is a great mother, but a terrible wife. She reminds me so much of my ex, so yes, I immediately hated her from the beginning. But it doesn't make me hate miss Gunn, in fact, all the more respect to her for being such a great actor!

  52. I just hated that if youd specifically told her not to ask info about something, that she would delibirately go out of her way to find out. Maybe Walt wouldve trusted her at some point.

  53. Frankly speaking, I hated her initially. But as the series progressed she won me over with her smartness and thoroughness, a method to Walt's chaos.

  54. People don't get the hate all of the comments are oo she was protecting mother bla bla its cuz walt made millions always kept the family first even tho he lied and what does she do? "I fucked ted" and still continued to bother walt even doe she's a hoe always saying our money and ballbusting over minor things everything is a problem for her

  55. Skylar White is the best thing that happened to breaking bad. I almost stopped watching the show but only continued for her.

  56. I think the #1 reason people didn't like Skylar in the show was because her character literally is what's called a "threshold guardian" in literary terms. They are there to basically get in the way of the "protagonist" from progressing, and because she was constantly a thorn in the side of the character we knew BEST Walter White, people started to hate her. We wanted to enjoy Walt's success to the fullest, and she was constantly there to make it seem bad.

    But you have to look at it from her standpoint, like what IF this really was happening to a mother of a handicapped kid with a young infant daughter on the way and her husband suddenly uncompromisingly wishes to enter a life of crime. Walter in doing that put his entire family in jeopardy they would never have been in if he hadn't done that.

    The first time I watched the show I hated Skylar. The second and every other time since then that I've seen it, I hated Walt.

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