Breaking Down Major Fan Theories About The End of Stranger Things 3

– [Narrator] All right
then Stranger Things fans, if you’re watching this
then we’re assuming you’ve had time to catch
all of Stranger Things 3. Well if you haven’t, don’t
know what you’re doing watching a video about
season three theories because, fair warning, there
are a lot of spoilers to come. (banging) (intense music) – [Dustin] Copy. I repeat, copy. This is a code red. – [Narrator] Okay, now we’ve established you’ve seen all of Stranger Things 3. Today we’re gonna talk about one of the biggest shocks of the season. So, let’s dig into the
theories around Hopper’s death. Disclaimer alert, we’re not
confirming or denying anything. These are purely fan theories. Let’s take you to episode eight. Quick recap. Hopper and Joyce dress as Russians to shut down the gate to the Upside Down. The thing that’s letting the Mind Flayer turn people into mush. Hopper wins a fight, yay! Tells Joyce to shut down the gate. Even though he won’t be
able to get out in time. Joyce is like, oh no. Hopper’s eyes saying, do it. So she does, and it’s
bye-bye to these Russians, and bye-bye to Hopper. Or is it? Because this is where the theories start. Fans are a little bit
skeptical about whether our pal Hopper is actually dead or not. Let’s take a look at the
evidence fans on Reddit have compiled to support their
Hopper ain’t dead theory. Reddit user HouseHeisenb3rg– How do you pronounce the three as an E? Uh, I don’t know. Points out the lack of a body. The way Hopper’s final scene was shot, the machine explodes with
Hopper right next to it, but when Joyce approaches
the scene afterwards, there’s no body. (crying) Why is this important? Well, if you go back all
the way to the first episode of season three, we see
exactly what happens to someone if the machine explodes. (exploding) Yuck, yeah. It’s not a pretty sight. Exhibit two, according to
Reddit user Montgomery7248, really loving that topic title by the way, is the music that plays when
Eleven reads Hopper’s letter. ♪ I ♪ ♪ I will be king ♪ Recognize that song? Fans have pointed out
that’s the same cover of David Bowie’s Heroes
played in season one episode three, when Will’s body was found. And everyone believed he was dead too. ♪ I ♪ ♪ I will be king ♪ – It’s not Will. It can’t be. – [Narrator] Of course, it
turns out Mike was right. It wasn’t Will. Or, as Montgomery7248 puts it,
I can’t think of any reason that they would’ve picked that song, given the countless songs
perfect for that situation, other than them subtly calling back to another time where
we were told a character was dead when they weren’t. If Hopper isn’t dead,
where the hell is he? Fill your boots, fans have
plenty of suggestions. The biggie is that Hopper somehow found a way to the Upside Down. Or as Strangerthingsideas puts it, hopped. I see what you did there. That is a truly terrifying prospect given what lives there. (roaring) Another popular theory is related to the after credits scene. (speaking foreign language) Hang on, hang on. Which American? Well if you ask theupsid3down, again with the threes and the Es, Hopper could’ve landed in Russia rather than the Upside down. Which could mean the American
prisoner is in fact Hopper. Side note, not everyone
thinks the American is Hopper. Back to HouseHeisenb3rg, who thinks the American
could be, this guy. Ah yes, Dr. Brenner. His fate has kinda been a
mystery since season two. We thought he was dead
at the end of season one. But then Eleven found out
he was actually alive. According to this theory,
Brenner is the reason the Russians knew about the Upside Down, and the gate in Hawkins. You might think, hey,
this is all well and good. But surely, in the three
months since Hopper died in potentially mysterious circumstances, Eleven would’ve used her
powers to look for him. Except, as some of you have pointed out, her powers have gone, remember? So how would she know? Whatever happened to
Hopper, it can’t be good. If he’s dead, well he’s dead. If not, he’s potentially
either with the Russians, who have a hungry Demogorgon. Or in the Upside Down, with a Mind Flayer who is super pissed. He lost his weird bush monster body thing. (screeching) Now it’s over to you, what do you think? Do any of these theories hold weight? Do you have any theories of your own. Let us know in the comments below. You know, so we can obsess about them too.

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  1. Wanna know who else might be the American …… Mr. Clark the science teacher. He could find a way to reopen the gate

  2. What if when Joyce was closing the gateway between the other world hopper and the scientists were sucked inside. Too

  3. After credit scene from where that Demogorgon came in last episode of s3 ep8 the upsidedown gate was closed so from where that Demogorgon came? Reply your ans..!!

  4. why are the agents like destroyed as noone was ever destroyed ever but they're behind joyce so why isnt joyce dead or arent they behind her

    Edit: when joyce turned the key

  5. Ok so here's the thing: David (HOPPER) is cureently growing a very long beard. Why? Because no one can shave a beard when they're stuck in a prison that long!

  6. Anyone else notice that every big character in the show that died had names that started with a B “, Barb, Bob, Billy, possibly Brenner, if they are only killing off big characters that start with a B, Jim Hopper can still be alive, There is no B in his name

  7. My theory: they show people at the end walking through a door underneath the electric machine control room, I think hopper ducked out there at the last second, Russians grabbed him as they evacuated and realized he was American when he couldn't speak russain, then held him hostage as he knows too much and potentially lived through the blast because he has been to the underworld and has some strange immunity?

  8. I think hopper jumped into the gate before it closed and ended up in the upside down but then the Russians were searching heat signatures so they can get the demogorgan but instead of finding him they also found hopper which is why is might be the American because the Russians knows he knows something so they force him to give them info and papa could also be there cause that will cause drama for eleven seeing both of her dads making her choose a tough choice

  9. I really do hope that the American that the Russians have is Hopper and another thing I don't believe that 11 powers are gone they're just very worn down and weak

  10. I don't understand, if brain dies so does every demogorgon, then why one demogorgon is alive in russia????

  11. Hopper is my favourite character so I refuse to think he's dead because he was looking at the gate so maybe he jumped into it and found a breach (like eleven did) and found himself in Russia..I think that because I remember seeing a small gate that the Russians had

  12. I know hopper died for sure because David harbour needed to leave the show Joyce isn’t stupid enough to leave him there also 11 had to move in with will

  13. Brenner is alive he was taken by a demogorgan in the end credit scene there was a demogorgan so the American is brenner

  14. I have proof that hopper is alive so basically when Joyce pulls the key and closes her eyes in fear, the machine than starts to get overflowed and in the scene hopper isn't there anymore and than the machine explodes so than if you ask me hopper jumped down, was found by a Russians and taken to Russia as a prisoner so they can get answers, so Jane's dad(forgot his name) interigates hopper with the Russians so the kids, Scott Clark, Joyce, Nancy, Jonathan, Murray, Steve, Erica, and robin, go and find hopper. Yay

  15. Hopper? Dead? Nah, JOPPER?
    They still have a date at Enzo's,Joyce is just waitin for him to pick her up.
    At 7pm.

  16. if you look at at season one in the last episode we see El "die" the explosion that took her to the upsidedown made her and the demogorgon disipear in bright light and leaving behind somthing like black leaves. The exact same happens i Hoppers "death" scene.
    But there are then some plot holes like, how did the russians find Hopper in upside down hawkins and got him all the way to russia

  17. If i know this show there is no way hopper is dead. They would not leave all those things that were clearly done on purpose.

  18. Ok can we take a moment to brief that in the start of the season when the machine failed it didn’t exactly blow up it just electrified all the gas mask men but in the end of the season it blew up but those gas mask men turned into dust so we dunno because if he was dead Joyce would have seen hopper turned into dust in the floor so he obv jumped into the gate, u can tell because he looked at the gate and noded at Joyce like he maybe could’ve planned to hop 😉in. Second of all there’s no way brenners alive cause we did see the demogorgon tickle his pickle and also in the the gangs hideout he did perish away after the conversation they had, also suzies a bitch

  19. Ok if they showed of Billy’s-death and not hoppers that’s not right because billy didn’t really have a purpose in the show or kinda of a lead role up until season 3 and he was only around for two seasons but hoppers been the day one home boy so if they were gonna kill of David harbour they would most definitely torture us with his could be death

  20. Maybe hopper ended up in the upside down like Eleven at the end of season 1, but found his way out through another gate in Russia. When he escaped through said gate the Russians captured him and are now holding him prisoner.

  21. (This comment is only people seen stranger things season 3)Hopper is not dead he’s in the Russian prison with the demogorgon

  22. At an event his beard was extremely long so I think he’s been growing it to seem like he’s been in a cage. Idrk 🤔

  23. the demogorgen in the final part of episode 8, wasnt normal, infact he was standing, wich maybe, a human might be inside. transformed, like the mind flayer did with the people, and in the episode one, the people ignited just like the people in mind flayers body, what if hopper drank that chemical, and turned into… i mean, hell, this way they can make longer story and heal him or something, this is not (kinda) possible, but, meh, its a theory 😛 (btw i used 7 tissues to wipe my tears in the hoppers death part)

  24. I really hope this isn't true but the song heroes has only been played in the will 'death' scene and hoppers death what if because wills death scene started everything and hopper sacrificed himself to save everyone it symbolised the closure in a loop so that the song played in wills death and the song at hoppers death connect but this time the person does die because the sacrifice they made closed the loop connecting everything together and therefore ending the suffering. I really hope this isn't true as I love hopper but this show is known for surprising us. I hope this makes some kind of sense

  25. It's pretty obiviouse he's alive like el lost her powers in the same episode that hopper died and is not in the Russian base because that would be to simple

  26. I have a feeling that the American isn’t hopper. Like they wouldn’t make it THAT obvious ya know? I don’t think hopper is dead but I doubt he’s the American in russia

  27. My question is, when the US soldiers searched the bunker, where’d all the Russians go? There were none. Wherever they went, Hopper went.

  28. I just rewatched the last episode and at the end when the Russians were gonna take someone from the jail cells one guy said “no not the American” so then I was like..OMG WAS THAT HOPPER??

  29. I think hopper somehow ended up
    In the upside down. I think that when the Russians opened up the gate again and got that demogorgon, they might’ve found hopper, and taken him out of the upside down, and are now holding him as a prisoner, hence the Russians in the end saying “no not he American” ( or something along those lines). I could be wrong. I’m just don’t want hopper to be dead to be honest.

  30. If Hopper was dead I think they would've showed a scene at his funeral but they didn't cause they never found his body. That's why I think he's alive

  31. Hopper didn't die cause if u didn't come off the last episode at the end it shows u that there is a russian prison and the officer said'' no not the amercian'' so ye hes not dead

  32. C'mon guys hopper is not dead , the Russian officer in the ending of last episode said "not the American" and picked a Russian guy instead and threw him to demodragon . Maybe hopper was caught by Russians while trying to escape

  33. So when Joyce turns of the machine the screen goes black and then we cut to the machine exploding which then cuts to a shot where we can clearly see that the Russians get completely disintegrated so if we do not see the body then he either found away to get into the upside down or he got disintegrated which would make sense because you could see some particles falling to the ground where Hopper was standing.

  34. At the part where we think Hopper is still alive he looks at the gate then looks at Joyce then back at the gate tells Joyce it's okay but when Joyce closed the gate she closed her eyes but when it shows when the machine that closes the gate explodes Hopper is not there, so, what if he jumped into the upside down?

  35. Without Hopper, there is no Stranger Things. So, please continue the Hopper character. He is hero of the stranger Things.

  36. Hopper is alive he was just imprisoned in the Russia, and he's about to get feed by the Demogorgon.


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