Breaking India & the Tukde-Tukde Gang – Sadhguru || Nation Matters Ep 01

Sadhguru: Democracy does not mean you have the right to dismantle a nation. their agenda is not even for the well-being of the nation. No more tukde. Anybody who talks about that should not exist
in this country, or they must they can be in state hospitality. Interviewer: Namaskram Sadhguru So Sadhguruji you talk about
the enemy within. We’re talking about in the last few days, there have been action on the enemy within. And these are the supporters, the funding channels, the people in our side of the border who are giving support. Sadhguru: See, we need to understand it’s
not just one or two people, there’s a whole infrastructure. This infrastructure has to be dismantled completely. So that if people from outside want to do something, they have to come as a military force, not go on doing these things. This can only happen because there is a local infrastructure. a certain level of support in the social media,
in the media, there is support. This must be dismantled. See, nation is not… I’m not speaking with some kind of fervour. I am just talking in terms of a solution. Nation is not something that
descended from somewhere. It’s an idea that all of us agreed that this is our nation. If we don’t take care of it, if we don’t invest ourselves into it, this idea will not become a wonderful idea, this will become a horrendous idea. Right now we have this problem – a whole lot of people have not invested
themselves in that idea. They are either vacillating… Interviewer: Including the political class? Sadhguru: They’re either vacillating or they’re
wondering which way is going to go. Even for them to wonder, the reason maybe the situation on the ground because I know from the other side at many points, Pakistan believes it’s very close that
they’re going to get Kashmir. They have never understood it doesn’t matter what they do, Indian army is never going to hand over
Kashmir to them. That’s never going to happen. But that side there is an illusion, many times in the last seventy years, at least four to five times they’ve really believed it’s come so close they’re going to get it now. Because they start talking locally, “Just so close, another two months we’ll have Kashmir.” This kind of talk goes on there. So that illusion we have to break. Interviewer: And how does one do that? Sadhguru: If you take away
the local infrastructure completely, there are people who are clearly other side of the wall, we need to deal with them one way, there’s a whole lot of people who sit on the wall, not knowing which way to fall, we must deal with them compassionately, and those who are on this side, we must deal with them in terms of protecting them
so that they don’t get harmed. Interviewer: I don’t know Sadhguruji whether you read a report that
came out in a magazine recently that looked at the caste of all the soldiers who had laid down their lives and it said it was only 12.5 percent of those
who laid down their lives who belong to the upper caste
and it was the lower caste, the schedule caste and tribes, the OBC that form the majority of those Sadhguru: See these are the lowest level
of minds in our country, unfortunately they are either through social media or media
also is focusing their cameras on them. Please these are not fit to be human beings. Please don’t put your cameras on them. Interviewer: But sir by not putting the cameras
is the ulcer within solved, sorted, cured? Sadhguru: See, if there is an ulcer in your body,
you don’t have to carry it on your face. Interviewer: But don’t you have to deal with it? Sadhguru: We have to deal with it. Speaker: How do we deal with it? Sadhguru: See the only reason people make such absurd statements is
for one day they’re celebrities. Don’t give them that status first of all. So in this country it’s become like this, somebody wants to be on the screen, all they have to say is something
absurd bizarre stuff. If you if you say it and the cameras are on them,
they’re just enjoying the limelight. Please don’t give them that. Interviewer: But Sadhguru ji, you know, if these people are told not to do something like this, or if there is action against them, then there will be battle cries
on the streets of the country, that their freedom of expression, their freedom of speech has been taken away (Sadhguru Laughs). And there is intolerance in this country. Sadhguru: See, speech is a valuable privilege
that a human being has. It’s very, very important that we use our speech as
human beings should. Essentially a human being means this, in what
way we are different from other animals is that there is an intelligence within us which can respond beyond
our instinctive compulsive reactions. That is, we can be more inclusive. We don’t have to live within our territories
as every other creature tries to live. There is a way for us to look beyond that. If your human speech does not represent that,
actually you have no right to speak. You should not have no right to speak. Interviewer: But should there be action against
such people and such speech? Sadhguru: See there is there is a perjury law in the country, there is defamation laws in the country but if you try to put a defamation thing on somebody, you will end up in the court more than them. Interviewer: So then how to do Sadhguru: So I’m saying first of all,
quick justice must happen. It’s very important. When justice will take ten years, fifteen
years, you’re only punishing the already one who’s been abused by somebody. This is a everyday thing happening to people
all over the country, it’s become free for all, anybody can say anything
because there’s no consequence. if it was olden time, without all this democratic thing,
in a town or a village, if somebody said something that’s not true
and abusive to you, they would go and slap him, but that’s against the law. If you slap him, you will get arrested,
not him, all right? So I am not talking about
taking law into your hands. But if you go and act physically, that will be taking law into your hands. But now, if whatever he does, he can do, and there is no law. There is a law, but it is too slow, that it is mocking you all the time. So these things, we need to settle. One of the important things, whether it’s
for businesses to work in this country, or to settle these kind of issues, settle those people who are supporting – people who are working against the country, either in the form of terror, or in the form of weakening the nation
in so many other ways. Within three months,
it must come to justice. Well, you don’t have enough judges, right? I’m saying, it is time we think about this,
that responsible citizens in this city let us say, can’t you find a 1000 people who will be beyond prejudice, and act as a some kind of judgment? Five people, ten people, make them into a jury
and clear all the simple cases (Overlapping Conversation) Interviewer: Sadhguruji, what are you saying? In this country, where people have come out
– Omar Khalid, and (Sadhguru Laughs) and you know, and all of these people who keep Kanhiya Kumar – they are icons today, because
they raised the slogans. At least they were part of the group that raised the slogans, “Bharat tere tukde tukde honge”, “ Afzal ham sharminda, tere kaatil
zina”(Overlapping Conversation). And when the sedition law is applied to them,
there are political mainstream parties that come out to question that Sadhguru: Yes, that is what I’m saying. As per the law, they shouldn’t be walking the street. All right? They’re not only walking the street, they
are hogging the limelight. Please end this, this’s the time. Right now, the country is ready for this,
country’s emotion is ready for this. This is the time to deal with all of them. All of them. Because this is not about retribution, this is about ensuring that the possibility, the threshold of possibility upon which we are sitting,
that we could solve the problems of poverty and bring well-being to this nation, and the people of this nation, who had such a bad deal
for last ten-fifteen generations, they’ve lived in poverty. Now there is a possibility, we don’t want some fool to hijack this. So we must act for solution. This is the time, I’m saying when I said “dismantle the infrastructure,” I’m meaning just this – all of them. It doesn’t matter who they are. Sadhguru: Well, many years ago, General Musharaf said “Next time there is a war, it’ll happen within your borders,
not at the border.” He said that. Well, he said it with a certain understanding,
and a certain knowledge about certain things. Now, when people have come up and openly said,
“We want to break the country,” we must decide, all of us. Do we want to break the country? We have broken it once, and never again we
going to break it, because when we broke it, we killed over a million people. And over fifteen million people were displaced. Many of them, after seventy years,
still not settled. And we know what pain… See, the reports carry the dead. If so many people died, you will report that so many people died. Do you have a way of reporting people suffering? Do you have a way of reporting people suffering? Those millions of people who were looted, raped and lost their children and wives and husbands, and they came in such desperate this way and that way, both sides, I’m saying. Do you want to create one more
situation like that? I’m not talking about geographic integrity,
I’m talking about human suffering. We have seen that suffering. Unfortunately, it’s not well recorded. Nobody has bothered to write
enough about it. Nobody’s bothered to make enough
movies about it. Nobody has brought it alive for this generation
that this has happened to us. Never again, we should make the same mistake. So openly in the capital city, when somebody
says, “Tukde tukde…” what are you going around doing all kinds of nuances of law? Please do what you have to do. Democracy is to make the nation function,
not to dismantle the nation. Democracy is not made to dismantle nation. If anybody has such a understanding, let them correct themselves now, because democracy is about a graceful
change of power, essentially. That without bloodbath you can change power
which never happened in human history, only after democratic process came,
this is happening. So democracy does not mean you have the right to dismantle a nation. “We don’t want to break the country once again,
we’ve have done it once, we have seen the suffering, what it has done, and
we don’t want such an incident to happen once again, ever, in our country.” So if somebody thinks they want to do it,
we must deal with them. What are we waiting for? their agenda is not even for
the well-being of the nation. When such a thing is there, if we don’t deal with it,
we are not peaceful people, we’re just naive and stupid. That’s all it is. I don’t want to go down as a generation which
was stupid, which did not know what to do, to make this nation tick. I want to die in such a way that, as a generation,
we did the right things and we took the country to the right place. Sadhguru: Let everybody understand this – an enormous amount of human suffering
we’ve unleashed with two tukdas we did. No more tukde. Anybody who talks about that should not exist
in this country, or they must they can be in state hospitality. (Background song)

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