Breaking into GMI Headquarters to Find Truth About Game Master Hacks! Matt and Rebecca

– [Daniel] Stop, RZ Twin! I mean Wait, we can tell you
why you have red eyes! We can tell you why you have red eyes. – Exactly. – Who are you guys? – [Daniel] Matt. – I have to show her. – Matt?.. Matt?! – Yeah. – Daniel! – Wha- wait, what’s going on?! – [Daniel] Just, come back… – Why is my clone over there?! – [Daniel] Just, listen to us, there’s a lot that you need to listen to. – Was this a trap?! – [Daniel] Just come back with us, we can explain everything. – Were you guys tricking me? – [Daniel] Well, kinda – Rebecca, you need to come with us. – Matt? – [Daniel] You can come closer. – No, I’ll stay right here, near the exit. So tell me about my red eyes. – Uh, we think you’re my clone. We don’t know how, or why, or who made you, but we think that GMI might
have been behind it. – But the GMI helped me, they keep me busy and working. – What do you mean? – I’m with the GMI all the time, they run all these different tests to make me a better creator for YouTube. – Wait. So they’re studying you? – I, guess I never thought
about it like that… – Okay, RZ Twin– – Rebecca. – Okay, the GMI might not be who you think they are. They may be using us for some bigger plan, and we need your help. – Why should I trust you? – Let me see your arm. Let me see your arm! Look! Why did they code you? What are they doing? There’s something else bigger going on, and you can help us, you’re the only one that can help us. This can get us into their headquarters, and
we need to get in there. Today. – I don’t know if I trust you guys, but, I want to find out the truth, so I’m willing to help you. Let’s go to the GMI Headquarters, and figure out what’s going on. Let’s go. – Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel, right now we’re getting ready to go break into the GMI headquarters with the help of RZ Twin. – Yeah, but we need to get
going, she is out there, but before we do make
sure you are subscribed, you have notifications on, and give the video a big thumbs up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, if you did that say
“good luck breaking into “the GMI Headquarters.” – Guys, we gotta go, she’s already gone, She’s gone! – Okay, I hope you guys
are right about this. It worked, we’re in! We got clearance. – Okay, so you guys are in, I need to find the four-digit code and where the office is located, I’ll text you as soon as I know. Good luck. – [Daniel] This is really int…wow. – look! – [Daniel] That’s the guy! – That’s the agent! – [Daniel] Yeah! He’s taking a call. – We need to follow him! – Where is he?! – [Daniel] He took a left. – He’s the one with the contract guys! – [Daniel] Quiet, quiet, quiet! We don’t wanna be spotted! – It looks like he’s going down the hall. Someones- oh he just turned. – Where’d he go? Where’d he go?! – [Rebecca] He’s at the trinket! You guys, I don’t think
he knows we’re here. Obviously. Maybe he’s going to his
office to get the contract. – [Daniel] We need to find out where their office is. – He’s walking so slow! – [Daniel] I don’t know! – It’s super causal! – [Daniel] Let’s follow him, we gotta follow right?! – [Daniel] Great light– wait light, light, light, light… Go, go, go, go, go.. – We okay? – [Daniel] I think we’re good. – Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna go look and see where he went. – [Daniel] Okay. – Come on. – I think there’s like a hallway– – [Agent] Rebecca! – Uh…… – Look, I was looking for you! They said you wanted to see me. – Yeah, I uh– – I see the… Configuration Department gave you your brown contacts. – Uh, oh, yes. – That’s great but why are
you wearing that shirt? They said they didn’t want you in that. – Fine, come with me, we will chat in the conference room. – Okay, um… – Daniel, you’re a hacker! Can you hack into that room?! – I don’t know if I can, like… – There has to be, at this office, there has to be like
video conference systems! – Yeah, but am I really a hacker though? – I mean you got us
into this building too. – That’s true- okay lets figure it out. – Come on! – Oh, there she is. – [Daniel] Wait, wait, wait, look, look, look, it’s a camera! Hide, hide, hide, hide– – I think right here. – Hi. – Have a seat. – Um, okay. – So Rebecca, you’ve been able to cover up
the barcode, that’s perfect. – Oh, look at this! – [Daniel] I can hack in here! – Yeah! – [Daniel] Oh man, we gotta
do this quick because– – I brought your computer with us! – [Daniel] Okay great! Do you think I’m a real hacker? I feel like I’m just a camera man! – You’re more than just a camera man. – Okay, let me try it. Do you think these really work? – Yeah. – Okay, hold on. Okay. – [Matt] what happened? – I actually got in! – [Matt] Yo, how did you know what to do?! – I’m just– what I learned from the Game Master, but I didn’t know if that was real. Maybe it is real! – [Matt] Okay, run the feed. – Okay, I’m getting the feed. – Okay I see in the conference room– I even can hear them too! – Which actually brings
me to my next point… – You have been excelling on your test, and the algorithms have been lining up. – Oh yeah, yup I have been
working on that algorithm. – That’s great. – [Matt] Lets get a little closer! – You wanna get closer? Okay great. Lets get closer. – [Matt] I think they can see us maybe! – We gotta sneak by real quick, right! – [Matt] They can’t see us! – Act like you’re an employee! – [Matt] Go fast, go fast, go fast! – Okay, okay, okay lets see! – [Matt] Lets do it. – Okay. – Okay. Are we in? – Yeah… look, look, look! – Oh, this is looking
like it’s… perfect. – Lets see what they’re saying. – I think we may, be able to move you out of beta testing, and into phase two. – And we’ll be happy, as will Mr. X. – Mr X? – Who’s Mr X? – Um, so yeah, can you remind
me about the phase two? What exactly that is? – Phase two, now that your
algorithms have lined up, we are gonna but you
into the public space, and you will fully become, Rebecca Zamolo. – Oh, I mean I thought I thought I was Rebecca Zamolo. – Of course you are. You see, for phase two, its important to keep the algorithm, the video format must not change. – Uh, okay, yeah. – Algorithm? – What about the algorithm, like they need to keep the algorithm? – The format that’s- the same? – You guys can’t change your video format. You think they’re like testing on her? – I have no idea what that means. – Its so weird. – Oh, hold on. – Hm. What? Yes, Mr. Canocker needs to be stopped. No you- you need to get him to sign! – RZ Twin- I mean um, Rebecca Zamolo, why don’t you give us a minute please. – Yeah, uh, of course. Yeah I need to use the restroom anyways, I’ll get back to that algorithm and, and yeah, the same video format. – Yes, I have it in a black box locked on my desk. – Wait. – Black box? – On his desk? We need to find out where that office is, I hope RZ Twin can send us that info. – Here comes Rebecca. – Oh oh, Rebecca, here she is. – You guys, did you hear all that? – Yeah, we got it all! – They thought I was RZ Twin! – Yeah. – She’s gonna take over my channel! – I don’t understand what’s going on… Its something about the video format, it can’t change? – Something, yeah! The video format, there’s something about that and I don’t understand but there’s a reason that it can’t change. – Okay, just as you left, we over heard him in his call, saying that the contracts are in a black box in his office. – Okay we need to get
those contracts you guys. I’m afraid of what we signed! – How do we know where that’s at? – RZ Twin’s supposed to give it to us. – Yeah we have to wait here I guess until she texts us! – Oh, speaking of… – Is it RZ Twin? – It is! – Okay, well what does it say? – It says floor three, room 318, and then the code is 8656. – Okay, okay let’s get down to that office before they see us, they’re still on the phone! Let’s go. – [Matt] Lets go this way, this way! – Come on! Okay, this is the room you guys. – [Cameraman] Okay, okay. Empty, its empty. – This is the agents room, you guys! – [Cameraman] Okay close the door! – This is where contracts are! So now, we can talk. It’s like soundproof! – Alright we need to spread out, and look for the contracts. – [Rebecca And Daniel] Okay. – [Daniel] Black box right? A black- some sort of black box. – Look! – [Daniel] Oh, YouTube! – M and R! M and R! – [Daniel] M and R? – What? – [Daniel] That’s you guys! – Do you think that’s us? – What? – Matt and Rebecca? – What? – [Daniel] That’s so weird! – I don’t know! Okay, okay, okay! – [Daniel] Wait, wait,
wait, wait. Rebecca. Look down. – it’s the four-digit code! Daniel what was that? RZ Twin said… – [Daniel] It was, it was, it was, – Oh! It had something to do with four, its a four digit code. – [Daniel] 8656. – Okay. – [Daniel] 8656. That’s what RZ Twin– wait Rebecca can you take this? – Yeah! – [Daniel] A computer! – [Rebecca] Wait see if anythings on it. – [Daniel] Okay, hold on. You keep working on that, I’m gonna work on this. – [Rebecca] Okay Matt, 8, 6, 5, 6, – Alright here we go. 3. 2. 1. Guys, guys I got it! Daniel, it was the right one! – [Rebecca] The contracts! – This is it! Well there’s more information in here too! – [Rebecca] Hold on,
grab these, grab these! This is the most important thing! – [Daniel] Okay keep it
down guys, they’re coming. I think I can access this, maybe download some of their emails. – [Rebecca] Okay, do that! Okay! I got a flash drive, ill put it wherever I can on here, okay? – [Rebecca] Okay, yeah! Lets
get all the information! – There’s Daniel’s contract, – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – Here’s mine. This is yours! – [Rebecca] These are ours! – Yep. – [Rebecca] Why are there only our three in there? – Are we the only three other contracts? – Okay I’m accessing… – Accessing the emails? – Yeah. I got access to the- – I’m gonna start just downloading them to the flash drive. – So here we, here we go. – We signed this, and it
says that its made of– whoa, whoa, you guys, “by signing this contract, you the “participant agree to enter the game, “which you can start at
any time of our choosing,” – Our choosing? – “And ends only when GMI terminates “the game. You grant access to all “analytics and assets contained within, “and part of your YouTube channel.” – Whoa, wait– – “Failure to follow instructions provided “at any time by GMI will cause GMI to “set forth in motion the elimination “of any and all YouTube
channel participants “in association with as well as deletion “of all social media accounts, “participants can never break contract, “only GMI can,” you guys. – [Matt] Wait, wait, okay, guys, what does this mean? – This means that if we don’t follow the GMI’s rules, whatever they’re gonna make us play in this game that we signed up for, they could delete all of your guys’ channels,
and your social media. – Wait, but they said that they created the game master, and they were just gonna eliminate the Game Master by signing the contract, so we could stop everything, we could go back to fun challenges! – It looks like here, where we signed, we didn’t end the game, we’re beginning a game. They tricked us. – Does that mean the game
master might be real now? – You guys let us know what you think. – Do you think the Game Master’s real? I don’t know what to believe now, because they did the face reveals, the Red Hood, the Game Master, even Q! – What if those weren’t the real Red Hood, Game Master, or Q? But that was definitely Q, I mean we did the lie
detector test on him! – Yeah he knows all about us… – I don’t know! Maybe we need to meet
up with the Game Master, – Hold on, hold on, hold
on, someones coming! – [Rebecca] It’s the two agents! – [Matt] No way! – [Rebecca] Stay down,
they can’t come in here! – [Daniel] Oh no, oh no. It’s RZ Twin, Rz Twin’s coming! – [Matt] What? – [Rebecca] What? What is she doing here?! – [Matt] They’re talking to her! – [Rebecca] No! – [Daniel] She’s gonna get in trouble. – [Rebecca] Why did she come! Wait, they’re yelling,
they’re doing something. – Oh, no, no, no! – Get down, get down Daniel! – They took RZ Twin! Guys we need to rescue RZ Twin! – No no no, we need to hide
you guys they’re coming in! – [Daniel] Oh crap, hide,
get under, go, go, go! Rebecca are you okay? – I’m okay. Guys. – They didn’t come in yet, okay guys, feel free to watch this
video right over here, – Make sure to come see us if
you’re at Vidcon Australia. You guys, you guys, they’re coming in!

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  1. Q, the red hood and the game master are real; when the 3 did the face reveal with the GMI, I don't think they were real. The GMI is bad news!!!

  2. All of the GM aka Game Master stuff are real u have to believe me pls u guys filmed all those videos about The Real Game Master he's real pls believe me.

  3. Matt and Rebecca I love you guys so much and we have to take down the gmi and we should always like you guys are the best YouTuber so sorry Daniel I forgot how you love it but Daniel are you okay Daniel you're a great hacker

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