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  1. Hahaha I love you guys!! I do Yoga for a living and you guys are too funny. Namaste to you guys! 🙏❤😁

  2. I love that while they are trying to the headstand, they slowly start sounding like Sesame Street characters

  3. mark do you know how to parkour roll? you did it at the very beginning of the video

    (that means you can shout parkour every time you do a roll!)

  4. Mark: Alright, so we need to keep one foot on the ground and then one to interlock together, ok?
    Also Mark: can't physically do what he said without lifting his other leg cuz he's kinda short

  5. I'm crying so much and I could probably do this lmao!!! I'm laughing so hard I have to hold it in and it hurts to watch🤣

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